Posted by: Jayesh | 2009/09/10


Hello , I M 20 years old
gender - male

my skin doesn' t retract fully , it retracts only 20percent

what should I do??

should i get circumcised

Plz help me

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it is ot always necessary to do full circumcision to correct the level of tightness that you describe. Its often enough to cut the inner firous ring of the foresking thereby releasing the tighness and maintaining your forskin ( remember its there for a reason)
see a urologist who has some respect for the foreskin ( some dont) or call our helpline for a referra - find us on
Its a small proceure that can be done under local anaesthetic

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Posted by: Just Me | 2009/09/16

The whole issue here is how to sort a Guy' s tight foreskin - and suddenly we have a huge debate going on HIV prevention etc...huh! Surely the best option should take preference - who gives a crap which proceedure is right or wrong. These anti-circumcision fellows make me want to puke! Mine was cut at birth, and it works like a rocket, with no smells, and no problems! I feel sorry for Jayesh, as an adult, having to have some painful procedure done. Pity he was never told to pull the thing back regularly while he was in pubity - maybe you should all go educating the youngsters - instead of continuing with such futile non-sense! and go Gal !!

Reply to Just Me
Posted by: Kari | 2009/09/12

I am a very strong proponent for circumcision. Mr G, while you are blasting Anon, clearly you have never experienced a foreskin problem. Anon has had foreskin issues as he stated. With that said, I have had to see my husband go through a few years of foreskin related issues that were really painful and frustrating. All started just like Jayesh as a teenager and continued for a few years because he was seeing a urologist which like NOCIRC turned out to be an intactivist. He had no intentions of seeing my husband get a circumcision under any condition. That is not looking out for your patient' s best interest or health. As such we dumped him and saw a doctor that made it very clear that circumcision was the only long term solution for this issue. So NOCIRC has the same agenda. You seem to be talking out of both sides of your mouth. You state in poorer countries its okay to have men get circumcised because of hygiene issues, but its not okay to get circumcised because you have a tight foreskin that cant retract. By your own acknowledgment you are not circumcised and thus have no experience in this matter at all. Like Anon, my husband suffered through this very issue and as his wife I had to share the displeasure and see the pain and experience a very unsatisfying sex life that was very frustrating to both my husband and I. If you had been through this, then you could talk. Since my husband' s circumcision, I can state this, that we have had a very enjoyable and great sex life. And for what it' s worth, I could never have a foreskin in my vagina again. That friction burn you talk about has never happened. Now I can feel the pleasure of my husbands penis with every stroke. What you are talking about is your penis sliding in and out of your own foreskin and literally making love to your own foreskin while your girlfriend' s vagina is holding your foreskin. Never was pleasureable to me at all. Also you are leaving smegma in her vagina as your penis is way more likely to excrete smegma from your inner foreskin especially while you are erect and the blood is flowing in high volumes. No thanks, no more smegma or smell from my husband. Besides a circumcised penis not only looks better and feels better too, but certainly smells much better.

Please share your source that states a loose foreskin is so beneficial. All those nerve endings are riding up and down your own glans. And a million of them?? Not sure where you heard that, but that is hard to believe. According to your research a circumcised man should have such a lousy life that he should not be able to get an erection.

You can keep your foreskin if you so chose, just dont come knocking on my door. I will agree with Anonymous that a circumcised penis is the only way to go, especially having experienced both uncircumcised and circumcised with the same man. Circumcision rules!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/09/11

I am a woman and I vote for a circumcision. Definitey more attractive.

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Posted by: Mr G | 2009/09/11

Anon you are no better than the guy giving you are giving hell about his advice. The NOCIRC might have helped him and that is why he is giving his opinion, just as you are giving your opinion on circumcision.

The fact is that circumcision has not proven to be a very good why of preventing HIV. Yes, in poorer countries with little to no hygiene it does help, but being clean and hygienicis much better way of preventing HIV to a certain extent if want to have sex without a comdom. But ultimately you are at risk everytime you do have sex with a doubtful partner wihtout a condom, sniped or not.

I personally am also uncut, but very clean. I haven' t had one complain from my fiance ever. But I suppose it does mean I have to take extra care, which I do compared to someone who is circumcised.

And just as an opposing view to circumcision: New reseach show that a loose foreskin does have a sexual benifit for both parties. For the man it contains a lot of nerve endings (more than a million) and therefore greatly enhances the sensation. For the female it helps with the movement action while reducing the amount of friction inside the vagina. Therefore more pleasure for her with less " friction burn"  afterwards.

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Posted by: Happy to be uncut | 2009/09/11

Maybe Jayesh does not want to get circumcised,not everyone wants to be, I am glad I was not and never will be. My lady loves it uncut and so do I. And have no idea what Paedophile has to do with it, you are way off base Anon.

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Posted by: Anon | 2009/09/11

Well looky lookey, NOCIRC SA is again giving medical expert advice with no license. NOCIRC you know f/all about circumcision and the benefits. Here, ONCE AGAIN showing your blatant ignorance and total failure to address the mans issue. He has a problem retracting his foreskin. You are requesting he see a urologist to do a procedure that has about a 80% failure rate that WILL TEAR his foreskin and leave him susceptible to STDs and HIV should he get involved with a partner who is infected. As for your advertising web pages, why don' t you state that the page you are sending him to supports your absolute left wing intactivist policy with 100% disregard to options. Its people like you that like to scare the living cr*p out of people who have real issues and are asking for a solution. What you provide is nothing more than a belief that every man is entitled to a very lousy life with a foreskin that is giving him REAL problems here.

Jayesh, circumcision will not only solve this issue for life, you wont have to deal with smegma at all. When that foreskin is finally pulled back in pain the way NOCIRC is wanting you to have done, it will be almost all white and cheesy and extremely smelly. Circumcised men do not have any problems like this, nor do they have smell or smegma.

Medically and scientifically, circumcision has been proven to reduce HIV and STDs and is also known to reduce the liklihood of cervical cancer in women who' s partners are circumcised.

NOCIRC is trying to scare you into believing that circumcised men have no sex life or a very lousy one, their wives, lovers have the worst life there. Factually this man is so far off base and does not know what he is talking about. I too had issues and had a doctor that pushed his personal agenda (just like this NOCIRC is pushing with you) with my foreskin issues, not a unbiased medical one. Result: years of pain after that first procedure exactly as NOCIRC wants you to undergo. End result after many years of foreskin tearing and other issues that inhibited my and my wife' s sex lives I got a doctor to circumcises me and the result has been bliss. No pain, no more tearing, no smegma and best of all a great sex life. Even my wife is enjoying it more. More frequency and way more quality. NOCIRC does not know both sides of this situation and never will. Do your research on scientific and medical facts on the internet and you will see that NOCIRC does not support your best interest. Check out a for comments from men that have been through what you are going through and how much better their lives are since being circumcised.

Real sad part is that you will see NOCIRC trolls these pages and the Pediatric Board and does not respond to anything on the Circumcision Discussion forum. He likes to scare new mothers into believing that their son' s penises will fall off if circumcised and that they would be condemned to a life of hell. The guy is a PEDOPHILE plain and simple.

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Posted by: NOCIRC-SA | 2009/09/10


Go find a urologist that will perform a preputioplasty.
It is a small procedure that will allow you to fully retract and is very successful.

There is no need for a circumcision.

Also look at for more conservative treatment options

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