Posted by: Lulama | 2013/01/30

Broody Man

Please help me, I met a guy three months back, and hes so wishing he can get me pregnant with his child yet hes got an 8 years son, problem with me im not ready to have a child yet. Everytime whey im on my periods he get so annoyed that i did not conceive. I tried to tell him im not ready but he insist to have one with me..... Iyo im in sh!t, how can i convience him to wait a bit.

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Posted by: Pretty Pear | 2013/01/31

" Baby, if im not ready to be pregnant yet what are you gonna do?" ...u need to know what will happen so you can capitalize on that...

also still think 3months is too soon not to use protection, i will give a benefit of a doubt though...

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Posted by: Bella | 2013/01/31

sorry meant Woman not Lulama

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Posted by: Bella | 2013/01/31

Well said T and Lulama, on my side no comment hay cha sisi let him Jump

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Posted by: T | 2013/01/31

Lulama, you have no business entertaining this person and even putting yourself AT RISK (yes, it''s a bloody huge risk you''re putting yourself in!) of pregnancy for him. He''s a MAN! He can run away! Nature allows him to! He doesn''t have to stick around, he can just wake up one morning during or after your pregnancy and decide, " hell I don''t wanna do this" . And there isn''t a damn thing you''d be able to do about it.
This is YOUR life he''s playing around with, that baby is going to be YOUR responsibility and simply an option to him, don''t be misled into thinking it''s because he oh so loves you and wants mini-u''s running around - he''s being selfish, protect yourself, live the life you want to leave. This is SA my friend, how many Black single moms do you alone know, I bet you can''t count them on just 1 hand? There.
Broody man my foot, he can hire an oven I say.

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Posted by: Woman | 2013/01/30

Lulama tell him to his face sweety that the only time you are going to have a child is when you are ready. If he wants to jump the highway then let him owe him nothing. Why live a lie to please someone else''s needs while he doesnt care about your feelings. Hayi suga! Only 3months and he is already talking babies, yekela abadala nawe bo!

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Posted by: Haike | 2013/01/30

Lulama, u are still on probation gal (3 months back gal). Tell your man you are not ready and it is too soon. He is just making babies nje for what?

It is obvious that you are not using a condom and i hope for your sake this man is not HIV positive. They can be very selfish - wake up sisi.

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Posted by: Lulama | 2013/01/30

Mia, sorry ausi, we learn by mistake, I will not take chances although I want a child but i will go the Meiki style (Muvhango soupie). I think its the best.

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Posted by: Temba | 2013/01/30

Mia, you sound like someone i know.

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Posted by: mia | 2013/01/30

I was in the same position. Im pregnant now and he is nowhere to be seen. BE CAREFUL. MEN ARE DOGS!!!!!!!

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Posted by: .... | 2013/01/30

He will run away once you get pregnant be very careful.

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