Posted by: Sas | 2006/07/17

desperate 2 avoid another phantom pregna

On the 13/7 i asked if anyone knows anything about Phantom pregnancies. Does anyone know anything, any advicewould be greatly appreciated on how to get my dog to accept males she attacks them as soon as they come near her wether she is on heat or not and i would like to avoid another Phantom pregnancy as i beleive it is stressful for my dog to convince herself that she is going to have puppies and when the time comes the milk is there everything except babies. I would like to avoid her being dissappointed for a third time. She is 1 yr six months.
Please help, i;m willing to try anything.

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If your dog is not intended for breeding it is advisable to have her speyed. Once speyed it will be necessary to modify her diet (there are food manufacturers who make food specifically for neutered animals) as neutered animals are less active and therefor require less food. As far as her aggression towards other dogs is concerned it may be a case of her protecting you from them rather than herself. How doe she respond to other dogs when you are not there?

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Posted by: Sas | 2006/07/20

Tahnks to you all i never thought about the situation that way, you 've opened my eyes and i'm going to have her speyed. I couldn bear the thought of her puppies ending up at the SPCA. You all give good advice thanks

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Posted by: WR | 2006/07/19

Debs, where did you get your dog...?

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Posted by: Deb | 2006/07/19

I agree with you JR L. Just because she is a beautiful dog, it doesn't mean you should breed with her. I have a beautiful min Daschund, but I had her spayed on 6 months. I am sure she would have had beautiful little pups if I had bred with her, but the thought of her pups ending up at the SPCA or in a bad home is just so sad and horrifying.

Like you said, there are enough dogs out there that doesn't have a loving home and that will be put down. It is only common sense not to add to this figure.

In any case, anybody that owns a Daschund knows that they are very demanding and stubborn dogs and they require allot of love and attention. Doesn't matter what the bloodline is. Sas, can you be absolutely sure that the owners of the pups your dog will be having will be able to take on this sort of responsibility?

Please don't add to the homeless and abuse dogs figure out there...

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Posted by: JR L | 2006/07/18

I would actually love it when a programme like carte blanche or 3rd degree do a show. A show dedicated to Euthanasia day at the SPCA.

Hundreds of dogs, being put down. Some of them mothers, with newborn pups, all of them being put down. I would love for people see this absolutely horrifying event. Maybe this would stop people to allow their dogs to breed. I also believe that tighter legislation with regards to breeding of animals should be brought into place.

Unless you intend becoming a serious breeder and do proper research and work closely with vets,(not talking to sas specifically here), I would like to ask people to refrain from letting their animals have pups at all.

And then also keep in mind, that even though you might find WONDERFUL homes for the pups you helped bring into this world, you are depriving ohter homeless pets of that specific homes that might have been theirs.

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Posted by: Sas | 2006/07/18

She is fine with female dogs plays with them and all its only the males even when i am inside and watch her through the window she attacks them. So i thought it might be a dominence thing rather than "protecting " me from other dogs.

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Posted by: Chill | 2006/07/18

Another little thing is this: if all her forebears were champions, then I'm sure she isn't the only descendant alive on whom the entire bloodline depends.

Little puppies are cute, but I really do wish this myth of 'letting a dog have a litter before being spayed' would die out, I'm sure it's the reason for half the abandoned surplus dogs sitting in all the shelters. Yep, pedigreed ones too, in case you thought there are only crossbreeds there...

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Posted by: Sas | 2006/07/17

Thanks im going to take her to the vet for tests to see if all is well and everythng is fine i'll put her with another male one more time and if it doesn work then i will have her spyed, thanks for the advice see things in a different way now, never thought of it that way.
i'll let you know what the vet says.

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Posted by: WR | 2006/07/17

Correction: If it is in her 'mind' then she should NOT be bred, as you not only want beautiful puppies, but balanced (pshycologically, physically, memotionally etc) pups too, not so!?

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Posted by: WR | 2006/07/17

Oh, ok. Well, she doesn't HAVE to have a litter before she gets spayed! Really! The thing is; I'm a firm believer that when a dog (male or female) doesn't want to breed, or allow breeding, then we as humans are not to interfere! Have you tried different males? It could be as simple as that she didn't like the male that has been with her. Some females are scared of dominant males, and other only accept dominant males, because they themselves are strong-willed. It could also be a medical problem - she could be experiencing pain when she goes into heat etc.

Thing is, some aggression can be expected especially if she is not ready to be mated, but total refusal the WHOLE time means that something is wrong. If it is in her 'mind' then she should be bred, as you not only want beautiful puppies, but balanced pups too?

I'm not saying she is pshyco, just maybe unfit for breeding.
It's like you said, everyones animals are allways the best-looking etc, but regardless of the bloodlines etc, if she isn't fit to 'better' the breed, it is unwise to breed her.

Sorry if I'm sounding harsh!

Good luck!

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Posted by: Sas | 2006/07/17

She is a Daschund and i beleive that its the right thing for her to have a litter before she is spayed and she is a very good looking dog, but i suppose we all think our dogs are stunning. Her mother and father were both registered and Champion show dogs in their time so it would also be nice to keep the blood line going,

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Posted by: WR | 2006/07/17

Hi There!

Firstly, just a few questions:
1)What breed is it? 2)Have you considered that maybe your dog is not suitable for breeding? 3)Why are you so keen on breeding her?

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