Posted by: DrX | 2004/02/05

Body Hair Removal


What is the best product to use for removing hair on the arms, chest, abs and legs? Do not wanna shave as shaving makes it worst at the end.

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Our expert says:
Expert ImageSexologist

Let's start off by saying that it is completely unnecessary to shave for sex. Hair can be sensual and sexy molded into interesting shapes...

But it can also get into your teeth and make you worried about what you smell or look like. Sex without hair benefits from can make you feel sexy, feel more comfortable with oral sex and showing off your sex.

General suggestions for hair removal:
Regardless of what method you choose there are a few tricks of the trade that everyone who removes pubic hair can benefit from.

Keep your skin exfoliated on a regular basis. You can do this with a shower mitt or wash cloth. This will remove dry, flaky skin which can clog your pores. But DON'T exfoliate on the day you'll actually be removing hair. This can cause additional irritation.
Scented shaving creams and lotions tend to have chemicals and can cause more irritation.
Removing hair on a regular basis tends to make it easier to do in general. The more stubble - the more irritation between removal.
Prime your pubic hair by applying a thin layer of regular hair conditioner. This will soften the hair and the blade will glide more gently.
If shaving takes too much time or causes too much irritation try just trimming with scissors or an electric razor. Experiment with lengths though, as some trimming lengths may be too "pointy" or "stubbly" for your partner.
If you exercise a lot by running or walking keeping fully shaved may be difficult as it can case chaffing during these activities.
Take a shower or soak in a hot bath prior to hair removal. Warm, wet hair is easier to remove.
Experiment with different products and methods. Find what works for you.

Straight Blade Shaving:

Doesn't last long
Can develop razor burn
Missing a day or two can result in itching
Getting Started:
Soften up - Take a bath or put a warm moist towel over the area. This will allow the pores to open up and get a closer shave.
Clean the area before to avoid any chance of bacteria.
Don't go dry - Use shaving cream or soap - non-irritating, soothing type. But don't use so much you won't be able to see what you are doing.
Always use a fresh razor - Most porn stars don't use a razor more than 3-4 times before they switch it out. You can use cheaper Bic Twin-Blades or the top of the line Mac 3 which is more expensive.
Trim - To cut down on work on the blade.
Be an artist - Think about what kind of design you want before you start.
Technique - The Basics:
Go with the grain first.
Go against the grain next - don't do this step if you have had irritation with it. Everyone is different this may work or not work for you.
Pull skin taut with one hand - shave with the other.
Don't go over the same area too many times (2-3 times is ideal) as it can cause irritation.
Rinse - but don't rub.
Clean area after to avoid any infections - especially if you have cut yourself.
Apply talc to keep area dry. This can help you avoid chaffing.
There are several products on the market to reduce ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Try Bikini Zone Cream or a cheaper alternative is (believe it or not) Visine Eye Drops. Dab a little on a cotton swab and apply to your bumps. They'll disappear in about five minutes. It acts like an astringent by shrinking swollen tissue.
The more you do it the less irritation. The skin gets used to the razor.
Avoid ingrown hairs - wear cotton underwear, avoid synthetic or super tight clothes.
Sensitivity is different at different times of your cycle.
One leg up in the shower.
Spread eagle in bath.
Use mirrors to help you see what you're doing.
Involve your partner - make it an erotic experience for the both of you.

Electric/Battery Razor Shaving:
Surprisingly close and versatile these shavers come with quite different instructions than the straight blades.

Cost effective over time.
Less irritation - An electric razor can cause less irritation than a straight blade because it don't come I as much contact with the skin you'll have less chance to develop razor rash or ingrown hairs.
You may not be able to get a close of a shave because you'll need at least a quarter of an inch of hair. This can take about one to two weeks. So, you may not be able to stay smooth all the time.
You'll have to do it often.
Other Suggestions:
Don't clean - Those open pores can cause these shavers to get too close.
Keep it dry - Even use a talc or baby powder to offer the dry slickness.
Pull it taut.
Use the razor first to get a close.
Use the shaver to get closer. Move in a circular motion against the grain.
If using a plug in razor be sure to be careful around water and avoid electrical shock.
There are definitely some razors that are better than others. Try The Midas Touch 8000 and check out this review.


Stays smoother longer - Because the hair is removed at the root you can stay smooth for several weeks.
Time Consuming.
You'll need a quarter of an inch of hair growth between waxings. So, sooner or later you'll be forced to grow it out a bit again.
Difficult to do properly at home.
Other Suggestions:
Follow directions! If you're trying to do this at home be very careful. If you want to wax anything beyond your bikini line, it's probably best to have a professional do it. Bruising and inflammation has been known to happen with at home waxing.
Usually the at home process involves the application of hot wax or sugar to the desired area. You then cover it with the included cloth strip. The cooled cloth is then pulled briskly off the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
Brazilian waxes (removing hair completely from the vulva and perineum) and Playboy waxes (which leave a small "landing" strip") can be extremely difficult to do. See a professional.
Use tweezers on the left over stray hairs.

Depilatory Creams/Gels:
No razor burn.
Because you're removing hair at the root you can stay smooth for several weeks.
Chemical irritation.
If you have thicker or coarser pubic hair this option may not work well for you.
You'll need a quarter of an inch of hair to use this method.
Other Suggestions:
These creams dissolve keratin (what hair is made of) with two chemicals -- sodium thioglycolate and calcium thioglycolate).
Do a patch test to make sure you don't have a bad reaction to the chemicals.
Apply a thick layer of the cream and wait ten to fifteen minutes to rinse the cream off.
The cream is usually has a foul odor associated with it. Be sure to wash all of the cream off when you're finished. And be careful to avoid tender areas like your labia minora, anus, and vaginal opening.
Don't use soap or anything that has a drying effect on skin for several hours after application.


This removes hair at the root and can help you stay smooth for several weeks.
Time consuming.
Can't do large areas.
Other Suggestions:
This method is usually used for stray hairs and used in conjunction with other methods. However, to clean up a sparse bikini line this may be a great option for you.
It usually helps to have warm, supple skin after a bath.
Pull towards the direction of hair growth.
You may have some initial redness but it usually goes away with about a half hour.

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Our users say:
Posted by: Kat | 2006/01/09

My 12 year old daughter has just beginning to show pubic hairs. SHE HATES it. Is it save for her to start shaving/waxing especially the ones between the legs? Because it is still so little i have raised the option of using a tweezer (shame!)

Reply to Kat
Posted by: James | 2005/12/13

Hi. I am south asian and my age is 22 and I am 5 feet 7 inches. My penis size when erect is 7.5cm-8cm. I asked three of my friends (their age 18, 24, 25) and they also have said that they have same size. We all don't drink alcohol and never smoke and are not taking drugs. And lastly I masturbate a lot. So I want to know if my penis size is normal and would I suffer sexual problems as I masturbate a lot?

Reply to James
Posted by: king | 2004/10/11

Im a bit confused as to why Mini Me would post a question about stealing boyfriends on a hair removal site?

Reply to king
Posted by: mini me | 2004/05/24

i have been accused of stealing a boyfriends way to many times and i am quite frankly sick of it. i'm beautiful but i think it's because i'm just so much more fun than the woman in there lives. the funny thing is i haven't even kissed the men in question. let alone throw myself at them i am sick and tired of being the bad girl here. they even have the audacity to come looking for me @ home! which freaks me out..helpp..
21&loving it .

Reply to mini me
Posted by: silkysmooth | 2004/05/09

i am a man and i remove my all my body hair as a matter of hygene,and see absolutley nothind wrong with it

Reply to silkysmooth
Posted by: Rain | 2004/03/07


Where can you find The Midas Touch 8000 shaver? I also wondered about the Remington. I'd like this option better than normal blade shaving. Have tried it before and works nicely.

Reply to Rain
Posted by: CHERRY | 2004/02/12

What about the new Remington Bikini Trimmer range? Does it actually work?

Reply to CHERRY
Posted by: Electric Blue | 2004/02/05

I'm in Joburg- my addy is

Reply to Electric Blue
Posted by: Dirk | 2004/02/05

The masturbation scene grabs me- dotnact details please
where are you - which town?

Reply to Dirk
Posted by: Phoenix | 2004/02/05

Just a question DrX-are you the same one that's interested in mutual masturbation?

Reply to Phoenix
Posted by: DrX | 2004/02/05

Tams, I agree. Its absolutly mind bogging. And not just with hair removal.

Reply to DrX
Posted by: Phoenix | 2004/02/05

Well, laser is the most effective- hairs take about three months to grow back- but it is quite expensive. Hair is supposed to be there- so as long as you don't look like sasquatch- rather leave it there.

Reply to Phoenix
Posted by: Tams | 2004/02/05

What boggles me is that, with all the great technology we have today, nobody has yet discovered a product (and not laser) like a cream or something that removes hair completely painless with root and all, like wax would do. We all know waxing is the best way of removing hair for extended periods, but hell, it's too painful!! Veet only burns the hair off, but the root stays, so it grows back quickly.

Reply to Tams
Posted by: Phoenix | 2004/02/05

Try Veet- or ask your girlfriend- they know tons of products to get rid of hair.

Reply to Phoenix

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