Posted by: Nonkie | 2013/02/14


good day ppl, kindly help me out here, my DH left me for a woman 2 yrs ago, apparently they now have a baby girl, well listen to this we have 3 kids age 18, 6 and 4 yrs, well my DH never been faithfuly, well i have suffer dipression, and lost lweight, we got no contact at all no support nothing apparenlty he called my son 18yr old and told him he is unemployed, whereever he is, we had 1 car for the family and he just left with that car, so last year i bought myself a nice car on auction, here is my problem, i want a divorce since we no longer together, well i went to the court they gave me the application form, and they told me i need to get his physical address and my problem i seriously dont knwo where they stay, and i f i cant get his address they wont be able to help me, well all what i want to knw, what is going to happen to my pension fund, we bought the house together, and i am paying the bond everymonth, i also went to the laywers and they told me the same thing residential address, otherwise i can not get help, just worried about my kids should anything happens to me, they will suffer, cos we are married in community of propety,

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Posted by: gundu | 2013/02/20


where do u stay , i just got dicorced last week,
i hav a friend who works at the divorce and she helped me so muct .myy husband tried to contest but by then itwas too late as the divorce was throu and he was not even present at the court since everything went so fast .
and in mycase ,he has a lot of money but still he wanted the little pension that i had ,he even took my car that is on my name ,but i dont care cos he bought all those things soif he want them then he can have them ,i rather have peace than being up and down in the court . so if u in durban ,give me ur email address and we can take it from there

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Posted by: EX | 2013/02/19

Hi Nonkie. I am so sorry about your situation girl. First and foremost you dont have to worry about your hubby''s adress, you will be able to find him eventually. Go to where he used to work and they will be able to assist you because what is important is that he gets the divorce papers, and the sheriffs will definately find him rest assured. About your pention fund, policies, etc...the fact that you are married in community of property means that he will get half ouf yours and you will get half of his but that will only happen if he contests the divorce before a specific set date before the notice of set down is issued.

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Posted by: cc | 2013/02/18

If you still have trouble, better yet...put ad in local paper and go police filing missing person''s report...

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Posted by: cc | 2013/02/18

There''s a place called CHEATERS SA. Check on internet. They will find him. If you have id number or telephone nr or so. It works well

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Posted by: Scisci | 2013/02/17

The lawyers and the officials at the court are correct.You need to get his address.His relatives may be able to help?

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