Posted by: Anon | 2009/01/23

Condoms from office bathroom

My husband told me last night that he took condoms from the machine in the office bathroom, to play a prank on someone (I asked him who, but he said he hadn' t decided yet). He claims it was all innocent and he had no ulterior motives (we' ve never used condoms). He has broken my trust in profound ways, many many times over the years (never caught him cheating though).

I' ve become paranoid and very suspicious and want to know if I' m overreacting yet again upon finding these condoms on him. Please be honest. Thank you.

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Sounds like a most peculiar thing to do, especially as he apparently had no specific prank or victim in mind --- sounds like a far-fetched excuse. And if it was for an office prank, why briong them home, if that's where you found them ? If he only came up with this after you accidentally discovered the condoms, I'd be very suspicious indeed. Adding in what you reveal in your later message, he sounds as trustworthy as a crocodile.
And if he also thought it was funnt to place condoms in your daughter's bag, he has a very warped sense of humour. Remember my motto : If you're the only one laughing, it wasn't a joke.

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Posted by: Anon | 2009/01/23

Thanks everyone, and Friend - you are so right. I wish it wasn' t so hard but I know what needs doing. Good luck to you too.

Me, child porn is a criminal offence. That doesn' t make it any easier for me to get a divorce.

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Posted by: Me | 2009/01/23

Childporn!? My word, I don' t even what to say, considering that you - who saw the child porn - are still wondering if there' s anything wrong with this picture? Isn' t watching childporn a criminal offence, anyone?

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Posted by: friend | 2009/01/23

I am sorry to say this but I have a husband that cheated on me many times. He also travel a lot, and is physically attached to his cellphone, it will never lie around. I have also caught him several times watching porn, and he alwys tries to hide it.I manage to get proof (more than once!) and only then did he admit it. I will put my head on a block that your husband is a serial cheater, and it is time that you face reality instead of swallowing his excuses so readily (maybe because you dont want to face the truth?)

It will never change and he possibly will never change (even if you did catch him out) Some men are just not able to change their ways.Best you get behind thew truth a.s.a.p. and safe yourself from a long but unhappy mariage.

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Posted by: Worried | 2009/01/23

I agree with bel and Friend!!! keep your eyes open

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Posted by: Helga | 2009/01/23

No sane human being has child porn on their phone!!!!! It' s a criminal offence and I think he should be locked up for it!!!!!!!!!

My advise is to hire a PI, I think you' ll be socked to find out what he' s really up to.

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Posted by: BEL | 2009/01/23

RED LIGHTS FLASHING BIG TIME - ARE YOU BLIND? HE' S DEFINITELY A CHEATER. Come on, 4 sim cards. A male friend wiht plenty experience always says if a man has two cell phones or more than one sim card, he' s a cheater - period.

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Posted by: Anon 3 | 2009/01/23

Child porn??? Putting the condoms in your childs bag???
Your husband is ill, he needs help

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Posted by: Anon also | 2009/01/23

They have condoms at their office???

What kind of man is he putting condoms in your daughter' s bag?????? Seems as though he got caught and played a prank on the first person he thought of seeing that he told you he took them to play a prank. If that was really the reason why he took them, he is extremely childish.

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Posted by: Anon | 2009/01/23

Friend I' ve never had proof that he' s cheated on me, but things like the condom thing happens regularly. He' s addicted to porn, I' ve found child porn on his phone, he has 4 sim cards, he hides his briefcase and laptop, he travels a lot and always tells me horror stories about his colleagues going to strip clubs and getting it on, yet he never does? The list is never ending.

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Posted by: Anon | 2009/01/23

Thanks for your input.

Leigh I didn' t want to mention it here but the fact of the matter is that my husband did play the prank by leaving two condoms in my 18 year old daughter' s bag. He said it was a joke, but my daughter is fuming and I feel devastated. I suppose I' m hoping for a miracle.

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Posted by: Junior | 2009/01/23

Atleast if he is cheating on you he cares about you because he is always using protection.Be happy for that.

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Posted by: friend | 2009/01/23

You don' t say whether you found the condoms or if he volunteered the reason out off his own accord. If it was the latter, I wouldn' t view it suspiciously. Otherwise, red lights should be flickering. Don' t underestimate your sixth sense! Men cheating will always have explanations for everything you confront them with, unless you have proof that they are lying. I' ve got experience. ! Whatch out for other signs, like behaviour changes, lack of intimacy from his side etc.

The fact that he has broken your trust many times before (although you dont say in which ways) might be an indicater that he has cheated on you before and why stop if he' s getting away with it? Some men enjoys having their bread buttered on both sides.
I would suggest getting a private investigator to get peace of mind. If you can' t afford one, do some investigation by yourself. You can' t be happy in your mariage, feeling like this all the time and it certainly isn' t good for your mariage.

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Posted by: Leigh | 2009/01/23

Since your husband told you about the condoms and what he planned I would suggest you accept his answer. And since you do have trust issues with him, perhaps you need the help of a counsellor to help you overcome those feelings.

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Posted by: Monalisa | 2009/01/23

There is always to sides of the coins (story).But unfortunately u wont know if he is telling the truth in this case.

If I were u,I would believe him but be cautious.He might be telling the honest truth,or he may be lying.He is ur man and u know him.Im thinking that he is telling the truth.

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