Posted by: J | 2004/11/19

Chat: To P re. rascist comments

It is sickening to see that there still White people as yourself out there. I have no doubt that there are many who actually agree with you, even though they opted not to comment. I also doubt your type will ever change and only time will rid our society of bigots such as yourself.

“Natuurlik is ek ge-irriteerd deur die nuwe suid afrikaners se mentaliteit wat alles volgens hulle maniere wil he en gedoen kry, die land is in sy moer in met hulle aan die stuur.”
Are you not displaying the same “mentaliteit” when you walk into ABSA and expect the “vermetelheid” to understand your language, which you are obviously forcing upon them.
Did you now that the productivity level in South Africa was always ranked amongst the worst in the world, but has now shown a remarkable improvement? What does this tell you, Mr. MBA graduate?

“Teen die spoed van transformasie is die kanse goed dat daar binnekort in elk geval omtrent geen blankes in enige poste oor sal wees nie.”
I suggest you take a closer look at what Affirmative Action is all about, a temporary and not permanent solution to address all imbalances from the past until such time as the required level is reached.

“…mag ons van jou lees as hul jou verkrag/ jou huis besteel/jou familie beroof.” Snaaks , hoe ons nooit lees oor hoe jou voorvaders hulle moeders verkrag en mishandle het. Hoe jou voorvaders hulle huise besteel en hulle families van hulle eie land beroof het nie….

“ Daar word oral bakhand gestaan en skaamteloos gebedel en oorgeneem op alle terreine, geen norme of etiek tel punte nie.”
What do you expect when it is people like you who never gave them the opportunity to become first class citizens?Maybe, here is where the brainwashing (your favourite) came into play.

“Hy was nie 'n barbaar…” reminds me of the neo-Nazi ‘s who purported that they are superior because all Blacks are illiterate savages. Ha, ha , ha!!!

You will remain bitter and angry, unless you change your mindset and that goes for those Blacks who hate and regard all Whites as racsists. I think our country can do without both.

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Posted by: Paul | 2004/11/19

Energade !!!!!!! My word dude absolutely $#%^ splendid!!!!

More of you is what we need to truly make this rainbow nation work. Read it and LEARN people, read it and LEARN!!!!!

Reply to Paul
Posted by: Energade | 2004/11/19

A lot has now been said on this issue, but what pisses me of is that it is now 10 years since democracy has been introduced and still people blame apartheid as soon as they are in a position where they are failures. My shit man, even in schools the blacks have introduced apartheid in sport, and where in the hell has children of today to be blamed for Verwoerd and company for their shit crappy decissions. ???

It is time that blacks stop blaming all their shit on apartheid, take control of their lives and get committed to achieve something in life.


Reply to Energade
Posted by: Paul | 2004/11/19

Cool bananas, the only problem I have with what you said is that it would be senseless to place a person that cant do the job. I promise you it happens, especially to fall in line with BEE.

Its almost like ABSA bank giving special accounts to Zuma and Shaik because "it could have been detremental to the group" had they not done so.

I still firmly beleive that the new south africa is only benefiting a very select few people of color (white is a color too). Everyone else is kakking off to a degree unknown in this country. Nothing seems to be taking off, townships are getting bigger, shacks are jumping up, crime is souring, unemployment is scary, people are starving, but Thabo has a neat little jet that could have built thousands of home, corruption is rife and bribery abundant. YET THE PEOPLE SUFFER except for the select few.

Its sad, I wish we could wipe the slate and start over.

Ai what can we do? Revolt?

Reply to Paul
Posted by: J | 2004/11/19

Hi Paul

Will be glad to express my take on Affirmitive Action, but merely in my own opinion. Just also to let you know that if I was “bitter” I would also regard myself as one of those who have fallen victim to AA, though I might be in a better position than yourself, I happen to be a female. He, he !!
Remember AA is here to redress opportunities for women and the disabled, and not only Blacks.
I tend to disagree with the view/perception that people are being put into posts they cannot handle.This would imply that standards have dropped since the implication of AA, and once again I would like to make reference to the increase in productivity in our country?Also , I doubt it would make any business sense for a company to hire people not capable of doing a job as this will definitely affect their performance.
AA policy clearly indicates that when looking at two applicants with the same skills/qualifications, you place the one least represented in your organization. We must be careful not to give the Employment Equity Act our own interpretations.
Skills development Levies is a government initiative to encourage companies to develop the skills of their employees to bring them up to par with required standards, disadvantaged or not. So ja, the government has made funds available as such, whether it is being put to good use, remains to be seen.

Reply to J
Posted by: Tom | 2004/11/19

Hey Suzy - catch a wake-up 'cos there are no white sububrs anymore. This is how racism creeps into peoples minds as they are still living in they apartheid era and talk the same way. White suburbs.....eish!

Reply to Tom
Posted by: Paul | 2004/11/19

New subject, J you sound pretty oraait all and all, whats your take, don't you think that AA is going a bit far - puttin people into posts they really cannot handle, and the guy that can has to move over for him? 9 out of 10 times to take a lower paying job and then help this AA candidate do his. I am for sure not a racists but whatever the hell happened to let the best man do the job? If the black people feel so strong to get good posts, let them study for it like we had to, and let the government pay for it, nobody paid for mine, my parents had to but fair enough, being previously disadvantaged I agree let government use some of that skills development levies to educate the blacks and indians and even the left begind whities (yes they exist) and then have them compete fair for a job like it should be?

Whats your take mate?

Reply to Paul
Posted by: Suzy | 2004/11/19

White racist / black racist. I know an Indian woman who hates whites with a passion. She has such a huge chip on her shoulder that I don't even think therapy will help her. She hates whites but is hell-bent on living in a white suburb, sending her kids to a white school, etc. She drives a fancy car and has the most expensive clothes but is still soooooooo bitter. Same can be said for whites who hate blacks. Its all to do with how you feel as a person.

Reply to Suzy
Posted by: Inc | 2004/11/19


Reply to Inc
Posted by: lady nina | 2004/11/19

hi j

i think this ia a good debat and i like to add my 2c worth

the sad fact is that there is many white people who are rasist - oh they will never admit it but behing closed doors they still talk about the "kaffers".

i have many family members who are like this, they have nothing positive to say about the new sa or any one els , one couple run a small business from home( not vat registered or anything) and won some huge government contract, they over charge the product and talk about the people with disrespect, yet they take the money ...

i've lost contact with many "friends" because i don't share their opions, not that it bothers me

the sad part is that the kids who grow up in these home are confused by the double standards - they play together in school but at home their friends are "kaffers" .... i hope in time they will see the truth and not be influenced by their parents opions

take care


Reply to lady nina
Posted by: Roxy | 2004/11/19

Racism is wrong, it's just a pity that the perception exist that you don't get black racists.

You are at the same level as the alledged racist, by giving him al the publicity. He must be in heaven. He can't air his views on the train or shopping mall but is getting satisfaction by upsetting a lot of people.

A lot of people no matter what race, need to change the attitudes. By couter attacking one white racist and then referring to all white people is just going to make things worse.

health 24 should remove all discussions on this topic.

Reply to Roxy
Posted by: J | 2004/11/19

Hi Elly

What is so nasty about the truth, remember P was the one being nasty, in the first place.
Dont mean to disrespect CS, but you could hardly equate this posting with the tons of "oh my bf did not sms me today, what shall I do?, as mentioned before!!!!

Reply to J
Posted by: elly | 2004/11/19

I think you are on the wrong forum.THere will always be race issues but this is not the forum to discuss it. Cybershrink is such a nice and caring person, dont spoil his forum with this nasty remarks. Dont understand me wrong I do agree with you but this is not the place for this

Reply to elly
Posted by: Brown dash | 2004/11/19

Well said , J , sounds like you a woman of character and you know what you're talking about .

Reply to Brown dash
Posted by: leonie | 2004/11/19

u must be educated hey, cos u have said it all


Reply to leonie
Posted by: Inc | 2004/11/19

People like P are certainly on the right forum...
some good meds and a good shrink... they'll be fine in no time!

Reply to Inc
Posted by: Sello | 2004/11/19

Lets face it guys. It is no longer a question of black or white - its about access to resources and having said that it would appear to me that P is relatively poor :A poor white South African" not that there is something wrong with that there are poor black south africans. He is not doing well economically and he thinks that Blacks are the reasons for that. It does not have to be that way.
I have not less than 7 white sub-ordinates some of them do behave in a way that I sometimes feel that they are taking the new South Africa for granted this includes non-whites as well "Blacks" So lets allow him to waiste his energy in this way while others are more positive and doing something to empower themselves rather that wining and groaning and being racists. I guarantee you an educated white south african will never say things like those. Education not limited to qualifications but understanding of the socio-economic and political environs

Reply to Sello
Posted by: Oh no | 2004/11/19

Debate on this site?? You must be joking, always ends up in full on war!

Reply to Oh no
Posted by: J | 2004/11/19

Now, now, who's fighting ?
What happened to healthy debate?

Reply to J
Posted by: Oh no | 2004/11/19

Now now, lets not have a fight on this lovely Friday!

Reply to Oh no
Posted by: Lathi | 2004/11/19

you go J

Reply to Lathi

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