Posted by: v | 2004/10/27


i've just started seeing a guy who suffers from this, apparently he gets his episodes very badly.

i am completely new to this and have no idea on how to recognise the start of an episode.
how do i find out how to read the signs and to deal with it and help him deal with it?

also if you could let me know if there is any specific dietary requirements that will help to stabilize these moods?


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Diet has nothing to do with bipolar disorder or its episodes. Medication can often control it well, making the episodes less severe and less frequent, though it can take a little while to find the right doses and combination of meds to achieve this. Check out the MIND section of this site for more info about Bipolar Disorder.
To help anyone effectively, it's best to start by discovering (a) whether they need and want any help, and (b) if so, what help they do need and want. And he has had experience, not simply of Bipolar Disorder, but of HIS Bipolar Disorder, so discuss this with him. Depressive episodes are usually not to difficult to spot in earlier stages, with the reduction in energy, interest, and the descending gloom. Early manic episodes can be more difficult to spot, both because it's often an excess of energy and good spirits which can be enjoyable for both him and you, and it may feel a bit like being a spoilsport to think --- well, it was fun to dance all night at the club, but it was a bit over the top, maybe he should see his shrink and check whether he ought to add some meds to cool off this high.
And when in doubt, he should check with his shrink, as we are quite experienced at spotting when someone's going over the top ( or under the top !).

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

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Posted by: v | 2004/10/27

guys! thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

he takes his meds regulary etc etc.

dave thank you so much!
i def feel better knowing that there are SOME people out there who still see the positive side of life.
i guess when the depression gets real bad i'll dress like a clown and do some circus tricks. ha ha ha!

i'm sure it will be all as fine as it can possible be!
you guys have been gr8.
i def feel more confident in coping now!

well i'm def going to the next support group meeting WITH my boyfriend and hope they are all as positive as u are!

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Posted by: Dave | 2004/10/27

Was diagnosed 3.5 years ago - also had a somewhat turmoil existance, but it was me who got fed up and terminated the 16 yr marriage - NOT my Ex!!! I am now very normal, still have the odd anxiety attack, but have enormous coping skills, and the medication works well.

No you DO NOT need to take these negative comments seriously - what your friend needs to do is get the help required - medication, and coping skills etc - lots of councilling if needed. His closest family and friends need to understand his condition, so that they/you can help him if he's feeling down. Also the medication needs to be taken forever - NOT only when things are not well !!- otherwise he's in for a roller coaster ride - not good for him or you.

Please - he's not sick, mad, or got the plague. Everyone is different - how dare anyone suggest that you should run - especially before youv'e tried. I wonder he he would feel if he read some of the comments. Maybe thats why many Bi Polar people end their lives. This is shocking!! OK, if after all of these things don't work, then walk - we wouldn't expect anything less.

I wish you both the very best


P.S - my Ex is still my best friend - so NO they all don't run away.

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Posted by: Huh? | 2004/10/27

You are going to be back here soon.

Reply to Huh?
Posted by: Chelle | 2004/10/27

One thing to remember V - is that at the time of being depressed, he will not be as rational as he appears to you now. He may resist help, and may behave in a way that you begin to feel helpless and this is where the challenge comes in.
Being Bipolar is an illness and people who have this condition do need the understanding and caring that you seem willing to give. You will have to be confident that you won't take things too personally when you feel helpless.

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Posted by: DBB | 2004/10/27

I am glad for you for not running away it's not going to be easy but i am sure both of you will get through it as long as he is willing to seek help.

best of luck

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Posted by: v | 2004/10/27

DBB i dont think that BP sufferers should be locked away at all! i think that the more ppl know about it the better it will be for ppl to deal with it, sufferer or not! i think with enough love, support, and professional help it will be better to live with it!

then u might as well lock everyone up away that has any kind of illness!

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Posted by: v | 2004/10/27

everyone thank you so much!

i have read up on it as much as i can! so yes i do know what i'm getting myself into to a certain degree.

i still have yet to go thru it physically! andyes he has told me that he will tell me all there is to it etc etc, as i believe everyone is different!

so i really do appreciate all the different opinions as i do really want to know all i can to this as i am definately NOT going to RUN away from it!

so really if there are any sufferers etc who is really willing to help me understand this in depth please let me know!

thanks guys!

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Posted by: CP MOM | 2004/10/27

Paul - who's also on this site has BP and he seems to have his under control TOTALLY.

maybe he can give more advise...

Paul? waar is jy ?

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Posted by: DBB | 2004/10/27

Sounds to me anyone with bipolar must be locked up and the key thrown away . Please give me the address so i can go there

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Posted by: Cookie | 2004/10/27

v - If you want to continue with this guy make sure you read up on Bipolar. a Friend of mine's husband has been diagnosed with Bipolar and they went thru hell for the last 5 years because of this... his depression or lows are very very severe he doesn't get highs that often. I've met a person with Bipolar as well and his first words to me was - YOU WILL RUN - I'm not in contact with him anymore but I believe that he spoke the truth. I read up on Bipolar I suggest you start doing the same and I would also suggest you perhaps speak to the bipolar support group and really trully understand what you are getting yourself into. I understand that you care for this guy or might have strong feelings what ever just make sure you fully understand or understand as much as possible regarding bipolar.

best of luck

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Posted by: danny-girl | 2004/10/27

2 guys here who have bipolar warn you and you still want 2 go ahead ? sheesh u r brave girl !

Reply to danny-girl
Posted by: DBB | 2004/10/27

I was diagnosed 8 months ago with bipolar I wish I had go to see a Doctor years ago yes I have hurt the people around me
At the moment I am ending a 7 year partnership as I was fed up of hurting her all the time I still love her very much ,I will love her from a distance. I have been on all kinds of meds to get the right one . the last lot I got last month seems to be the correct one I think I just need a bigger doses as I still get a little down from time to time but its only lasts for an hour or two. So please read up on it and get him to go and see someone the sooner the better for him and everyone around him.
Doc do you think these pills are working for me

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Posted by: danny-girl | 2004/10/27

I wish you the best of luck then ....... hope you know what ur getting in2 .......

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Posted by: v | 2004/10/27

sorry danny-girl i'm not gonna run!

CS thanks very much! yes he does want help cause 2 of his previous relationships have fallen apart cause he wouldn't ask for help. and we dont want that to happen again.

he is on regular medication and goes to support group meetings once a month!

i'd just like to know from my side how to deal with it!

thank you very much!

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Posted by: danny-girl | 2004/10/27

run girl run and don't even look back.... get out while you still can..

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Posted by: blackbird | 2004/10/27

bipolar is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you going to get......

But CS sums it up nicely, but ja he has to want to get hel, else you in for a rocky ride, and yea ...sorry to say you gonna get hurt.

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