Posted by: iemand in nood | 2014/02/03

can adcodol addiction kill you?

ek sukkel met eng. hoop iemand kan Afrikaans lees:- al die simtome wat ek gelees het is daar, apnormale gedrag, drink met tye baie, agressie en slap baie, voel almal doen is skuldig behalwe die person. Kan iemand vir my inligting gee. Ons dokters is so besig, kan nie meer sit en met hulle praat oor die problem nie, is daar iemand wat omgee asb.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2018/03/25

I have a very huge problem and im at a time where i am affraid of my addiction. Im addicted to adco dol and i a box of 40 os not even lasting a week. I really need help. I discovered that adcol dol eases me if my workload get too much aswell as when my kids are driving me insane. I take 8 to 10 adco dols a day and im too affraid to tell that to my doctor coz i do not want ro be reffered to a psych hspt. Do anyone have advice plzz??

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2018/03/06

I use adcodol for my migraine ...and I have beet through many painkillers but none helped .....I take two tablets on initial attack if its severe and im already at the nauseous stage and my brains feel like they are ready to pop out my skull. I have been on it for 15 years with no addiction and I will not change it for anything else solely because I e been there and done that and its a waste of money and endless pain

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Posted by: Chris | 2018/02/03

Hi everyone... Wow... I am so happy and sad at the time that I am not the only one. No one should do this to themselves and to the ones they love. My whole life fell apart because a stupid tablet. I hate adcodol and cannot stand the colors green and yellow anymore. I am not sure how I am going to get through this but taking another tablet I WILL NOT!!!! I am done. I want my life back. I used to smile every day and make people laugh so hard they'd beg me to stop. I lost myself and I am no facing every lie I ever told, every denial I have ever made. Every stupid mistake I have ever made because of the damn tablets!! I am so deeply proud of every single one of you for getting out and taking back the valuable gift that was given to you... your life!! I will take everyone's advice here and use it. I will drink water with lemon in it and take ginger for the nausea. Please can anyone give me anymore advice as to how I can get through the withdrawals? Please contact me on 070530648 or email me on

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2017/12/25

I drink 2 adcodol tablets every 2 hours from 6am to 14:00 And then 2 every 3 hours now it has affected my brain and concentration I lost my job because of this drug but I am to blame. Please be careful

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Posted by: Linda | 2017/07/26

Does alcohol have ibuprofen in it?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2017/05/15

The addiction of Adcodol is very serious I am an addict myself I am trying to reduce my intakes every 2weeks from six a day to now 3 three a day, don't just stop but try by reducing you will finally stop completely, detox your body by drinking lot of water with a squeezed lemon, eat lots of fruit and veggies and exercise, fight it with all you have. good luck.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2017/08/01

I was completely addicted to Adcodol for many years. I stopped cold turkey. Withdrawal from this drug is not fun. I had all the symptoms in the book. Activated charcoal tabs really helped with speeding up my detox. I also used ginger to help combat the nausea. My doctor prescribed pur bloka tabs which has helped with the anxiety. The most important help was REST. I took an entire week off to detox. I have had zero craving for Adcodol. It is poison. I threw out the tabs on day one and have never looked back. You can do this and it is well worth the effort. Best wishes.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2017/04/18

Im a mom using acodols i have a disabled son he is heavy and i get headaches dont judge people on this site u churchpeople rather judge the man who molests a child or a wifebeater maybe one of u are a victim so go fuck u alll for judging

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2017/04/18

Screw all off u out there judging and then using jesus not allowed to judge according to the bible u stupid bitches and church going monkeys maybe u addicted to something rlse i wonder what hey ill take acodols it takes the pain away not u scraptalkers

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Posted by: GZraham | 2017/04/18

Have posted two comments so far. Neither appear to be received. Is there an interim period before print?

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Posted by: Graham | 2017/04/18

I posted a long report on my horrific withdrawal after taking huge volumes of Syndol due to severe pain from head and torso injury in a bad car accident. Had been addicted to Codeine Phosphate long before, though. After accident recovery, I went cold turkey on Syndol. Only problem, withdrawal didn't hit back until 5 weeks later, so did not know what the f**k was happening to me. Turned out the head injury & Syndol intake resulted in meyabolic chemical imbalance, and I was prescribed anti-depressants for PTSD, to be taken daily for the rest of my life. Any loser who proposes snorting crushed Codeine Phosphate based tablets to public forums, has already dug and hovering over his own grave. Get a life, you little fool, before you no longer have a life to get...

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2017/03/29

Currently going through codiene withdrawals so I understand what you guys are going through, 3 days clean now. it happens so easily , pop an adco dol for a headache or whatever and before you know it you're at a box daily. Having terrible runny tummy, cramps, nausea, fatigue, insomnia. I used a combo of adco dol and valium washed down with broncleer syrup, which is another evil, and a joint. I had a breakdown last night and was open about my addiction with my family, I will be admitted to a rehab facility shortly. Been struggling with drugs for many years. Don't mess with drugs, any kind, even if you get it over the counter. I'm mid 40s have serious mental and health issues because of it. I just left a perfectly decent job on account of my mental instability, I'm broke and have nothing of real value, besides one or two good friends. If you are addicted to codeine, beware, please speak to someone and get help, you can't do it alone.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2017/02/01

Today I have booked my girl friend into rehab after finding out she got a problem drinking sleeping pills (zolpidem) After talking to her the last few days it all started 5 years ago by taking ADCO-DOL for headaches and to sleep at night first it was just a couple but when things happens in your life the demand becomes more so she ended up combining zolpidem and ADCO-DOL I could never understand why she was always sleeping and feeling tired started putting pressure on our relastionship. I only found out about the addiction 1.5 years in the relationship the point am trying to make is if your partner is taken any pills make sure it's not just a pill for a headache as I thought pay close attention because you don't see it coming trust me I could not believe it at first because how could I have missed it in the first place . Please don't make the same mistake as I did pay attention !

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2017/01/26

3 year's ago I was rape since then I'm using adcodols daily when I'm without them I feel I can't do any thing very moody and I have to admitted its controlling me I'm counting the hours (at least 4hours)before I having some more pill's, I know I have to stop but it feel's like the only thing that makes me feeling better,after reading some of your problems I defnitly realised it's going to kill me if I don't stop,I prayed that we will get the courage to do so

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Posted by: James | 2017/09/08

I am addicted to adcodol and was to many other drugs but at the moment its acodol, ill finish a box of 20 in one shot, it doesn't really do anything to me u feel its very much a mental problem thinking that if I don't have them I feel naked kind of any folks feeling the same way will be good to hear from you.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/11/24

I've been struggling with headaches / migraines all my life due to a dozen allergies and started using adcodol about 2 years back. Consistently taking 6 tabs a day. I never feel anything else than the pain subsiding so dont think its due to the caffeine or codine in it. I also do not drink cofee. I'm definitely hooked and cannot go a day without it. Recently the pharmacies started regulating consumer purchase which led me to stop taking adcodol and switch over to grandpa tablets. Which my stomach does not agree with. Chronic diarrhea ensued. I do not want to take these pain stillers but cannot work through a day without them. Its disgusting that the pharmaceutrical companies would make these drugs so readily available to the unknowing public. Unknowing with tongue in cheek as we all read through the info booklets but still continued the use thereof. Even reading through these forums one quickly realise that people actually die (eventually) of these drugs. I repeat people actually die from the chronic overuse of these drugs. Does this mean that I am going to stop using? Nope!! How about you?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2017/04/15

Actually there are warnings on the boxes of you bother to read it. It's not the pharmacy's fault, many people take it only when in need and that's why it is sold over the counter. But now I can no longer buy 100 at a time but only 40, so they have taken some precautions. I am currently battling my own addiction with tramadol / domadol which I take with adcodol and norflex. I have a chronic back problem and my addiction was born out of necessity. If I couldn't take the pills I wouldn't be able to bear the pain

Posted by: B.Coffee | 2016/11/04

i was in a accident 6 years ago which after the morphine stopped they tied me down to the bed and stripped me naked for 1 week , it was bad at 1 point my ex girlfriend would bring me sleeping tablets because id tell her i can't sleep , and they not giving me enough medication for the pain , i was 16 at the time i have been taking adcodol for 6 years sometimes up to a 100 per week , or any other tablet that contains codeine , to the point where my pharmacist and i made a agreement he would stock me up with schedule 5 meds , tranquillisers , sleeping pills , my job is always in a club or party around the world , iv even lied about adcodols saying its prescribed by my Dr in my country , when they would ask at the boarding gates in certain places of the world , iv become this person today because of adcodol , i do not have any friends , i have friends at parties clubs worldwide , but thats just because we popping bottles and partying in hotels but not actual friends i can go to and talk cry advice or help , i am 23 years old today and all i want to do is stay home all day and make music , while my fiancé and son goes out , if we have people coming over and i don't have a few shots of some alcoholic beverage , I'm in this bad mood TODAY I DECIDED TO STOP , its not going to be easy , but find the right things in your life with so much meaning to you that it motivates you to stop , Always try and stay active , busy around fun people helping you to not think about adcodol have a drink go out clear the mind

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Posted by: Nalini | 2016/10/21

ADCODOL IS A SILENT KILLER.i have been addicted to any kind of painkillers for years. i lost both my parents at a tender age & not so long ago my sister. They seem to kill my pain & thoughts daily. I am diabetic & hypertensive,was on anti depressants for some time, but i am now taking 1 a day till i kick the habit, lost weight,exercise, drink lots of water n pure veg juices. guys u are not alone, everyday is a struggle, but im getting there!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/09/19

I for one am a serious addict... I take 5 to 8 adcodols in a day...I have migraines for days.. What is worse is that other painkillers are just a waste of time...they used to work before but not anymore, my problem is it affects my other parts of the body... ..I wish there was a drip I can take monthly because its been seven years and my bladder is weak and so is my kidneys.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/07/18

To all of you like me enduring constant pain from one or other reason, its a bitch! I feel for you, I too am on adco dol, for those who know nothing about daily pain suffering. Keep our pie hole zipped. Yes, taking too many pain killers is dangerous, regardless, but what do we who have genuine chronic diseases do to stop the pain ay? Those bible punching assholes, explain to us why all those religious junkies out there who steal, lie, cheat, murder, rape, molesters, and who also have diseases and pain, why jesus or their god has allowed it. Because assholes, its called science! There is magical cure or some 'god' up on a cloud who decides whose been naughty, whose been nice and punishes them by diseasrs, cripple children etc etc. Wake up man. Good luck to all pain suffers.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2017/03/27

Codeine is banned or a prescribed drug in some other countries. It's sad that it's so easily available in SA. I too take a lot of adco dol, use the cold water extraction method but popped them a lot too. Broncleer is another evil, some pharmacies don't even take details and you simply walk in daily to get your bottle of 3rd day without codeine, and it's tough, I get nausea and insomnia mostly..down a bottle of bronco, adco dols with about 20 mg of prescribed diazepam, so I'm finding it tough.hang in there guys

Posted by: Lindie | 2017/03/13

I dont drink them for just pain ..... i take them 3 to sleep cause if you tell your DOCTOR you struggle to sleep they tell you that youre not tired enough.........??????? Whos to blame????

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/08/12

No wonder you are the way you are! You are angry and fear consumes you!

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/08/05

You don't have to be in pain. All chronic diseases start in the mouth - yes, the stuff your dentists placed in your teeth. The toxic dental materials slowly erode and poison your body over time. Read more at saffda dot info.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/06/21

I am currently in rehab for adcodol addiction, there is NO other way to get of then I can tell you I've tried many times. This is the only way and the sooner you try to get off them the better. It is doing serious harm to you organs, you get deppression from it, your personality changes and you are not even aware of it. Please people, try your utmost to get rid of it, you don't have a quality life while using it, even if you think you do, This has ruined my life and relationships, and all along I was thinking something is wrong with the other people around me. Speak to your docter, this is a slow killer of your body and personality.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2018/02/14

Hi! Its been 2 years since your post about adcodols? How do you do now? Do you still take pills any codeine?

Posted by: Conserned Parent | 2016/06/07

Please help me understand what 'kick or high' Adcodol gives to the user. My daughter is an addict and by knowing or realizing the effects, I may be able to of better support to her. I am afraid that this addiction may lead to worse drugs.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2017/05/30

I'm not sure how many adco-dols she is taking, but if you are not used to taking Adco-dol - they are strong, the, (it feels the same as taking a sleeping tablet). When addicted to pain killers I don't think its a high at all, your body becomes dependent on it and eventually she will experience pain constantly and will take more and more and more. She is just used to the tablets and as a result takes many to alleviate the pain or make the cravings stop.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/06/06

I used adcodols until 6 years ago it made me very very sick I am epileptic use phenotoin sodium to prevent the ceizures the adcodols made me feel like a zombie and made me an ugly person did stupid things I just decide at once to stop taking adcodols and got better and better by the day for the last 2 weeks I used adcodols again but only at bed time yesterday and today I took 2 in the afternoons and felt very sick again like a zombie I decide to stop it again I just drink a lot of water and breath therapy I feel much better and will never touch that stuff again my uncle died because of adcodols 2 years ago he used to eat it like sweets I did ask him to stop taking adcodols but it was to late for him he he passed away in his sleep it was heartbraking PLEASE it is really not so hard to stop taking it put your heart and mind in it and it will be easy

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Posted by: Jean | 2016/06/07

Thank you, were your initial symptoms headaches and then progressing to taking more than 2 at a time for just in case.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/06/01

I have a aunt who is addicted to Grandpa!!!! she cannot go without grandpa, she drinks about 10 a day and she was admitted to hospital for peptic ulcers which were caused by grandpa but still she's not stopping we don't know how to help her anymore.

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Posted by: stacey | 2016/06/01

I think my Husband is addicted to Adcodol in fact! any painkiller for that matter cos every night he is taking 2 painkillers. I don't even buy anymore or I keep it my hand bag because if he knows that I have he will make sure its finish. I normally take 1 when I'm very very tired just to sleep well.

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Posted by: Zukie | 2017/08/07

Stacey, with me it started like you, taking 1 only when I am vey tired just so I can sleep, then it went on like i cannot sleep without them anymore, so you also be careful right there, that is how it starts. Rather take a long bubble bath when you are tired.

Posted by: Francine | 2016/05/11

I'm in day 2 of my withdrawal from adcodols. I took plus minus about 20 - 30 a day. The symptoms are seriously not a walk in the park. It feels like a bad case of flu, hectic mood swings, nausea, tummy cramps and muscle pains throughout your whole body. Luckily I have my husband supporting m as I will go nuts on my own now. Sad to say but I was begging him earlier for some of the pills. Having temper tantrums the works. After that I've reAlised that I am indeed an addict. These tablets is not only physically killing you but it numbs you to the point that you do not care a damn about things you use to cherish. I have lost a dear friend yesterday and thought immediately about my tablets. In the past I would have taken 3-6 to numb emotions out. Now, after about 7 years I need to deal with everything I've been running away from. Strangely it started as a common headache tablet and became my crutch that I'm using to kill myself with. I need to pull through most people OD after they relapse. I AM TQKING MY LIFE BACK!!

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Posted by: Suzy | 2017/02/09

Hi Francine! I hope you were successful! You are such an inspiration.

Posted by: Francine | 2016/05/11

I'm in day 2 of my withdrawal from adcodols. I took plus minus about 20 - 30 a day. The symptoms are seriously not a walk in the park. It feels like a bad case of flu, hectic mood swings, nausea, tummy cramps and muscle pains throughout your whole body. Luckily I have my husband supporting m as I will go nuts on my own now. Sad to say but I was begging him earlier for some of the pills. Having temper tantrums the works. After that I've reAlised that I am indeed an addict. These tablets is not only physically killing you but it numbs you to the point that you do not care a damn about things you use to cherish. I have lost a dear friend yesterday and thought immediately about my tablets. In the past I would have taken 3-6 to numb emotions out. Now, after about 7 years I need to deal with everything I've been running away from. Strangely it started as a common headache tablet and became my crutch that I'm using to kill myself with. I need to pull through most people OD after they relapse. I AM TQKING MY LIFE BACK!!

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Posted by: J | 2016/10/05


Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/04/30

hey guys i am a university student and i am addicted to codeine, i take more of these pills that includes, adcodols,mybullen, nurofen plus just to aese the pain i feel within previous year i was on anti-depressants but i was taking them as well! i need help, i hardly go to classes i have been skipping for 4 months due to my addiction! i tend to oversleep, feel nauseus and dizzy and contipated! please help me i need to get off them they are ruining me

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/06/03

Hey, you should try reduce the number of pills you take daily its gonna take some time but you'll get there. Also, try to be active e.g jog and try to eat healthy and drink lots of water. All the best.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/01/15

I swallowed 10 pills only to wake up with an enormous pain in my diaphragm. . I thought I was going to die. Spent half an hour trying to vomit something up so that the pain would subside. Now I'm chilling with what feels like a haze over my head and hoping that I haven't done permanent damage. . Don't be dumb, choose life

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2018/02/02

Don't you agree that the reason for doing this is desperation? I am an addictive,personality, i like alcohol. And adcodol but I can't have it in my house. God help me?

Posted by: Liesel | 2016/01/13

Hi my aunt is 62yrs old and is an epileptic. She is addicted. I am not sure how many she takes a day but I'm an ex hard drug addict and I have been observing her daily. She is really bad on this cause she doesn't want to go even out of her room. She has an excuse that she wants to do biblestudy. I want her to stop and I need to get her help. Please she is a pensioner and I don't have finances! She hides the pills since her meds is locked away so if she gets a fit she doesn't repeat her meds. She phones or sms friends from church to buy her adcodol. I'm tired of all this craziness!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/12/29

This adcodol addiction is real. I've been using them for years now, haven't gotten to those high dosages (thank God) but I'm afraid I've spread the addiction amongst my family members. I've decided to take my life back and stop taking them but like any addiction, it is vital to be realistic. I take 2 tablets daily before bed. Now I've decided to cut it to 1, until I can cut it to none. 2016, I take my life back and keeping it healthy and drug free. Good luck to everyone still battling this addiction. Just remember, Rome wasn't built in one day.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/10/17

hi I know I am addicted to adcodol/ accurate etc. I am at the moment going through 3 at a time up to 8 times a day, 100 lasts like only 3 or 4 days. I do have depression and anxiety and I am on prescription medication for this, however I also get these headaches, and started using the pills, they work, however I have to take more and more now a days to get rid of the headache, I sometimes find myself taking the pills just because they are there. I know I need to stop but I can't go for counselling or group activities, I have a job that denies me from doing extra things or going out at night, I am embarrassed as well. I know there are side effects if a person stops taking them. I have had days when I did not have any, and boy it was difficult, could not concentrate at work , started to feel very moody and had the worst headache ever, I want to stop! can I do this on my own, please I need help, no. 1 for my health and 2 for the financial strain it puts on me to continue buying these meds.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2018/02/02

I know uuuhow you feel. I've been there. Rehab is,probably the right solution for you. There are ones,that,don't charge a,fortune, actually the ones,that,do are a moneymaking joke. Ifm imwas you, I'd take the plunge and go to rehab. Love and strength to you.

Posted by: emma | 2015/12/20

Hii .. I'm also addicted to it .. i would help you but i have the same problem .. i find myself drinking the pills even if i dont have a headache .. feel like a druggggyy .. but yeahh .. and feels like no other pills help for it ... like i drank 4 grandpa powders .. and it still wouldnt go away but as soon as i drink adcodol it feels soo muchh better .. i also need the help .. you noottt alone ..x

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/08/31

I was addicted to adcodol for about 3 years, because I suffered severe headaches. Took on average 4 per day. And on bad days 5-8. My type of work cause me to drive a lot and that made the headaches worse. And I had a bad habit of drinking a glass of wine after work and drinking hard over weekends with my friends in return it added extra strain on my headaches. About 1 year ago everything changed thanks to 1 of my friends who advised me to get more active. I've started jogging every now and then a 2-3 km and then directly after that my headache was gone. And everytime my headache comes back I take a short 2 km run, even @ lunchtime @ work. My headache was almost unbearable and adcodol was the only thing that could relived it. But light exercise changed my life and I feel no more depressed and lifeless. I got involved in team sports as it takes more discipline to be active alone. Cycling clubs, touch rugby league and running the local fun runs. Change your live and trade an adcodol for a heart raising headache killer jog.

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Posted by: michelle | 2015/08/22

Hi guys I have been taking adcodol, 4 yrs now I was taking 6 to 8 a day sometimes even taking still pain in between but its been a week now I have decided to stop because it was destroying me making me fat,constipated, ugly the only bad part is the withdrawal is bad but I'm being strong I have faith so please guys make it work stop this pill

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Posted by: Peter | 2016/01/06

Your will be fine with such a strong Faith, Well done, Nothing is impossible, Life will always be challenging, but it makes us the stronger. Get a Hobby and join a Walking Club or Gym, be active, Keep moving , you will be a winner. Peter

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/08/12

I've been taking one adcodol daily at night for the past 3 years for headache, I've got night headaches. am I addicted?

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Posted by: emm | 2015/12/20

Yes you are .. me 2 .. i take atleast 5 a day .. with or without a headache .. it is addictive

Posted by: Z.F Ndlovu | 2015/07/08

Hai my boyfriend has been taking adcodol tablets since i met him 2012. And since this year he have a stomach cramps and constipation everyday after Good. Please doctor help me, i cant handle the stress and we have a child coming . I need your help pliz

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Posted by: Mr k | 2015/04/03

Hey guys I'm going through the same problem it's good to know I'm not alone on this . It all started when bi was 15 years of age, never really had friends and I loved getting high or drunk. I used to get high on perfume and other aerosols but then last year at age 18 I stopped (thank god) I do a bit of bodybuilding in my holidays and I have been on a steroid cycle (testoviron) and I recently stopped due to pressure at university. I take 25 tablets of adco dol or sub coding on a normal day when I'm happy and stress free but when I have deadlines I pop over 40 a day. I do get high at times on these painkillers but I really just think that inhaling aerosols damaged my brain . I used to do vial a week of testoviron and I saw that with healthy eating and consistent experience rise it slowly decreased my painkiller addiction because I was on the juice and I woke up every morning pain free as apposed to now age 19 second year at university studying graphic design at the best school in south Africa . I do more than 40 pills a day currently I really need you guys help if u have an alternative like maybe take methadone to stop the addiction? Please feel free to judge me and comment or just help me ..:)

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2017/03/03

Adcodol is not addictive, Schedule 5 drugs like Stillpyn are because it works better for pain. I know from personal experience,

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/06/27

Dude the thing that gets you feeling good from adco dol is codeine and doxylamine succinate, one an opiate and one an anti histamine, the two potentiate each other very nicely, however each pill has 450mg of paracetamol, 40 pills a day is 18gs!!!!!! the lethal dose per day is 8g on average! you need to do a cold water extraction, as codeine is soluble in water and apap is not, google how it's done and start being safe! ot,

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/03/15

I have Fibromyalgia. Without Codeine, I simply will not be able to work anymore. I am 100% dependant, not addicted. I don't get high, I function. If anyone can keep my pain and migraines away in a cheaper, healthier way, please feel free to 1. judge me 2. cure me 3. treat me

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Posted by: Anon | 2016/09/01

my daughter died at the age of 38 due to medication addiction - also fibromialgia - the medication became an addiction and she is dead. she went to sleep one day and never woke up. she started taking adcodol and ended up on morphine and oxycodin. She eventually only lived for her next pill or injection. get help, professional help.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/03/14

Codeine addiction plain and simple

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/03/14

You folks that are addicted to "adcodol" need to wake up and educate yourselves, just because it is available in a pharmacy doesn't make it any less of an opiate addiction than heroin or methadone. You don't need any superheros but support from a knowledgeable doctor and your own inner strength. Substitute something healthy for the addiction like hiking or anything that gets your dopamine flowing as you will have a period of depression to deal with. Ibogaine treatment is also very effective but not for everyone and must be done by professionals with professional medical staff present. Good luck and be strong. Opiate addiction is very serious.

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Posted by: Chris | 2018/02/03


Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/03/13

The caffeine bring you back for more but is not going to kill you. However, Adcodol contains paracetamol. That will kill you. An overdose of paracetamol will result in liver failure and you will take 3 - 5 days to die. During the first day you may have no abnormal symptoms at all. 6g of paracetamol per day, taken over a few days, may be sufficient to cause death in average persons. That is 13 Adcodols per day. More sensitive persons can be done in on a lower dose. That is the reason that Adcodol comes with the warning DO NOT EXCEED 8 PER DAY. And do not use for more than 10 days consecutively.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/03/13

Afternoon. One of the ingredients of adcodols is codeine. That is what your body wants. You are codeine dependant. That is not good news because excess codeine is not good for your body and is a very addictive substance. If you cannot get yourself of adcodols, you need professional help regarding this.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/03/05

The fact that you are on ADCODOL or any other painkillers for that matter says a lot about you, you are not good at making decisions, actually you make bad decisions, or maybe you are just a closet drug addict. Maybe thats the first realisation one needs to come to. The answer is simple, good health!!! Healthy food, lots of water, and exercise. If you can't achieve that than you need to admit that you are weak and need Jesus/or some superhero to save you because you can't save yourself. Good luck

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Posted by: Jaxy | 2017/03/15

My question to you is why are you on this forum?? how did you get here?? on a ADCODOL addicts site??!! in the back of my mind i am thinking you need jesus! cause for you to come on here while people are pleeding for help me included to disrespect and shame us for being addicted your worse, i personally think you need to get laid and get some friends i also however think that you are a addict yourself otherwise you would not be here, TO ALL THE ADCODOL ADDICTS i feel you, i take 10 a day makes me moody as hell and a unplesent person i suffer from terrible stomach aces, it has gotten so bad that its spread to my kidneys i know its hard to go cold turkey whine yourself off less one a day per week! :) love to all

Posted by: Jo bear | 2016/05/25

This comment is a bad decision, I came here to get help and then need to suffer these self righteous Bible bashing ass holes who do nothing constructive but are on the adco dol to help page, tired of you types of people, there is no place for people like to you in this world anymore ... Logic none available

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/03/09

I'm suffering from an incurable, extremely painful, terminal disease. Does this make me a person with bad decisions?? Fuck you. I need these pills just to be able to lie in agony every day!! These pills let me have some sort of relationship with my husband and kids! And no, I don't believe in jesus. I gave that up as a bad habit. At least the pills help the pain!

Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/03/03

Aren't you a ray of fucking sunshine. Get a life asshole. People are asking for help here not some religious fucking bullshit

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/10/14

Suck a dick

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/07/03

Dont you think that's why people are asking for help! people are so eager to give bad comments, yet they have not a clue!!

Posted by: B | 2015/01/19

It's killing me ...but after 19 a day I feel better and when I'm depressed 27 a day makes me feel better ...I've been drinking adco doll since I was 16 years old but the problem is I'm 22 now and the amount is going higher by the day...If I don't drink it I don't feel like living eany more. ..I'm a good guy they say ...but if they only knew. ..A pill to make u numb and another one to make u dumb ..

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/07/03

Don't bring yourself down, You need to talk to someone about your problem. Don't be so hard on yourself. Good luck

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/12/28

Hello everybody. Not surr wether i will get a response on here but i would love some advice. I have been taking Adcodol since the age of 17 up until now(age 23) i drink 20 adcodols daily. I have only noticed how bad it is since mu kidneys started paining. Have feelings of hopelessnes and depression. I struggle with headaches. Been for MRI's. Been to Neorologist. Been for accupuncture. Medical attention costs so much money and i cant seem to find a way to be freed from this addiction. Its not something to be taken lightly. Any advice would be appreciated

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Posted by: Peter | 2016/01/06

You got to stop or the Grave will, Its serious, but its going to take a lot of Faith, Its killing you slowly, Please start with exercise just walk whether you like it or not, you can do it, take one day at a time and keep a diary of your progress it helps you realise that you are seriously working at it, Do not fall for body feelings and callings, just do not go back, go forward Peter you can do it,

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/01/06

hi anonymous i myself is strugglng to find my feet and it came to appoint were i get extremly bad migrains and its not good i use it so often that it no longer has effect on me no longer now i just drink alot of water eat healthy and try not upset myself and it works try just become positive and try and fill your life with just positive things and people around you.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/07/01

My son is on adcodol I am very worried, what could he take in replacement of that to handle the headaches and wean himself of the adcodol?

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Posted by: Marge | 2014/04/03

Do you know that when you take a painkiller for a headache it takes the headache away and if you take them all the time you can get a headache when its time to take another one. This is called a rebound headache. Its a vicious circle. The best thing to do is to cut down a tiny bit of a tablet every two weeks until you are off them. It really works to stop like this. There are other webpages explaining how to deal with rebound headaches and how to cut down.

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Posted by: anemarie | 2014/03/11

I am taking adcodol daily one a day am I addicted that is all that helps for my headachs. I have been for scans and nothing is wrong. I am under stress every day of my life in my work environment. Please can a doctor respond to this

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Posted by: Maggie | 2014/05/12

Anemarie you must be very constipated as codeine does that. Stop taking them take something else and the headaches will stop. Your body craves the codeine so you are now addicted, its a drug that is easily addictive, maybe not by choice but because you feel you have to

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/03/10

The additive part of Adcodol / paracetamol is the codiene which is an opiate dirivative, do not take more than 6 to8 a day you can. You can get serious liver problems such as fatty liver which can lead to seriuos problems.

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