Posted by: Jessie | 2008/02/01

digestive problems.

I have suffered from persistent diarrhoea,nausea,fatigue and
weight loss for the last three years.Two yearsago six polyps
were removed from my lower intestine (all benign)I have
subsequently undergone a number of scans and various other tests, and have been hospitalised several times,but doctors and
specialists have assured me there is nothig wrong with my dig-
estive system.I am taking several probiotics,which have been
fairly effective,but the symptoms have recently become farworse.
This illness is affecting my entire life,and I am no longer able to participate fully in all the social activities that I used to enjoy.

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Wow, not easy Jessie. Could other factors like severe anxiety or stress be making your symptoms worse. Have you considered seeing a counselor perhaps?
Apologies, in this limited environment it is difficult to make a call. Sometimes however non-physiological causes play havoc with our systems?

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

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Posted by: philani Nyawose | 2008/09/12

I am 35 Years , some years ago I had a Tear on my Back that has lasted for Years, a year ago I visited a Doctor who recommended that the operation has to be done, I must say I was afraid,

Recently for the past 4weeks my stoel has been so hard such that I even help myself with the finger, I feel no pain or signe of other sickness either that only when I go to the loo, my stoel is hard and when it comes out it is like cluster of stones that are hard when I feel them

Please Help

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Posted by: Jessie | 2008/05/24

Many thanks for the advice.I really needed it very badly as my condition seems to be getting worse and it is becoming harder to
cope.I am exhausted and nauseous a great deal of the time and
feel very weak.I have been ill for over two years now, and have
been forced to give up most of my social activitiesCould you
let me know how to contact a good colonhydrotherapist? I have
already spent a fortune on medical expenses,and am not sure if
my medical aid scheme will cover this tratment.

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Posted by: Leslie | 2008/05/20

Hi Jessie

I too suffer from IBS and if I may I will give the following advise.
1. Read Everything you can on the subject.
2. If you still have your appendix, get rid of it. I had non stop runs and bloating. The surgeon eventually decided to take a look and found that my appendix was quite swollen but not discoloured or septic. No 2 people have the same appendix symtoms.
3. Sorry to hear that Lp299v has not worked, but try a 30 course of PARA 90 for worms. Take a Reuteri twice a day while doing this.
4. Go see a Colonhydrotherapist asap. Capetown has several. They understand the colon better than any western trained doctor ever will.
5. Identify your tigger foods, two week diary, I found rapidly brewed beer, cheap coffee and codiene set me off badly.
6. Where loose pants.
7. Prepare your own food, and never let it out of your sight until you have finished eating it. No jokes some people may be 'helping' you with your health.
8. Try using a bulking agent like Normacol. It absorbes water in the colon and may decrease runny stools.
9. Stay away from generic medicines. They are made cheaply and are full of bad stuff the original manufacturers rejected!
10. Bitters, alcoholic or not can also help.

Good luck
P.S. I am very serious about the colonhydrotherapists! I nearly lost my pancreas when I went to hospital with a spastic colon attack, I made the error of telling the surgeon that I had a glass of wine the night before and he immediately decided that I was an alcoholic and that my pancreas must come out!

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Posted by: Mugen | 2008/02/26

Hey Jessie
hope you are having a fabulous day
this guy does it for free after hours and i went about 10 times while he was eating super.
i didnt want 2 say that over the forum earlier
he is really great and helped me and is more than willing to keep on helping people
let me no

Reply to Mugen
Posted by: jessie | 2008/02/26

Hello again,Jarryd,
Glad to hear that you're feeling better.Go into Google,type in any question you like,and it will give you all the information you want
e.g.steroids,muscle acidity ,acid reflux etc.,A hiatus hernia can
also cause discomfort and acid reflux.Truly amazing stuff!Seems
the only way you can contact me is through the health forum,but
I don't think that my medical aid covers alternative therapies
such as refkexology.My medical bills last year were really
scary,as they only pay a percentage of the costs after the
middle of the year,then you're pretty much on your own!

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Posted by: jessie | 2008/02/26


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Posted by: Mugen | 2008/02/26

Hey Jessie
im fine thanks and yourself?
im doing ok hey not 100% but ja if I knew what was wrong i would feel alot better
I was on Gaviscon nd valoid and all that stuff and the doctors said i should rather stop and just give it time
have you got any infomation on reflux acidity?
if you can get close to the Table View area theres a guy here thats a reflexologist and he really helped me and hes very cheap
Maybe he can help do i give you his details as i cant post them here
Enjoy your day

Reply to Mugen
Posted by: jessie | 2008/02/25

Howzit going with you ?Are you feeling any better now ?with
regards to yoyr last message I am taking Gaviscon for heart-
burn(sounds to me as though you may also be suffering from reflux acidity) and Vomidon for nausea.These are merely palliatives,
and only provide temporary relief,but you may want to give them
a try any way
Stay cool,trash the biogen and other so called 'legal'steroids...
kind.Better a slightly less than perfect body than a dead one !


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Posted by: Mugen | 2008/02/21

Hello again Jessie
thank you for the advice about the creatine poisoning
I will go visit it soon and let you no
But doctors told me 8months and it will be out of your system
its been 12 months now and i think it is out my system but somethimg still isnt right.
And it really doesnt help when doctors say take this and you will be fine
i had the same problem
laying down was really difficult as i felt like something was bubbling up from my stomach to my throat
If we dont chat again today
Have a good 1

Reply to Mugen
Posted by: Mugen | 2008/02/21

Hello Jessie
I hope today it might get abit easier for you
I have 1 problem as a I still a student and i have seen 8 doctors been to the hospital 4 times and even treid reflexology and yet i am still like this.I dont have medical aid and as you can imagine its gets abit expensive after a while.For now im am only willing on God as I believe miracles do happen.
Can i ask are you currently on any anti nausea tablets?

Reply to Mugen
Posted by: jessie | 2008/02/20

Hello again,Jarryd,
I have just been surfing the internet.If you go into Google you
will find quite a bit of nformation about creatine poisoning.this is very dangerous,potentially lethal conditionso I would suggest that you seek help as soon as possible.Fomepizole is a very
costly drug,but may well be worth trying ,as it apparently quite effective,and appears to be the only available tratment at this time

Reply to jessie
Posted by: Jessie | 2008/02/20

If you go into the health website,you will see that I have already
written a number of messages describing my symptoms i.e.
constant nausea,heartburn(worse when I am lying down),
and chronic diarrhoea that leaves me feeling very weak and
drained.The diarrhoea is partially rlieved by he use of several
probiotics,but I am still badly incapacitated and my activities have been severely restricted as a result of these symptoms.None
of the doctors and specialists I have consulted seem to have any answers,and it is a real struggle to get through every day

Reply to Jessie
Posted by: Mugen | 2008/02/20

hello Jessie
My name is Jarryd and i think that I am in the same boat as you
please tell me your simtoms
kind regards

Reply to Mugen
Posted by: Jessie | 2008/02/14

Hi th
I appreciate your interest,but I really do not feel that counserlling would help my problems.I was not aware of any undue anxiety or stress before the onset of these sym ptoms,but have tried several anti-depressants prescribed by my g.p. which merelserved to make the situation much worse. I have also tried various diets and homeopathic remedies,but nothing seems to work.This persist-
tent diarrhoea,nausea and fatigue are making my life an absol-
ute misery ! There just don't seem to be any answers.So where
do I go from here?

Reply to Jessie
Posted by: jessie | 2008/02/05

Don't know if yoy received my email yet,but I am sending you a message on the cyber health forum just in case you didn't.I
asked you in my email how things ae going with you,and if it
would be very expensive to visit an academic hospital -also'
which would be the best hospitals to onct in Cape Town?Hope
you don't think I'm being a nuisance,but any advice would be

Reply to jessie
Posted by: Jessie | 2008/02/04

thanks for your advice.My g.p. did refer me to a psychiatrist
and prescribed anti-depressants.I found that the anti-depres
anta merely aggravated my symptoms,and feel that ssing a
psychiatrist would a pointless-and very costly exercise.I also
feel that any anxiety or depression I may feel is a result,and
not the cause of my symptoms!
p.s. I would be interested to know how you are dealing with
this particular problem.

Reply to Jessie
Posted by: Eugene | 2008/02/04

If I can make a recommendation. Take all your test results and files from the various doctors and go to an academic hospital. They usually have highly trained specialists that can help with difficult cases such as yours. I'm in the same boat as you. Have had numerous tests and scans. Now they say its anxiety and depression. But I tend to think that is the diagnoses if they can't find anything wrong. If you want to email me you can at reikisa2004 at yahoo dot com. (I had to type it in like this or they will delete the post)

Reply to Eugene
Posted by: jessie | 2008/02/02

I have been using lpv 299 v for over a year now,together with
pribiflora 4.,but am do not find theese very helpful.Do you
suggest that I stop taking these,and seek further medical advice?
I Shopping trips,visits to the movies,or theatres,and walks along
the beach have become a virtual impossibility. I don't know how much longer I can cope with this.Any suggestions?

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