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Do I have an STI???

Okay, here' s the deal: I' m a 29 yo guy, single. The past ten years included quite a few sexual encounters, with different partners. I recently had myself tested and I' m proud to say that I' m HIV negative. Apart from the odd occasion I always wear a jiffy when engaging in sexual adventures. I' ve been reading up on STI' s and would like to explain a symptom I' ve noticed: About four weeks ago out of the blue, and after about, I' m embarressed to admit, nine months without a shag, a boil/pimple like swelling appeared on my scrotum. It was quite painfull and I could feel a swollen gland left of the groin area. I squeezed the bugger and a yellow puss came out followed by some blood. It stayed sore for a few days but healed up okay, apart from the hard scar like tiny swelling I' m left with. The whole thing was probably the size of an M& M, the chocolate flavour hahaha. Anyway, that out of the way. About three weeks ago a piss-up led to a one nite stand, HUUUUUGE mistake!! I' m sorry to admit that in the midst of drunken passion the condom came off, I only noticed after ejaculating full on inside her. This led to a lot of guilt and more than enough " stingel stress" . The next day I noticed another swelling on my foreskin, quite painfull, resembling a pimple. I should also explain that my penis has a lot of pimples on it, no matter how thoroughly I wash, I always have a large amount of white pimple like, white heads on the shaft of my penis, it resembles chicken skin, and when squeezed it is painfull and a white, stiff paste like puss comes out. It is never inflamed though, and sometimes a blackhead appears. I also have these white pimples in the corner of my mouth. It sounds horrible, but I don' t know how to explain?? It' s not noticable, but when I stretch my mouth open and look close in the mirror I can see them, and sometimes when squeezed, the same white stuff comes out, very little, but it does, like squeezing a pimple, it' s probably caused by shaving??. Which is why I think in stead of an STI, the pimples on my penis are indeed pimples. After the one nite stand, I remembered that I tried to squeeze this pimple the previous day, which subsequently became inflamed and quite painfull. Now it is also healed, no longer painfull, but still hard and easily seen or felt. All this brings me to the following questions:
1. If I wanted to get myself tested for HIV again, what is the story behind the window period? Will I test positive (Hope to GOD not) three weeks after unprotected sex??
2. I don' t want to go to get tested at my GP, who tested me about three months ago, he' ll think I' m a man whore, where can I go where it is discreet, quick, cheap and professional?
3. The girl from the one nite stand had me worried that she could fall pregnant after I foolishly came in her. She assured me that she was on the pill, and since she also stressed a little over an unwanted pregnacy, she let me know that Tuesday night (We had sex two days earlier) that her period had started, which I immensley appreciated. What are the chances of a girl falling pregnant two days before her period begins, and if she did start her period as scheduled, are there any chance that she could still get pregnant from that one night even though she did have her period? I don' t want her calling me in three weeks saying I' m gonna be a daddy!!
4. Is the white pimple like condition on my manhood an STI?? I read about the symptoms of syphillis, which resembles what I have somewhat, but they say the boil like pimple that appears in the case of syphillis is painless, and I didn' t read anything about a discharge when squeezed, where mine was painfull and resembles pimples more.
5. If it is not an STI, which I don' t think it is, what is it, how do I get rid of the chicken skin, it' s not quite the kind of condition I can walk into a beauty salon with for treatment!!
6. Where can i go to get tested for an STI where it is also discreet, safe and cheap?

That brings me to the end of my embaressing story, I hope someone else also benifits. I would like to add that the reason I write this is that I met someone very special, we decided to give the relationship thing a go, and I dont want her to pay for mistakes I made in the past. I would never hurt her and want to make our intimate life as loving and safe as possible. That is why I want to get answers for my questions before we engange in a physical relationship.

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you address 2 separate issues.
1. chicken skin
2.possible STI
3. Pregnancy concerns

1. chicken skin - these are sebaceous glands - the glands that make skin oils - they are present all over the body- in some skin types they are more prominent than in others - you were born with this type of skin and a beaty salon can do nothing for you. The white stuff inside is concentrated skin oils- that ventually become a paste - if the skin pores are blocked. If they remain blocked for a long time it can form a black head. I suppose you get these in other places as well. Only thing to do is to keep the pores open by regularely scrubbing off the dead skin that accumulates on the surface of the skin - like you need to do on your face.
by squezing and fiddling with them in other ways you will cause a secondary infection - as you did before when the pus came out.

2. Possible STI. - glad to see that you are reading up and informing yourself on STI - keep on reading - no what you discribe is NOT and STI

3. possible pregancy - If mentruation has taken place the chances for pregnacy are zero - here is another area that you need to start reading up on.

SASHA - Southern African sexual Health Association helpline 0860 100 262

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