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Hello Snuggles

Attached is a healthy eating plan that you can always follow. Drink at least two liters of water every day.

The following products will restore and build your immune system:

Bio-Strath Elixir

Use both as recommended long term and the good news is that together with a healthy lifestyle these products will help to prevent colds and flu. If you do fall ill, you will be able to recover quicker. The key is to take it often, hourly, if you are ill and twice per day to stay well.

Below is a document written on colds and flu.

As long as you are dressed warm, walking outside one hour after waking up is fine.

Kind regards.


Healthy Nutrition

Health begins with good nutrition, but how are we to decide what is good and what is not in the face of so much consumer health advice? The first thing to remember is that each of us is unique, with unique nutritional needs. A lifestyle and diet that benefits one person may not necessarily benefit another; there is no such thing as a single correct diet. But is there a universal guideline we can adhere to? Perhaps one: wholefoods – in as close to their natural state as possible. Having undergone minimal, if any, processing, wholefoods are without exception, more nutritious than refined foods. We are not able to improve the quality of food by exposing it to a process. We don’t have any processes that can add life to anything; we can only take life out of things. The fewer steps the original food type has gone through, the more nutrition is left in it. After all, we evolved in harmony with our environment, where the process of eating and digesting became compatible with available food, which consisted of specific balanced combinations of nutrients. The process of refining and processing food changes the balance of nutrients, and thereby compromises its nutritional value.

The following recommended diet is intended only as a guideline. Above all, learn to listen to your body’s response to the different foods you eat, and develop your own healthy nutritional plan!


 Rice cakes/Rye Vita with cottage cheese/avocado OR
 Freshly cut seasonal fruit OR
 Oats (preferably rolled) OR
 Mealie-meal porridge OR
 Maltabella (preferably stone-ground) OR
 Millet porridge (cook on stove for about 40 minutes in a stainless steel cooking pot with water and salt)

Add to cooked, cooled porridge the following:
 A drop of honey, half a teaspoon of unsalted butter and one teaspoon of each of the following:
 Raw sunflower seeds
 Raw sesame seeds
 Raw linseeds
 Raw almonds (chopped)
 Raw pumpkinseeds (crushed or ground in coffee grinder). This seed/nut mixture should be added to a fruit salad or to cottage cheese spread on rice cakes)

Snacks or light meals:

 Rice cakes and/or Rye Vita biscuits with any of the following: avocado pear, feta cheese, tomato, sardines, cucumber, tuna, Marmite or honey OR
 Fresh fruit: eat fruit by itself or in-between meals OR
 Figs and cashews/macadamias/pecans/un-sulphured dried fruit/dates/almonds

Lunch and supper:

 VEGETARIAN: fresh tofu, soya mince and frozen soya products
 FISH: Steamed, grilled or baked – not fried! Served with lemon butter and herbal salt
 LAMB: stewed, grilled or baked – not fried!
 FREE RANGE CHICKEN : – baked, grilled, steamed or stir-fried

• Serve any of the above with brown rice, or Basmati Rice, lentils, barley or dried beans (cook well on stove in a stainless steel cooking pot with water and salt)
• Fresh vegetables should be eaten at least twice a day

• All vegetables should be steamed, baked, grilled or served raw – not fried! Flavour with herbs, and/or A Vogel’s Plantaforce, Herbamare or Kelpamare

• SOUPS can be made with any of the above

Recommended dairy products:

 Cottage cheese
 Feta cheese
 Unsalted butter
 Maas
 Organic milk in moderation

For salad dressing:

Cold pressed oil (preferably virgin olive oil) mixed with:
 Fresh lemon juice
 Garlic
 Ground black pepper
 Herbamare
 Kelpamare

Healthy tips:

Use honey sparingly. Have no more than two cups of the following teas a day – Rooibos, fennel, fruit, chamomile, peppermint, green. Remember to drink water and avoid drinking fruit juices; rather eat fresh fruit.

Avoid all:

Processed and refined wheat products, pork, cold meats, beef, battery eggs, milk, yoghurt, yellow cheese, alcohol, coffee, tea, sugar, processed fruit juices, reheated foods, fried foods, microwaved foods and homogenised milk.

Do have:
 Raw honey
 Rye bread
 Soya milk/rice milk/oat milk
 Water
 Carob
 Bambu
 Popcorn

Instead of:
 Brown/white sugar
 Whole wheat/white bread
 Cow’s milk
 Fruit juices/carbonated fizzy drinks
 Chocolate
 Coffee
 Potato crisps

Always drink:

2 litres of water a day to ensure the complete hydration of every cell in your body.

All products are available from Pharmacies and Health Stores

For more information please contact:

SA Natural Products (Pty) Ltd
P.O. Box 2
Botha’s Hill, KZN, 3660

Customer Care lines:
Tel: 031 7838000
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This leaflet is not intended as a medical diagnosis, and in no way excludes the necessity of a diagnosis from a heath practitioner. Its intent is solely informational and educatio


Do you suffer from?
• Sore throat
• Sneezing
• Runny nose
• Watery eyes
• Dry cough
• Wet cough
• Post Nasal Drip

Nature’s Solution

A Vogel’s Echinaforce herbal drops and tablets have a strong effect on the body’s defence mechanism. The immune system is enhanced by using Echinaforce herbal extract in quantities large enough to assist the body to fight off viral and bacterial infections.

A Vogel’s Cold Formula is a homoeopathic combination remedy suitable for the typical upper respiratory symptoms of a cold. It is particularly useful when the throat is scratchy, affecting the voice and for a post nasal drip. The extracts of Allium Cepa in this formula will rapidly clear, runny nose and watery eyes.

A Vogel’s Cough Formula is a homoeopathic combination remedy which is excellent for the treatment of coughs of all kinds, whether wet or dry. Quick relief is experienced with lasting results when using this safe cough formula which contains no antihistamines, making it suitable for babies and pregnant women.

A Vogel’s Drosinula Cough Syrup is a herbal remedy used to expel mucous from the lungs and upper respiratory area.

Some advice from Dr Vogel

Foods that build up resistance to colds:
Foods rich in calcium should be on your menu without fail. Eat carrots every day. Include kohlrabi (turnip cabbage) tops in your diet when they are in season; serve similar vegetables where kohlrabi is not grown. Celery leaves and roots (cleriac), white turnips, parsnips and the like are also good because of their high calcium content. So too are all kinds of fruits, nuts and seeds. Include plenty of figs, raisins, Brazil nuts, almonds, pecans and pine kernels in the diet. This diet will help you get through the difficult winter months with better health, until your own garden again produces fresh vegetables, herbs and berries rich in vitamins. As long as there is no snow it is possible to harvest parsley and watercress to meet the body’s needs for vitamins A and C. But if you live in a temperate climate, it would be a good idea to sow cress seeds in flower pots or little boxes and raise them on a sunny windowsill. If you sow cress at regular intervals, you will have a constant supply of this healthy vegetable throughout the vitamin-deficient winter months. Every little help we can get will be to our advantage. The importance of foods containing vitamins A and C cannot be overstressed.

Other remedies to build up resistance:
Much good may also be derived from taking natural remedies. Ideally suited for this purpose is Urticalcin, a natural calcium supplement of proven worth. To combat a susceptibility to catarrh and to alleviate colds, take Drosinula Cough Syrup.

As a prophylactic for the throat, use Echinaforce and Molkosan, since Echinacea extract counteracts infection and diluted whey used as a gargle disinfects the mouth and throat. If a throat infection is already under way, it is advisable to slowly swallow undiluted Molkosan to “paint” the throat. Also, apply Po-Ho Oil to the chest every day.

Some useful information:

• Colds should never be suppressed. Allow the body to do the elimination by resting, taking adequate fluids, keeping warm.

• Just about all ailments require the proper functioning of the bowels and kidneys. With the onset of a cold, take Linoforce granules to clean the bowel of accumulated wastes. Take A Vogel’s Nephrosolid Kidney Drops to stimulate kidney function, thereby eliminating toxicity from the blood.

• Avoid changes in temperature; rather stay in a well ventilated room at an even temperature.

• A Vogel’s Echinaforce has remarkable results when taken in the following way:
- 20ml, 2 hourly on the first day
- 20ml, 4 hourly on the second day
- 10ml, three times daily until fine.
This is the adult dosage. For children, half the dosage.
20 Drops taken daily, as lymphatic drainage remedy, will help to create a healthy system capable of dealing with viral and bacterial infections.

• Regular steaming with Thursday Plantation 100% Tea Tree Oil will help to clear mucous congestion from the sinus passages, reducing the risk of secondary bacterial infections.

• Thursday Plantation 100% Tea Tree Oil can also be used as a general air purifier by burning it in aromatherapy burners in the home. Overseas travellers use Thursday Plantation 100% Tea Tree Oil on paper tissues as an inhalant to protect themselves from viral and bacterial infections on aircrafts.

• Naturopathically, the value of a good cold is appreciated. It is never regarded as an illness, but as a necessary cleansing done by the body. A cold is your friend, not your foe. People who say that they never get a cold, are probably too toxic to produce the symptoms of elimination which we call a cold. The A Vogel remedies for colds bear this factor in mind and are thus also cleansing remedies.

• Mucous discharge by the body is an elimination process. At a time of discharge, it is sensible to avoid foods which will add to the mucous load in the body, notably, dairy products, refined wheat products, coffee, tea, alcohol, sugar, fruit juices, cigarette smoking. Mucous discharges which are suppressed or “dried up” will return again and again becoming chronic conditions of bronchitis, sinusitis, etc.

Did you know?

- To develop a healthy and strong immune system is a daily effort. Reduce the intake of refined, starchy foods, fast foods, fried foods and sugar-laden foods. Give up the habit of smoking. Introduce green, leafy vegetables into your daily diet. An immune system cannot be built just for winter! It is for every day.

- The regular washing of hands can help to prevent the spread of viral and bacterial infections.

- Be careful not to touch your face with your hands as this is how you will spread the infection to yourself.

- Coughs are self-limiting reactions in the body. If a cough lingers, with a feeling of exhaustion and weight loss, please consult a professional person.

- Do not suppress the cough. The reflex is to rid the airways of phlegm or other minute particles. However, a person suffering from heart disease could find it exhausting to constantly cough and should therefore be treated with this in mind.

- Coughs will generally calm down in a room where the air is moist and warm. Avoid cold, dry air in rooms, or warm/hot dry air in rooms. A humidifier works wonders – invest in one!

- Croup is an acute inflammatory condition of the pharynx and is extremely dangerous. It usually attacks in the middle of the night when the air is cold and dry. Boys are more susceptible than girls. Steaming will help to relieve the attack, but professional help should be sought immediately.

- Whooping Cough is a viral condition which is known by its characteristic cough. It can be most debilitating and exhausting. Most children are inoculated against this disease which can mask the real symptoms later in life. Whooping cough is also known as the 3 months cough, as it generally takes about that length of time to clear up. Specific homoeopathic treatment is very effective when dealing with whooping cough. A professional person needs to be consulted. A Vogel’s Echinaforce should be given to strengthen the immune function to fight this virus. A Vogel’s calcium preparation, Urticalcin, is always indicated when diseases of the lungs are in progress. This is also applicable to asthmatic conditions.

- Post-nasal drip indicates a condition where mucous drips down the back of the throat, causing irritation to the upper-respiratory tract, resulting in a constant attempt to clear the throat of this mucous. Post nasal drip should be seen in the same light as mucous discharges resulting from some irritation. This can mean an external irritation of pollution or pollen, or an internal irritation due to poor digestion or excessive consumption of mucous forming foods as mentioned before. A Vogel’s Sinuforce Drops and Spray have often been useful to clear this irritating discharge in conjunction with added internal and external measures to reduce and eliminate production.

- Nervous Coughs: Many people cough when they feel anxious or uncertain. A Vogel’s Neuroforce and Hyperiforce will help these people to regain their mental and emotional strength. A good tip is to slow down the breathing while concentrating on each breath. This is a wonderful way to bring calm to nervous chaos.


Colds are a necessary part of living a healthy life. Do not suppress the symptoms. Keep quiet, keep warm, take in warm fluids, clear the bowel, stimulate the kidneys. Coughs have many different reasons. Generally, coughing is a reflex to clear the airways from phlegm or other small particles. A cough with no explanation of origin, with weight loss or sweating, must be seen by a professional person. Remember to keep the air in the house warm and moist.

Dr A Vogel’s useful remedies to assist with coughs and colds are:
 Echinaforce tabs or drops
 Cold Formula drops
 Cough Formula drops
 Drosinula Cough Syrup
 Po-Ho Oil
 And of course Thursday Plantation 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil

All products are available from Pharmacies and Health Stores

For more information please contact:

SA Natural Products (Pty) Ltd
P O Box 2
Botha’s Hill, KZN, 3660

Customer Care lines:
Tel: 031 7838000
Fax: 031 7838080

This leaflet is not intended as a medical diagnosis, and in no way excludes the necessity of a diagnoses from a health practitioner. Its intent is solely informational and educational.

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Colds, Flu and Echinaforce

Do you suffer from?

• Regular colds, coughs or flu?
• The production of mucous (sinusitis)?
• The inability to recover quickly from illness or injury?
• Susceptibility to any kind of illness?
• The need to use antibiotics regularly?
• Inflammatory conditions?
• Painful muscles or joints?

Nature’s solution

A.Vogel’s Echinaforce: this remarkable herbal remedy is derived from the Echinacea purpurea and Angustifolia plants. Dr Alfred Vogel discovered the plant when he first met the Sioux chief, Black Elk, in North Dakota, where the Indian community used it as a remedy against illness. They claimed that even snakebite poison could be effectively treated with these plants. Vogel, who always used himself as a guinea pig for newly discovered remedies, was astounded by the effect of these plants on improving the strength of his immune system. He subsequently chose Echinaforce as one of his three daily remedies for the rest of his life. (Urticalcin and Molkosan being the other two)

Echinaforce stimulates the lymph glands and strengthens the immune system. It is effective for both acute and chronic conditions; it is also particularly effective as a preventative remedy. Remember to ask your pharmacist for the correct dosage when treating an acute or chronic problem.

Some advice from Dr Vogel

The immune system is all-powerful; without a good defence mechanism, we cannot survive. To build up resistance, foods rich in calcium should always be on your menu; include carrots, celery leaves and roots – as well as all kinds of fruits, nuts and seeds. The importance of eating foods containing vitamin A and C cannot be overstressed; watercress and parsley are an excellent source of these vitamins.

Does it really work?

In a European clinical trial involving 119 subjects with acute cold symptoms, some were given Echinaforce, while the rest were given a placebo. Fever, coughing, watering eyes, runny nose and sore throat were assessed for levels of severity in both groups. The relief of symptoms for the group taking Echinacea was significantly higher than the placebo group: Echinaforce was effective in 68% of subjects, as estimated by the examining physician, and 78% of subjects, as estimated by the patients themselves. The tolerability of the product was found to be excellent in 98% of cases.

Given that colds had already begun to run their course in these patients – and some were already taking other medication – this trial remarkably demonstrates the efficacy of Echinaforce.

Some useful information

The body will become more susceptible to infection if the lymphatic system is not in good working order. Echinaforce improves lymphatic drainage by stimulating lymphatic glandular activity. It also activates the immune cells (lymphocytes) that live in the lymphatic system. The immune defence mechanism can only be effective if the lymphatic system is functioning well.
Echinaforce has an additional effect on the thymus gland, where it stimulates the production of T-cells.

It is important to take Echinaforce regularly – we require efficient lymphatic drainage on a daily basis. Certain people are more prone to a sluggish lymphatic system; those who have a tendency to suffer from mucous conditions such as postnasal drip, mucous coughs, blocked ears or the presence of mucous in their stools. If you suffer from these conditions continuously, it is useful to use Echinaforce with Indigestion Formula. Mucous discharge is often the result of poor digestion, which also needs to be addressed. A poorly functioning pancreas that under-delivers the necessary digestive enzymes is often the cause of poor digestion. Use Diabetisan if this is the case.

Iridology teaches us that blue-eyed people are more prone to problems of the lymphatic system and might need to take better care of this facet of their health than others; regular use of Echinaforce is especially recommended. People who no longer have Tonsils, Adenoids, Spleen, Appendix, need to be on Echinaforce permanently to aid the lymphatic drainage in the body.

What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is a system of vessels and ducsts that is closely related to the cardiovascular system. It contains “lymph’ which is a milky body fluid full of white blood cells (the lymphocytes), proteins and fats. It plays a vital role in immunity by filtering out organisms that cause disease by producing lymphocytes and antibodies. It is also important for the distribution of fluids and nutrients in the body because it drains excess fluid and protein and prevents the tissues from swelling up. Lymph seeps out of the blood bessels into spaces in body tissue, and is stored in the lymphatic system prior to flowing back into the blood.

The thymus is part of the lymphatic system. It is a small bi-lobed gland situated beneath the sternum that is very prominent at birth. It begins to diminish in size after the onset of puberty until it almost completely disappears. The thymus plays an important role in manufacturing T-lymphocytes and controlling the immune response.

A schematic diagram of the lymphatic system, showing the lymphatic vessels and nodes

Did you know?

Echinaforce can also be used externally for wounds, carbuncles and septic sores. It is nature’s antiseptic. It can also be used with Hyperiforce and water for gargling (20 drops of Echinaforce with 20 drops of Hyperiforce) – a very effective remedy for sore throats.


Echinaforce shouldn’t only be limited to treating colds and flu. It is useful for absolutely any inflammatory condition – including cystitis, acne, eczema, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, prostatitis, sinusitis
– and any form of toxic poisoning. It can also be used externally as a topical antiseptic.

While lifestyle and diet are your first line of defence against illness, it is always a good idea to have Echinaforce in your system at all times – you never know when your body will need to call on those immune reserves!

Echinaforce is also available in tablet form for children and adults.

*Brinkeborn R., Shah D., Geissbuhler S., and Degenring F.H. Echinaforce in the treatment of acute colds. Schweitz. Zschr. GanzheitsMedizin 1988: 10(1): 26-29.

Echinaforce Liquid. Application No. U613 (Act 101/1965), contains per 1.0g fresh Echinacea purpurea herb mother tincture 950 mg and fresh Echinacea purpurea root mother tincture 5 mg. Alchohol content 65% v/v.

Echinaforce Tablets. Each tablet contains 400 mg of concentrated Echinacea purpurea extract (herba 95% and radix 5%).

Echinaforce Junior Tablets. Each tablet contains 250 mg of concentrated Echinacea purpurea extract (herba 95% and radix 5%) equivalent to the active ingredients of 107 mg of fresh Echinacea purpurea plant.

Indigestion Formula. Application No.U918 (Act 1021/1965). Each ml contains Abrotanum D1 153 mg, Belladonna D6 153 mg, Chionanthus virginicus D6 153 mg, Haronga madag.: Folium c. cortex sicc. T. (=D1) 153 mg, Robinia pseudoacacia D2, Nux vomica D6 150 mg.

For more information please contact:
SA Natural Products (Pty) Ltd
P O Box 2
Botha’s Hill, KZN, 3660

Customer Care lines:
Tel: 031 7838000
Fax: 031-7838080
This leaflet is not intended as a medical diagnosis, and in no way excludes the necessity of a diagnosis from a health practitioner. Its intent is solely informational and educational.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

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