Posted by: Scott | 2004/11/11

Best split

I get in to the gym about four times a week and am looking to build. I am seeing some good results but am confused as to what the optimum split is. The dudes at my gym reckon given four sessions I am better with a two day split i.e. chest/triceps etc one day and back/biceps etc on another. In this way each muscle group gets worked twice in a week. Is this the optimum split ?

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Billaboy's and everyone else's programs suffice very well.

Keep well,

Conrad Booysen-Biokineticist

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Posted by: davo | 2006/01/27

hi my name is john and i wanted to know how to do it the best way

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Posted by: Q | 2004/11/15


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Posted by: BillaBoy | 2004/11/15

As you can see, I do each muscle group on its own day. And go for calves and abs twice a week. Im on a 6 day cycle.

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Posted by: Q | 2004/11/15


This is an intermediate program and i have been on it now 3 months and have picked up about 6 kg's. My next target will be to go 15 15 12 10. Increasing my weight every time. I was on BFL for about 2 years and got lean but never realy mean with this I have started building quite well!!!! I am just batteling with my lower back this last week and have now invested in a desond belt. It should help a bit!! Whant to increase my reps by january to the above rasio. your mussel groups how do you stack them and how many days i go about 5 times a week??


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Posted by: Scott | 2004/11/12

Many thanks

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Posted by: BillaBoy | 2004/11/12

Q, are you getting good building results with your rep ranges?? I picked up about 15kgs this year. So the low reps 12 10 8 8 seems to do it for me.

Scott, what Im saying is between 20-24 sets per musclegroup. Example: Chest:
Incline Dumbell Presses 12 10 8 8
Flat Dumbel presses 12 10 8 8
Decline Barbel Presses 12 10 8 8
Incline flyes 12 10 8 8
Flat Flyes 12 10 8 8

Thats already 20 sets. To really build you need to go heavy.

I get what your saying about chest. It might be that your lower chest has developed faster. Develop your upper chest by doing incline presses at a 45 degree angle. It will look more in proportion. Make sure you train your rear delts, otherwise your shoulders will also contribute to allot of mass in the fron and little on your back.

As for your time. You can cycle your workout and dont neccasarily have to do a cetain bodypart on a certain day. Go for a 4 day on, 3 days off cycle but have 5 or 6 sessions. Hope u get what Im saying.

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Posted by: Scott | 2004/11/12

Thanks for that, just to clarrify each group gets 20 sets, so is that is split evenly between say chest and shoulders on a Monday ? (10 each) or (20 chest and 20 shoulders) ? So one gym session should be no more than 20 sets in total ? That seems a bit short ?

One more thing, you guys are making it to the gym 6 times a week if I only make it four times a week and train one muscle group a week, am I not perhaps undertraining ?

Another thing, (sorry dudes), my chest seems to have developed pretty fast and in the wrong clothes it looks like I am developing tits ? Any exercises to avoid this or should I just tone down on the pecs training ?

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Posted by: Q | 2004/11/12

Mine is:

Monday: chest + shoulders 15 15 10
Tuesday: bicep + triceps 15 15 10 + abs
Wednesday: legs + hamstrings 15 15 15 10
Thursdays: back + calves 15 15 10 + 20min cardio
Friday: shoulder shrugs 15 15 10 + 30 min cardio + abs

Each mussel group has four excersises like chest: bench, incline bench, decline bench and flys or chest crosovers.

Agree with billa sometimes!!!!

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Posted by: BillaBoy | 2004/11/12


If your looking to build I would reccomend you only do each muscle group once a week. Look at hitting each group with about 20 sets in total. 4 sets per exersize and needing a spotter for the last set. So basically u need to keep increasing the weight. Twice a week will lead to less recovery and possible overtraining.

Here is my program:

Monday: Legs + Calves
Tues: Chest + Abs
Wednesday: Biceps + Hamstrings + Calves
Thursday: Shoulders + Abs
Friday: Lats + Calves
Saturday: Triceps + Abs

You can do Biceps and Triceps together to save a day. Also you dont have to do abs if you dont need them to show now.

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