Posted by: Sunshine | 2005/07/28


hi guys, my story goes like sister in law and i have never actually gotten along, she was always having nasty things to say to me and bitch and moan for example if i left a single dish in the sink and didnt wash it until 10 minutes later i would get a call from her swearing me to ask why i left the kitchen getting to the point.....her mother was a dog of a women too. anyways she was very close to the other brothers wife and then she had an affair and the sister found out about it and suddenly started treating me so good and taking me everwhere she would gop and whatever...........(forgot to mention i moved out - lived with my parents) anyways my husband and father had a bit of an issue so we stayed with the cousin till we got our own place but she couldnt understand that and has become a total bbbbbbitch again with her funny comment s and bla bla bla now i got my own place and she still is funny a bit and now again clingging to the other sister in law.........what the heck her problem is i dont know .........anyways how do i tell her to fffffffff off and leave us alone and get out of my face cos she pisses me off to hell and gone ........she is like a small child......u see the entire family lets her dictate to them on how to run there lifes cos she has the money they al listen and make her god to them she thinks she can get it right with everyone else.ive always been soft and cried when she told me off but now im just GATVOL off my hubbys family and am on my last me pls ...what would you gys do ?????

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When you are living in someone else's house, you're stuck with the need to keep to their rules and ways. As the old saying goes, beggars can't b choosers, and they don't have to keep you around, so you may as well make it as pleasant as possible for them. When you have your own place, it's none of their business how you keep your own home. Then you don't need to see them, speak to them, or even accept phone calls from them

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Posted by: Baby B | 2005/08/02

Dear Classic,

No, we were not born with the silver spoon. In fact I grew up very poor, ate mealie meel for 3 years solid and damp sugar on bread, but I got over it, what the hell, I'm alive.
A so-called friend whom I allowed to come live with me a few years ago, took over completely; even when I spoke to her frankly about it and she went around telling exactly the same type of stories that this one is spreading. There are ALWAYS two sides to a story. Believe me, these type of people think they are always wronged and expect sympathy and refuse to take responsibility for their actions. As Cybershrink said BEGGARS CAN'T BE CHOOSERS!!!!

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Posted by: Classic | 2005/07/29

Hi Sunshine = firstly = you need to put your foot down which you shouldve done from day one, when left they tend to ride you.
Secondly = try not to leave dish's even if it's for one sec, wash the moment you've completed as that gives her food for thought.
I do understand the baby issue, unlike some others, but he or she can be left to howl for a sec, good for the vocal cords.
Thirdly = stay away from the outlaws, your husband may not say much because it's his family, be stern and tell him what you think and if he doesn't like it, he can choose.
Fourtly = life is tough for people just starting out, so I don't see why the finger is being pointed regarding your own home, the reason some live with their family is to give them enough time to save and buy their own.
To the rest, you are meanies, maybe you were born with a silver spoon, not all of us were so lucky.
Don't take heed of what the nasty idiots have written, they haven't been there.
All the best now, remember to be firm, in a kindly way.

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Posted by: lulu | 2005/07/29

My point exactly. You act like a spoilt brat and you expect people to react decently? What was your question anyway? How to tell your mother in law "to fffffffff off and leave us alone and get out of my face cos she pisses me off to hell and gone"??

I'm not even going to get into an argument with you, because you're not worth it. If you don't want honest advice, take YOUR issues somewhere else.

Have a brilliant day yourself, thanks.

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Posted by: Baby B | 2005/07/29

Honey, go for therapy............ anger management or something like that. It will do you good! Eish from my side too.

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Posted by: Inc | 2005/07/29


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Posted by: Sunshine | 2005/07/29

firstly i dont leave my stuff for other people to wash .....after we eat i leave my dishes for a few minutes to clean up after my baby to lulu and liz123...........i dont give a shit if you think im the arogant one...........if you have issues take them somewhere else..............and i didnt ask the damn will question to have you judge me about what i do and where i live...........i asked a total different q.............this site is to give advise not to get told shit about screw both iof you

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Posted by: Jass | 2005/07/29

in-laws can be a pain sometimes. You dont have to worry about them - enjoy your home and just simply ignore them. If you going to bring up the issues its just going to make you seem bad now that you have a place of your own. Sometimes if you let things be & ignore they have a way of working things out. Enjoy your new home and be happy for your hubby your self and kids[or future kids]. Nasty people win when we let them get 2 us, dont let them get to you - they will be the losers. Good luck!

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Posted by: lulu | 2005/07/29

First of all: Why on earth would you get married just to move from relative to relative because you don't have a place of your own? What were you thinking? And on that subject, I think you should seriously look at your own attitude (hubby included). You lived with his family and had issues with his mother and sister. Then you moved to your parents and he had a fall out with your father. Then you moved to your cousin until you got your own place. Good for you for FINALLY acting like a grown up and finding your own place to live with your husband.

You leave a dirty dish in the sink for ten minutes, but you SIL had to "give you a call"? How far away were you from washing the dish? Obviously not inside the house, or surely she wouldn't have had to call you? Don't quite understand, but I would also think that it's bad manners to leave dirty dishes for others to wash. Even for ten minutes... If you live in their house, the least you can do is clean up after yourself. It would p me off too.

Since you don't get on with her at all, why don't you just tell her to leave you alone? Or maybe it's not that easy since you still need to use her from time to time to live with? I'm sorry, but I think YOU are the one acting like a small child. Unfortunately attitude is like a mirror. What you give is what you get. How can they be nice to you if you act like a spoilt brat?

What does your husband think of your attitude towards his family?

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Posted by: Susan | 2005/07/29

Ooohh I feel sorry for you. These in-laws that always think their way is the right way. Ag I have the same problem and because im independent i do my own thing. So i am not the favourite sister inlaw in the family. Who cares. They are a narrow minded lot. Do your own thing and ignore, ignore, ignore.

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Posted by: Liz123 | 2005/07/28

don'nt leave you're dishes in the basin- it will p.....s me off too. Whats your real issue - leave her to do her own thing.

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Posted by: The real sunshine | 2005/07/28

Hey - you took my nick.... ;(

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