Posted by: NewBoy | 2008/06/02

Carte Blanche last night

I was kinda shocked by what I saw last night, how are guys who live in Cape Town reacting? Did people know about this stuff or are you also shocked?

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Posted by: Ollie | 2008/06/25

I agree. Once again ONE asshole is responsible for all of us being stereotyped...

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Posted by: heart | 2008/06/08

And the saddest thing of the whole thing? Besides from these people's lives that have been ruined?
That gays are ONCE again stigmatised as being freaks and disgusting sick people. Although Carte Blanche's coverage was UNBIASED I have to admit that the Mother Grumpys and the Bible Bashers are having a field day.
Str8t life has various differenct kinds of people with differenct tastes.
Point of fact is...
We are all human with a human need to be satisfied called SEXUALITY!
All I am asking for is that ppl should have an open mind as far as possible!
Best wishes to all the victims...Be strong. Believe in yourself.

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Posted by: Rusta | 2008/06/03

YO and well done for everyone speaking OUT against this!

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Posted by: Graham | 2008/06/03

I have posted my thoughts on this horrid expose of someone very evil as the first topic on the forum notice board. Please read what I say and comment, and encourage your friends to do the same. The discussion is headed REVIVING THE SAFE SEX ETHOS IN GAY MEN. thanks and regards to you all

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Posted by: what now? | 2008/06/03

I went on the Carte Blance website Monday afternoon to read what the people had to say - the frontpage had the video en links to the forum and everything. When I wanted to show it to my partner last night (Monday night) - everything was GONE! NO trace that the story even happened! NOTHING!

Bit sad that they didn't even put up a Press Release or something stating why they had to take it down? This is going to interesting...

But ANOTHER thing: How come NO Cape Town Newspaper caried a follow-up story in this weeks paper? I'm sure that there are THOUSANDS of Cape Townians who didn't watch the episode and who would like to know what is happening next door to them! Or did I just miss read something...

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Posted by: Anon | 2008/06/02

What I don't understand is how this guy got away with all his nonsense and evil acts for so long - they said the investigation has been going on for TWO YEARS? How come its taken so long to "investigate" him - what is there to investigate if he keep doing evil things? Bribing the cops?

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Posted by: Nikkits | 2008/06/02

There will always be BAD apples in the basket

EDUCATION, EDCUCATION AND EDUCATION will sort the rubbish from the worthy

Gays dont molest children - ADULT PEOPLE DO!!!!

I cannot say it enough BUT I have to say it again ....

BE responsible act responsible and take responsibility for your actions be you gay, straight, bi, male, female, black, white, green, thin, fat, small, tall, it matters not ...

Respect oneself first to understand what one needs to do to be respected.

It would be a feather in the caps of GLBTI should gay folk find this sicko and have him arrested, then it will be admirable if the gay community arrive in their hundreds at this sicko's court case and protest HIS actions and abuse of children ....

The world turns - ......................


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Posted by: ---- | 2008/06/02

I felt sick watching that and I really hope they catch this evil bastard.... I felt so sad when they spoke to the guy who tested positive after his experience with Jens..... this is really the darker side of human sexuality and its a pity that others had to suffer because of it.... and the body that they couldn't find???? TOOO much information for this little brain to cope with..... and yes Konrad it was good to see our expert but I bet Steve (the partner of Jens) isn't having a very good day today. What are the guys in Cape Town saying about all this?

Reply to ----
Posted by: Deeve | 2008/06/02

Now we can't say things that aren't lets get the Engleesh right....
The story went as follows....
Carte Blanche followed up on claims by a whole whack of people, mostly youngsters, who claimed to have been lured into the hands of the Guy who owns the Hot House in Cape Town! They were generally Guys desperate for money(not necessarily Gay - rent boys?), and were made false promises of a quick buck. Once in the hands of these people, they claimed they were drugged, and used for sex with clients, for making Gay movies, and anything else that was decided against their will. They were people who individually came forward, but all appeared to tell EXACTLY the same story, and could even identify the Gents house when taken to the vacinity where he lives!
I don't recall any of them saying that they were paid the monies that they were promised!
No wonder we all get labelled....

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Posted by: Apache_boy | 2008/06/02

Hey guys,

I dont have mnet, could some1 please just let me know what the whole insert was about?


Reply to Apache_boy
Posted by: Konrad | 2008/06/02

I don't think it was presented as a gay issue but the people involved were obviously gay, and it was good to see what our expert looks like!

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Posted by: Sadly | 2008/06/02

Yep sadly this wacko is gay , and sure as hell make gays look bad. Is it just me but teenage molestation is find more in the gay community , we read en hear more about young boys molested that young girls , Is this a stigma ????

Reply to Sadly
Posted by: Ferny | 2008/06/02

I only saw part of it & found it sickening & it made me very sad.

Here are individuals who are in a bad place financially & emotionally and who are being taken advantage by a real sicko!!

I can only hope that the majority of people who watch Carte Blanche are intelligent enough to know that actually this is not a "gay" issue and not to lump all gay persons into that category.

We live in hope.........but I am realistic enough to know that there will be some back lash. :-(

Love & hugs to all - Ferny :-)

Reply to Ferny
Posted by: Gareth | 2008/06/02

I missed it, what was it about?

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Posted by: Deeve | 2008/06/02

So who's decided to boycot the Hot house from now on...?
Not very nice....and once again, probably had most of the straight households sitting there staring saying....see, look how these individuals ALL carry on!
One, two three, vommit.....

Reply to Deeve
Posted by: Neil | 2008/06/02

HECtic stuff!!!!

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