Posted by: Anon | 2008/11/07


Hi there, I have just mmigrated, And I am absolutelly disgusted in the treatment of animals in this country, Dogs locked up in cages, Bodies of dead kitties all over the roads, as nobody will stop or try preventing hitting them.

We got a kitten and the neighbours daughter asked me What am I planning in doing with the cat when it gets bigger, am I going to kill it?
So basically, they will get a pup or a kitten and digard it once it is older...
Cart Blanche would have an absolute field day with this one...
I know of people who immigrated and then went back to their country their reasons " we cant stand the way these people treat their animals.
The houses here do not have fences around them and the dogs are chained up to a pole..
What a disgrace!!!
Nobody here really cares

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Do you live in a run down township?

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Posted by: Carol | 2008/11/10

Sheesh..... well if you are right and we are wrong i' d like very much to apologise for misunderstanding.

Reply to Carol
Posted by: jax | 2008/11/09

guys... I think that maybe we (other than the 2nd Anon) are jumping to conclusions. From what Anon #1 says, I don' t think she is talking about SA, but rather, about the country she has emigrated to from here.

After all, nowhere in SA, including the most limited informal housing, do you find that (in general) :
"  The houses here do not have fences around them and the dogs are chained up to a pole.." 

In the US and Australia and NZ, it is uncommon to fence your property, therefore most dogs are restrained by being chained or caged when the owner is not home.

In Australia particularly, cats are hated in case they might kill one of the indigenous rodents, and in most cities are not allowed out unless with the owner. Any cat seen roaming unaccompanied is considered fair game and can be trapped and euthanased without any welfare organisations being involved.

I' d like very much if the poster would specify which country she is talking about?


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Posted by: Carol | 2008/11/09

Thanks Owner ....

Educating isnt that hard I have found ....I have turned many of my african friends into cat lovers ... one of cats is a true people lover and enjoys hanging around the workshop and office on the estate where we live .... and she is the one who is doing the educating :)

Reply to Carol
Posted by: Boerboel Owner | 2008/11/08

I hear you Carol and I`m with you on that one. Its really not that people don`t care but its just the way people see dogs as just that dogs and no more. Unlike you and me that see them as friends that need love and caring. Some just see them as animals that must be fed food leftovers if anything at all and all that they are good for is barking and hunting. And I also agree with you the best way is to try and educate the people but believe me its not gonna be easy believe me I know. As I`ve previously mentioned on this forum that I`m from rural KZN and I`m also black and I know its mostly my fellow blacks who are guilty of the above. But for your info Anon its not all of us (SANS) like that

Reply to Boerboel Owner
Posted by: Mandy | 2008/11/08

Welcome to the real world.
You make the mistake of thinking that everyone, everywhere, has exactly the same values and outlook as you.
If this is so - why did you bother to immigrate?
People ARE different all over, priorities are different, cultures are different, values are different. That does not mean improvements in a lot of ways are not called for, but criticism and tarring everybody with the same brush is both naive and unfair and pointless, not to mention insulting.
You do not say where you come from. But tell me this: is poverty the same here as back " home" ? How about health care? Education? Politics? Human rights? Freedoms? Access to books, transport, television, films, newspapers? I bet not. I bet that where you come from, everyone has shoes. Probably, very few go to bed hungry. Most likely, there are no small children running homes because their parents died of AIDS. You have probably never had to worry about droughts - yes, maybe you couldnt use a carwash but you almost certainly did not have to go hungry. Cattle didnt die in the fields. You have never had to consider catching any animal for food. Need I go on?
If you cannot take the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you hate things here so much, just go back home. If you want to stay, then stop lashing out and labelling our entire country as worthless. For your information I have lived here all my life and apart from kennels and welfare organisations I have never seen a dog or a cat in a " cage" . It is not standard practice. We do most certainly not all discard puppies and kittens when they get older, we do not chain our dogs up to a pole. Yes, some do. Work is needed. So, work, or shut up.

Reply to Mandy
Posted by: Chill | 2008/11/07

It' s also not *quite* fair to say that ' nobody cares' . LOADS of people make vast huge personal sacrifices in the cause of animal welfare and education - trust me, they care.

Why not contact an animal rescue organisation near you - or IFAW, for that matter - and volunteer to help do something? A good start, as Carol has already said, would be education... and remember, it' s not the peoples'  fault that they don' t know better. Not everyone shares your - an my, and Carol' s, and WR' s, and hosts of other' s - backgrounds.

Reply to Chill
Posted by: Carol | 2008/11/07

IMO this is a tricky one , we have the have' s and the have nots .... the have nots have not been raised in an animal loving culture simply for them animals mean food.

In rural KZN where I live its terrible, but do yourself a favour .. educate someone ...

The majority of the people dont know how to look after animals, in many cases houses are headed by children.
In most cases food is the priority.

Yes its appalling I agree , but you as an " outsider"  have no right to " interfere"  here.

You do however have the right to educate yourself about this country and try and help !!!

A lot of us care ...

Reply to Carol
Posted by: Anon | 2008/11/07

Name &  shame!!! Where are you??

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