Posted by: Clueless | 2006/04/01


I just got it. Clear as daylight. There's a reason I leant to love 'driving' my car so. It's the way. And it comes out now (in full person) when I smoke. It used to be subtle. Just making me feel like someone got inside me and wants to move my body for me. I once went along with this and it had surprising results! I was walked up to the window, I looked outside, saw nothing unfimiliar. Was turned around 180 degrees, and almost imidiately back again. And there sat this HUGE -|- ing bird on the washing line, just staring at me! I had a huge fright but then just started laughing. It was bizarre. It took hold, but couldn't take control unless I decided it to. Now, it came in and it showed me for the first time its sheer power over me. I was driving along and suddenly it was there. Basically saying its in control. On its side, I was givin the opportunity to keep one half. -|- ing took it! But when it is in control, I have absolutely no power. All I can do is observe. Its final purpose is to kill. Not only me, but even others. And I gave it access (the pot) and the means (driving/car). I had these vivid urges to go to the other side of the hiway, put on my brights and go for it. As fast as I can. This is fear people. You don't know fear.

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Tell your doctor about this, promptly.It is really with him that you need to be comunicating, as he is in a position to help you in ways that we cannot. NOTHING else needs to be in control of you, so long as you don't let it take control. It is up to you. It doesn't sound at all as if teh pot is doing you any good, so try stopping it --- and discuss this efect with your doc. You know you must not harm yourself, let alone any others. Do NOT give this impulse either the acces via the pot, or the means ( the car ). Do not do it. Do not go along with the destructive mood.

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Posted by: Dude | 2006/04/01


Potz not 4 the faint earted mate! iz also ben through that an er are things on the otha side that cud not b explained wif science or shrinkdom... my best bet eez that uzz currently in a war zone fightin 4 uz life, well i ben there an sometimes ey come back dear... uz got 2 take a break from the pot jus a while an start focusin on positive stuff... else ey gonna get u an u know that ultimately uz gonna en up killin urself, strong posibility uz gonna kill uz kid az well, do u really wanna ave that on uz shoulders wen uz face the council in the afterlife... the shyte u do in this life time, the influences that try get u down an out need it 2 feed, tis food 4 em an uz ultimately gonna die babe... that's why iz tellin u tis always ur choice in the end... uz ave 2 start lookin at the birds an enties an sayin "I BREAK ANY BONDS AND TIES THAT I HAVE WITH U" uz need 2 start focusin on ur inner light sunshine... fear is food ... remember that the more u fear the more ey gonna come till ey physically f*in u up... so give up on the pot or jus realise that u exposed 2 a dimension mos people don know about...

best of luck

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Posted by: GH | 2006/04/01

Hi Clueless, welcome back. Hope you are feeling better and we missed you, have all been thinking of you and wishing you well. Keep us posted and take care!

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Posted by: C | 2006/04/01

Worst is, is thinks with my mind, I can tell what it thinks! But it's starting to deceit me. I made sure it was all clear, start to overtook, and there is was. Metres away and going, well, not too slow. I was MADE totally unaware of it!
This is not happening. It's the very first time I DON'T want to go with the mood.

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Posted by: Tango | 2006/04/01

Hi Clueless,

Nice to have you back. I cannot imagine the fear you felt, it must be awful, all consuming. But, you back and for good reasons I have no doubt!

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