Posted by: jennifer | 2007/11/28


do all men cheat/flirt on there wives....please if guys could answer this... what makes a man cheat or flirt on his wife... does he not feel guilty .... does he not think about the kids involved?

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No, not ALL men do, just as there is nothing which ALL women do.

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Posted by: Sexy | 2007/11/28

thank you Zeta

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Posted by: Zeta | 2007/11/28

Cheating is bad. Flirting is healthy.

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Posted by: RP | 2007/11/28

OK, I am generalising here: Being a man, I can say this. We can have the greatest intentions, but after say 15+ years of a relationship, unless we are still TOTALLY in love with our wife, and who can be so undeniably in love after so long, and we have the opportunity to cheat because some sexy provocative woman laid herself bare in front of us, AND we though 100% we could get away with it, I doubt that more than 5% of men would resist! Woman, ARE different. Men are need the hunt, the physical beauty. Women can love a man and that wouledbe enough to make herself totally unavailable to any other man. Women are simply more spiritiual and evolved in that sense.

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Posted by: Sexist | 2007/11/28

Okay, your kind of response " no disrepect " cleary hihgligts why some men do what they do. I like the comment woman think we their hearts and men think wit their dicks -does that mean if they cheat they think with their P U S S I E S, no i do not think so, if you understood me. Some woman need to get a life. particularly you. the more you have things to do the less time you to get worried and insecure......yes insecurities can also turns one into one nasty cheat.

If flirting is cheating .....then by god we all cheat including you ms perfect.i know you a fact that men don't cheat becasue you are not beaufitul enough ...Look at eric benet, who married halle barry.Most men get tired of shouting at home, naggging, WHEN LAST DID YOU JUST KEEP QUITE AND LISTERN TO THE SOUND OF THE BIRDS, when last did you have a great conversation with your hubby withouth turning it into a you topic. let me tell you- time out and those kind of stuff men need them, and unfutunately they are offered elsewhere we will buy......if sex is part of the deal so be it.

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Posted by: a man | 2007/11/28

Unfortunately you will never get a clear cut answer, i thought i would never, and well i did. It all happens so fast. My opinion is that we (people) are so weak to temptation that it is always possible for either one to do it, even if it is against
your deep moral values. It happens so quick and your in that situation. Not just sex, kissing, emotionallly more connected to another woman, calling other woman etcc...

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Posted by: Lolo | 2007/11/28

i turn to like tis topic, i really have learned a lot, and next time i won't worry that much.

mmm guys keep on don't stop, wanna know more!

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Posted by: jeniifer | 2007/11/28


i agree with you when you say women also cheat... but let me tell you something men become boring/tiring just as much as women become..... men also complain...... and can never accept the opposite for whom they are... instead they go looking around for something better and nothing can be better for them... cause they excpect tooo much in return....
if the truth must be told... a man thinks with his dick and a women with her heart.....
i guess you not married cause if you were you will not like the idea of your wife flirting with other men,,, and if u do then what kind of respect do you have for women......
i would say flirting is the same as sleeping around cause it starts with the eyes, ears, lips... etc...... and its wrong

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Posted by: sexist | 2007/11/28

what a prejudice question in 2007, i would understand if someone asked me that question in 1995, woman cheat too, the difference is that man get caught,

they don't think you sat che, maybe you should say they don't think like you...or maybe there only thing that matters in your life is your man, well in my case, not our case because we all differ, i would cheat to have fun and a little bit of freedom.

i cannot be stick with you 24 hours. i need different insights from different people , believe it will do us both good......however i don't sleep around,,,,,,that is entirely different story.....i would dilibarately go out with someone i know want to -|- me and don't -|- them, why because i have a lady, and quite frankly i do not mind if she could do the same but the thing is most of the ladies have one track mind, my man only i cannot share....

maybe if you could be open minded enough to be adventurers, go out with your friends and stop talking about how jelous they are of you....but nooooo you rather stay misserable complaining 24 seven and forcing men to listern so what do we do, two options , hit the bottlle or find a lady who talks positively about how happy she is and how nice it is to be single were as she is praying for a mercy -|-

the thing is ladies you are tiring, and don't get me wrong i dont mean sexually cause some of you are very good at that part, i mean you complain too mcuh and you always make a man feels like they owe you something like he is the reason you are miserable....believe me after you try several times and you realize that you can never the next person happy you give the hell up.



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Posted by: Hope* | 2007/11/28

I dont regard cheating and flirting to be the same thing. Men and woman cheat. Its like a vicious circle. First the spouse cheats for what ever reason, for fun, for the excitement of getting caught, etc. Next the cheater realises that the person he/she is cheating with isn't what he/she thought that person was and that the spouse is in fact better that the one he/she is cheating with. But its too late because by this time the spouse has caught wind of all this and is hurt, confused and angry and starts packing bags or starts planning the great revenge with a cheat of their own. While all this is happening, the very impressionable kids are watching and wondering what the hell is going on.

Or, one of the partners cheat because he/she is a low life scum bag who has no respect for themselves or their spouses or families, they dont care who they hurt or what damage they make!

Flirting on the other hand is another whole story of its own. This can cause humiliation to their partner in many different ways, and is also very harmful.

Why do people do all these things. I really dont know, maybe just plain insensitivity and total stupidity.

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Posted by: Lolo | 2007/11/28

the only way to know is to ask your partner, there are so many things that drive people away, else give them taste of their medison, not a good thing though but?

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Posted by: Che | 2007/11/28


They dont think,,, that is the problem right there. They only do things for themselves to make them feel good.

When you find out they will turn it on you and say its because you always tired or moody or full of shit. You never paid attention to me.

I hope we can get a man that answers this question for us cause i would LOVE to know why as well.

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