Posted by: Anon | 2013/02/20

Att Leo - post 134

I had red pimple-like red bumps on my scalp but at first I thought it was from shaving, but then again I couldn''t have been infected cause I use my own clipper. Then on my second visit the doctor said I have fungal infection and prescribed some antibiotics that I take for 7 days (1 tablet a day) for 3 months. Today I collected my last 7. But the expensive cream that he prescribed didn''t help at all

I then went to the chemist where they advised me to use Covarex and Medaspor creams together. I would first base with Tea Tree Oil to curb the itching and when dry apply the creams. The chemist also suggested that I took anti-fungul OTC tablets called Betta Med.

I must say since I started the treatment itching is the thing of the past, well except for the spots, which are also fading now. For the spots I use vaseline mixed with Haarlemensis at night. It smells bad but it helps.

P.S. Your gf may be HIV pos but it seems that people give this HIV too much credit. I say this because I''m negative but I also suffered from something similar to you gf''s. Even the doctor asked about my status cause he says he mostly sees this from HIV positive people. Crap! Kudala yabakhona ibhula singekazi nto ngenculaza

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Posted by: France | 2013/02/21

I must admire Anon for the advise given to Leo.
I was in the same predicament but been so busy to share.
Medispor and covarex are great creams together.
I am just very ipressed to note there are great people in here unlike the one who bombard posts camouflaging as ''NGOBA'' (whatever name)
God bless Anon and P for your selflessness.May I admire Leo:your girlfriend is one hell of a lucky girl I hope she knows that.Also I have been told the creams are available over the shelf {though I still need to confirm this} but try the nearest Pharmacy

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Posted by: Leo | 2013/02/20

Anon : Thank you so much .Your posting made so much sense now
Yes I agree with you ...most medical inst give this hiv too much credit.That explains why I don''t disclose WHEN ADMITTED IN HOSP.eVERY NURSE THAT COMES TO YOUR BED WANT TO KNW ALL.
@P Thanks friend your Doc was right but we can''t rule out the fact that hiv is a transmitable illness.We may never know the extent of another person''s illness.

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Posted by: P | 2013/02/20

Thank you Anon, in agreement with you...thats exactly what i was trying to convey...i''m negative but ringworms/fungul infection didnt chose doctor also said i couldve pick it from my 5yr old who play with other kids that play with umhlabathi...even dirty blankets can cause ringworms...

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