Posted by: STEP MOM | 2007/03/30


Wow did my post (2000) open a can of worms or what!
Some people were nasy to CS MOM and Flash posted a very nasty reply to me, but thats ok he/she must be in some kind of pain of their own to be so unkind.
To set the record straight. MY CHILDREN ARE NOT PPERFECT, but they do have many great qualitites that endear people to them. Sadly my step children lack these qualitites. However, even though my step daughter is very unkind to her dad and selfish, with loads of love and guidance I know that it is not too late for her to learn these things. I am very very fond of her and want her to be a sucess in life, she has so much going for her. All i was asking was how could I ease my husband's sadness.
BY THE WAY FLASH - I AM A GREAT STEP MOM!!!! I took this child in after her mother told us to fetch her and take her away, I then gave up work to be with both my daughter and my step daughter and even though we are on the bones of our arse a lot of the time, we have provided a loving home for them, with a mom and a dad and everything they need. I will do anything to make all my step children's lives better as they have been through hell. All i struggle to do sometimes is find the way to reach them. This is my philosophy - KILL IT WITH KINDNESS!! Guess I answered my own post now!

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The authors of ALL the unkin responses should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Whatever their own experiences of step-parenting might have been, that;s a different topic, and is not about you, or me, or CP Mom or anyone else who responded sincerely --- we may not always be right but at least we try to be sincere.

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Posted by: Lauren Auder ™ | 2007/04/02

well a big H E L L O right back at ya - if u opened u'r eyes dearie - u wud hav realised I did just that on 31/03/2007 adressed to CS n Step Mom - did not include u .... feel left out of da drama? Boo- hooo The forums drama queen feels left out.... shame .... go find urself another playmate ... I am def not available

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Posted by: CP MOM | 2007/04/02

Shame L - boohoo

Furthermore CS doesn't go back and read what's posted after he's commented - so he's not going to see this unless you make a new posting! Helloooo

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Posted by: Lauren Auder ™ | 2007/03/31

Well I am 1 of da authoras of da unkind posts and I certainly do not feel ashamed of myself. I still feel what u (STEP MOM)n CP Mom r doin 2 u'r stepkids is sumtin 2 b ashamed of. N do not bluff u'rself it IS NOT ABOUT U IT"S ABOUT DA KIDS. No matter how u n anyone else want 2 sugar coat what u doin - IT IS STILL WRONG! U cannot b a great STEPMOTHER cos u said or think so, u can only b 1 if u'r stepkids said so.

CS -I will disagree wit u on this 1 (as u r also human n u cant always b right). I know u n CP MOM comes a long way but still siding with her everytime she plays victim - is in my eyes unprofessional. It is like a GP giving a patient a precsription drug that they know da patient is addicted to. It is unfair also 2 all other forum users who always hav 2 back down from saying anything to CP Mom - that she does not want to hear, yet she can b nasty to any1 else 2 her hearts content.

I am not fighting with anyone n I do not really care how this will go down with y'all but this is how I feel n I will not change my opinion evn if this makes me da "nasty" 1

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Posted by: STEP MOM | 2007/03/30

Thanks CS, you always make such a difference!
By the way I told my husband about this post and he was so grateful that I was trying to do whatever I could to make life better for him and his children. He was utterly disgusted at Flash's post and asked that I respond with this.
I have no intention of ever divorcing my wonderful wife. When my ex wife abandoned our children it was my wife that stepped in immediately to console and raise these children with me. I have always told her that I wish she was the biological mother of my children because she is such a great mom, not only to her own children but to mine as well. My daughter is selfish and has a lot to learn about humanity but I have no doubt that my wife will guide her and teach her. I join my wife in wishing you a lot of healing, clearly you are in a great deal of your own pain.
God be with you.

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