Posted by: Dreamland | 2006/11/13

Disturbing dream

I hope I am not on the wrong forum and I apologise in advance for the long post but I occasionally experience a very strange dream that disturbs me very much. First of all I am never sure whether it is actually a dream because I am not sure whether I am asleep or awake while its going on. It goes something like this: I "wake up" in my bedroom, in my bed. Its dark, but I can "see" the gloomy interior of the room. Despite this, I am unable to open my eyes, try as I might. They feel heavy and glued shut. All around me a strong wind is blowing, I cant feel it but I can hear it. Also a strange, highpitched buzzing in my ears. I can't move. Often I try to sit up but can't; my limbs and body feel heavy or restrained. I can't make a sound; when I try to call out my tongue feels swollen and heavy; my voice doesn't work. My skin breaks out in almost painful goosebumps, it's so strong it feels like things running around under the skin. Even my scalp breaks out in goosebumps, I can hear my hair moving on the pillow as if its standing on end. There is no one in the room but I am aware of a menacing "presence" either in the room or approaching the room. I am usually terrified but unable to move or do a thing. Nothing else happens, these sensations just go on for quite a while, then gradually fade and I fall asleep again (?) The next day I remember the experience in detail and it disturbs and creeps me out for days afterwards. I never remember any of my other dreams in any great detail the next day, except for this specific one. There is no regular pattern to how often I get this dream; but recurs quite often. I don't believe in ghosts or spirits or aliens; I don't do drugs or drink any alcohol. I am never on any kind of medication when the dream happens. It is completely different from any other type of dream I have. It is absolutely terrifying while I am having it, yet nothing really happens except what I described above. Is there anyone out there who has or may have had a similar dream experience? Any ideas what it may be all about?

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Nicolai is closest to it. This sounds like a variety of Sleep Paralysis ( which is nowhere near as awful as it sounds, and not dangerous at all ) best to see a good local shrink for assessment to confirm this, and for advice, if this is the case, on minor changes which could change the nature of your sleep and free you from this unpleasant experience

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Posted by: Nicolai | 2006/11/13

Hi there dreamland. I very much doubt that it has anything to do with a religious experience. i was recently chatting to a few ANNEX memebers the other day about it. Everything from the menacing 'presence' in the room, to the paralysis is something we all went through, most people have experience dit at one time or another. After looking for answers I came to the conclusion that while we sleep our body purposely 'paralyses' us - it ensure we dont thrash out and act out our dreams too vividly. So while our mind begins to wake up, our bodies sometimes are lagging behind, and thats pretty scary. I remeber the high pitching ringing in the ears well - bloody awful. I also would clench my teeth so hard I thought they would snap! (not on purpose of course!). Only in times of stress this would happen to me

I think this is what happens, but I'm sure CS will know more.

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Posted by: Nicole | 2006/11/13

I had the same dreams for years and one day iwas with my husband but a boyfriend at the time, i was alone in the bedroom and he was at the lounge and same thing happened that time it was horrible and i went to him crying felt like i was dead and could even saw my body, and the pastor told me it was out of body experience. I began to pray until it came no more, im now fine and never had it before!

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Posted by: u'll be fine | 2006/11/13

Hello, am so sorry. I once had the very same dream with you. But the difference is that the person wanted to touch me. You know what i did i prayed, prayed and the dream disapeared for good. And you know what satan is always after people. He uses us in dreamds to make us unholy. So next time when you have that dream pray to God for the dream to stop bothering you. Ps: hope you're a christian.

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