Posted by: anoyed | 2007/05/09

cyber shrink is obnoxious

Am i the only person who thinks CS is totally obnoxious ????
The people who post on this forum have genuine problems and concerns and obviously hope to get valuable advice when asking for help on this forum.
not evryone can afford to see a therapist and not evryone has a shoulder to cry on.
CS remarks are sarcastic and I find him very unhelpful.
when ur down in teh dumps ,the last thing you need is a ''shrink ''
making light of your issues.
CS if u have nothing valuble to contribute ,rather not post at all !!!!!

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Our expert says:
Expert ImageCyberShrink

You sound like the sort of idiot who, when they go to a restaurant and find the food is not to their liking, (a) complain that the helpings are nonetheless far too small, and (b) keep going back to that same restaurant and whining every time. If you don't like my comments, I really and truly couldn't care less --- they're worth every cent you pay for them.
Why do you keep coming back here if you don't like it ? Nobody forces you to do so. Or are you too cheap to see a shrink and pay for it, whether in private practice or at a government hospital or clinic ?
I see no point to our posting a list of the phone numbers of hospitals --- if someone can't figure out how to use the phone book for themselves, they'll not manage to use the phone anyway.
Like CCC, some ( mercifully few ) folks actually come here under false pretences --- they absoltely resolutely do NOT want expert or indeed any advice --- they want to be mollycoddled ( I don't coddle mollies ) ; they want to be agreed with, to be encouraged to continue with their maladaptive ways ; they want someone to say "Ag shame !". That's not what we do here.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

Our users say:
Posted by: Britty | 2007/05/10

I agree with all the CS supporters and those who aren't know what to do with themselves. I can't forget how CS came back from a difficult op and very quickly started responding to everyone and he has always been polite, kind and helpful to people. I would't bother with this forum if he wasn't here.

Reply to Britty
Posted by: ola | 2007/05/10

How I wish everything was in English so that I can read and understand everyone. I guess it is a free country, I wish I understood zulu or afrikaans.

As for me I must say I have been fortunate that all the 3 times when I posted something that has been very dear to me CS was supportive and harsh where I needed to be told to go jump in the lake.

I guess what is also nice, is you get to hear other people’s opinion as well not just his.

Let’s continue to enjoy each other and CS.

Reply to ola
Posted by: RMC | 2007/05/10

CCC -- does your shrink know EVERY shrink??? You are not very bright at all? Your shrink can't be very good as he has not fixed you yet. And you need an Ingleesh teecha as well as you karnt spel 4 tofie and your grandma is bad!

Reply to RMC
Posted by: me | 2007/05/09

are you saying something racist loli? i cannot read what you are saying but it does not look appropriate for this forum, let alone any forum.

Reply to me
Posted by: rose | 2007/05/09

if you have your own shrink then i dont see why you must waste your time coming here and just get upset everytime you do.

Reply to rose
Posted by: CCC. | 2007/05/09

Interesting though, that my shrink do not know him and never heard of him, although he's a leader in his trade as well as a professor in psychiatry. One should think / hope he knows him? But alas, who says all those things are even true? And if they are, he's LOVING getting to refer to it, and all the famous people he knows. That's sure signs of a bad self-image. Yes it is.

Reply to CCC.
Posted by: grip | 2007/05/09

If you have a look at the cyber shrink's profile you will see:
"Among his life experiences, he has been trapped under gunfire at Beirut Airport during the Civil War in Lebanon; he was the keynote speaker when the very male double Nobel Prize Winner, Linus Pauling, was declared Woman of the Year; survived periods of death threats and assassination attempts; and served on the barricades in Paris during the 1968 revolutions, with the ladies of the Folies Bergere. These have helped him to be less surprised at the sort of things that turn up in the course of life, than those who have lived only in Ivory Towers."

you anoyed, what is your claim to fame? insulting specialists in their own field? stop wasting his time with your insults and let him focus on people with real problems.

Reply to grip
Posted by: CCC. | 2007/05/09

CS, you have serious issues dude. I would strongly suggest YOU see someone. Prompto prompto!!!! He couldn't care less. What did I tell you?

Reply to CCC.
Posted by: CCC. | 2007/05/09

Actually yes Echelle, I can. The truth is the only medium that can really make a difference. But flat out rudeness is what I can't handle. Rudeness and belittlement. And CS often converts to those by playing our problems down. It's about time that someone starts complaining. And don't for one second think your special to him or anyone else on this forum Echelle. We're all just dancers to his tune. Don't you know? He lives for those "he's so wonderfull and intelligent" posts. It gives him some affirmation that he actually still is alive. Shame. Poor puppets.

Reply to CCC.
Posted by: Echelle | 2007/05/09

CCC - jy sê jy post al amper 2 jaar hier, maar het jou nog nooit hier gesien nie, hoekom change jy NOU jou nick?

Reply to Echelle
Posted by: Echelle | 2007/05/09

You just can't handle the truth CCC!!!!

Reply to Echelle
Posted by: CCC. | 2007/05/09

He made a commitment to this site and the posters. He's simply not being !a shrink! to all, but a huge irritation to some. He's not helping to the best of his abilities, he's simply playing by his own rules which can change at any second without warning. I don't always like his answers, but then I open my mouth and say so. Others should also complain if they feel they've been let down.

Reply to CCC.
Posted by: rose | 2007/05/09

ai guys, really, if you dont like it why still here then?
CS is part of the service, you cant come and use the service for free and then say you're not satisfied.

Reply to rose
Posted by: CCC. | 2007/05/09

Ek stem saam ou CS kan baie lelik en afbrekend wees. As jy hom ''te veel pla'' sal hy kortaf en 'vriendelik' onbeskof wees. Soms kyk hy ook maar goed mis en die raad help dan glad nie. Ek post al amper 2 jaar en ek en hy is lankal nie meer pelle nie. Inteendeel, ek dink hy gebruik mense soos ek om stoom af te blaas sonder om twee keer te dink, en sonder on te blik of te bloos. Ek dink persoonlik hy's 'n windgat sot wat hom soos God gedra en wat dink hy is beslis beter as enige van ons. Hy geniet ook om name te gooi. Sy goeie vriend die en 'n ou maat daai. As if! Hy dink hy moet die heeltyd sy eie horing blaas en floreer op ander se aanprysings en lof. Nes 'n 3 jarige kind.

Reply to CCC.
Posted by: Maria | 2007/05/09

Whether a question is "stupid" and the answer is "obnoxious" or "helpfull" is mostly a subjective opinion. I don't always agree with the CS, but hey, it's free. My big issue with advice that you should see a professional is that some people really do not have resources to find such a professional, especially if they have to use government hospitals. I wonder if H24 could perhaps publish a list of telephone numbers of the psychiatric units in various state hospitals, so that people at least know who to contact. It is obviously impossible to do this with private practitioners.

Reply to Maria
Posted by: rose | 2007/05/09

if your problem or issue was so desperate and in need of serious urgent help, youd go to a one on one therapist. no one can expect this to be a problem solver. this is more for support and opinions.

CS cant 'handle' you as he would in a private session, as most know it takes hours and lots of sessions to evaluate someone to give detailed, specific, personal advise/expertise.

lots of people post things with sarcatic tone or funny, and that is usually when he retaliates. ive never read a posting with serious issues and implications where he returned in sarcasm.

this is a free service and not a replacement for counselling. and there are ways and means when in a financial predicament. but this is not a replacement for that.

Reply to rose
Posted by: hot | 2007/05/09

this is a hot one!! bwaahaha(breathe)ha,ha,ha,ha! ! eish....

Reply to hot
Posted by: rmc | 2007/05/09

and you think a shrink you see in the flesh will say "oh boo hoo poor you"???

the best type of shrinks are the one that dont give you a pity party!

Reply to rmc
Posted by: Agree | 2007/05/09

This Afrikaans Banna,heading ereng naa? motho o fetola englesh ka afrekans

Reply to Agree
Posted by: Echelle | 2007/05/09

Wat? R1900,00?? Jou shark!

Reply to Echelle
Posted by: spills | 2007/05/09

Psigiater jy is bedonnert in jou kop ja... jy help niks nie... just keep them on the meds and they will keep coming ne ??

Reply to spills
Posted by: Psigiater | 2007/05/09

Ek monitor al 'n rukkie wat hier gepos word en kyk dan na die antwoorde. Ek het 2 Doktorsgrade en ek is ook een van die bekende mediesejoernaal skrywers en ek dink dat CS nie hulpvaardie is nie, bloot omdat julle dom vrae vra en dat enige emosionele probleem nie met 'n enkele antwoord opgelos kan word nie. Wat hy doen is eerbaar en opreg, maar moet nie verwag dat hy jou probleme in 'n oomblik gaan oplos nie.
En dit is gratis, as jy my byvoorbeeld vir 'n uur wou sien sou dit jou R1900.00 uit die sak gejaag het. Ek isw

Reply to Psigiater
Posted by: TS | 2007/05/09

i agree with Echelle, people post stupid questions and sometimes they know the answer to the question but they ask anyway. and others look for sympathy sometimes we dont learn from our mistakes and stupidity 'cause we always have someone who will feel sorry for us. if you need help you will have to face reality.

Reply to TS
Posted by: John | 2007/05/09

This looks like Zim democracy: one poster, three postings. Get over your self, you lot, this is a free service. Had you been paying for it, you may have had a right to complain. If you want personal, one-on-one sessions, stick those short fingers into your deep pockets and find a shrink to mollycoddle you.

As for the the CS being sarcastic, methinks that you are severely challenged in the sense of humour part of your make-up. Maybe you don't like his sense of humour - too bad - but, gee whizz, let it go already!

Reply to John
Posted by: Hi | 2007/05/09

Stop wasting your time posting this nonsense and rather do something about it - reply to my post please!

Reply to Hi
Posted by: fishface | 2007/05/09

if you dont like it why other coming to this forum? if you need serious advice go and pay 800 rand for an hour of a psychiatrists time....

Reply to fishface
Posted by: ps | 2007/05/09

Ongelukkig is hy nie daar om julle in sagte doekies toe te draai in hierdie wereld nie - hy se 'n ding soos dit is en hoe hy dit as profesionele persoon sien.
"Stem saam" - waar in die lewe gaan maak jy seker oor goed wat hy se - om 'n sielkundige te word kry jy nie net van boekekennis nie, jare se ondervinding in die veld speel 'n baie groter rol. Gaan soek vir julle 'n ander "Agony Aunt" as julle nie van ons CS hou nie!!!

Reply to ps
Posted by: Echelle | 2007/05/09

Oh come on, you're just jealous that he's such an intelligent human being! Sometimes the people here post really dumb things and expect people to feel sorry for them, for example: "cs, i just cheated on my husband, and the one i cheated with doesn't love me anymore, must i continue with it or not" - sh!it like that!

Reply to Echelle
Posted by: Agree | 2007/05/09

Ithink he need a Shrink himself.i hate his ,,,,,,,response

Reply to Agree
Posted by: stem saam | 2007/05/09

Hy is 'n windgat en arrogante ou is hy nie?
Ek het ook al klomp keer geskryf en elke keer skryf hy 'n pot nonsens terug, ek het ook oor dinge seker gaan maak wat hy se en dit klink of hy maar net sielkundige speel

Reply to stem saam

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