Posted by: Mary Ann Beeden | 2013/02/09

Brutalised rape

Dear CS
I, like many South Africans are so angry and upset by the recent rape and muder of a 17 year old tennager. I think its human nature to try and find reasons etc to get ones head around it. I have read a lot of literature about rape, that its an act of violence against woman etc etc. However, whats happening here in SA seems to have gone way beyond that? We also read ad infinitum that the terrible socio enconomic reasons and lack of parenting are the root cause (plus apartheid) are the core reasons, but what else is happening? For the first time, as a woman, I am feeling brutalised and vulnerable. Any words to soothe a sad soul?

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A problem with our natural impulse to seek reasons, is mcuh behaviour of this bestial sort is NOT rational, its done by people who probably have little impulse control at the best of times, and are often drunk at the time, rendering them even less able to behave rationally. Apartheid was dreadful, deplorable and damaging ; but it affected many millions of people, and caused none of them to rape children or do other atrocious things. And its insulting to the millions of poor but kindly and decent people to assume that being poor causes this either.
There does seem to have been for complex reasons a broad lessening of wide social normas of decency and consideration for ohers. Major pople in politics, government and businss who behave badly in many ways and very rarely suffer any real conequences, can't help.
Carrying weapons doesnt reduce the risk -- indeed it raises it --- America is one of them most heavily armed major nations, with a higher rate of gu crime and gun murder than most comparable societies. And our current system is far more busy and efective in protecting the human rights of perpatrators than of victims.

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Posted by: Tracey | 2013/02/13

I think that it is becoming a trend to gang rape and then kill.

If they are killing us anyway) and that was the excuse for not bringing back the death sentence) it MUST be brought back and that is that.

It is as if having a vagina is now a liability and yes I know not only woman get raped but we are far in the majority.

The other alternative of course is to insist on a public castration, then everyone knows what he had, did and no longer has.

I would like to know one rapist that has seriously converted - where is he and what does he have to say?

If you rape anyone you must be so shamed in public, blacklisted and basically your must be so in the cold that you commit suicide.

I think there should be a slogan put everywhere:


ALL men need to understand that woman are not toys to be played with. Good men need to teach their sons this from an early age. It all starts with how you treat the women in your life.

Why is ANTI-RAPE education not taught in schools? WHY

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Posted by: Just Wondering | 2013/02/10

" Me"  your sentiments are spot on. I regret to say and this is ironic, but its today''s liberal/human rights/politically correct attitude, supposedly designed to protect us, does exactly the opposite by NOT taking harsh measures against these swine.

Ideally what is required for not only rape, but also armed robbery, house invasions and of course murder, is a twofold punishment. 1) Sentence must be carried out within a month and that time must include the accuseds'' appeal. 2) A mandatory 12 strokes with a heavy cane and 3) Hanging.

This is NOT designed to be a deterrant, but simply the price that an accused pays for deliberately placing themselves outside the norms of society, and society''s display of how they feel

This unfortunately will not materialise because we are obsessed with " Human Rights"  Not yours, but the criminals !

You can march, protest, have 16 days of activism, hold seminars and meetings, the result ??? Nothing. What a wonderful country we live in.

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Posted by: Me | 2013/02/09

We are to damn scared to stand up together and fight it. Start a website database with all the rapist and sexual offenders so we can know our rapist. Anene Booysen was burred today and with her a country fighting because no matter how hard we fight nothing will happen because Zuma himself is a rapist. These guys that raped and killed her are in his league, why would he stop it? There is no death penalty ( that is to quick for them anyway), I believe women should carry weapons, even young boys to defend ourselves. I love SA but not what it has become, and no I will not leave. i would rather find away to fight this. I would not run! I hope and pry that my precious 13 year old daughter never ever has to go through something like this. I will kill for her and as I feel now, I will kill anyway.

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Posted by: Mary Ann Beeden | 2013/02/09

I doubt if it was the worst. Rape seems to have progressively got more brutal. It is rightfully getting more press because we are just too fed up and ashamed to say " proudly South African." 

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Posted by: Just wondering | 2013/02/09

Indeed a terrible crime and all the publicity and hype is justified, but what I was wondering, was this the worst rape mutilation and murder ever perpetrated in South Africa? I Perhaps someone who has facts to hand might comment ?

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