Posted by: Julie | 2006/10/24

ATT J re female not accepting male

Thanks this makes sence today will be her 6th day and male arrived yesterday she did snap at him once although i have picked up that she wants nothing to do with our other puppy with whome she is best friends she does flirt with the male and he does nibble her ears etc, i hope in time she will accept him another question i wanted to ask is how can you tell the difference between a phantom pregnancy and a real one as she has had two phantom pregnancies before.

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Your vet can scan her for you

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Posted by: j | 2006/10/25

Good that sounds wonderful. yes agree with vet dont over feed but dont let her feel "hungry" then they start stealing or going through the dust bins and drains. my intake goes up the last 10 days to bith and as is mentioned a little more food and baby pellets. After birth then is go give quiet abit more in 3 x day to feed babies. but that is in the future. good luck

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Posted by: Julie | 2006/10/25

Went to the vet and asked all my questions he said her fertile period is between day 9 and 13 so the pup is going to stay by her granny during those days so that the two of them can be alone he said i should have let her go to the males house as daschund are very territorial although he said give them a chance and if nothing happens by day 11 they must both be put in a neutral place where thay have never been and that should do the trick,
Im so excited and so sad when i have to leave for work in the morning cos im scared i miss something.
Thanks for all the advice and i will keep you updated as we go along.
The vet said not to increase her food too much cos if they pick up too much weight before birth they do struggle because of the way they are built he said i can increase the puppy food once the puppies are born,

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Posted by: j | 2006/10/25

I agree with WR. Do let us know how it goes. Remember get all your info as WR has adviced as you are aware that they will be arriving around about Xmas if she has puppies. Make sure you have your vets tel no and after hrs no for JUST IN CASE. not that there should be anything to worry about. I also do not give supplements as i worry about milk fever, but i do add puppy food into her diet about a 10 days before time (little portions) If she gets vets products and it says a cup of dog pellets for her size etc,( that is when she is not preg), then i will found that about 6 weeks into her preg i slowly give her a little more (cup like normal but add under a 1/4 cup extra for a few days and then a 1 1/2 by this time the baby pellets come in and it she will be satified. (I feed my lot twice a day normally morning and night, and i found that my maid will give my preg female a little snack at lunch time 1/4 cup of pellets. she tells me a small hand full to make her heart happy). Good luck and by the way take tiny tots away. she may love him etc but this is her time and does not need puppy around.

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Posted by: WR | 2006/10/24

Hi there!

Leave the 2 that are supposed to mate alone. Peep through the window, or sit with them, but obviously let them be without the nuisance of a 3rd dog. One of them could even become aggressive towards the pup...!
You should'n need any supplements...a good quality dog food should do the trick. Start feeding her puppy food at roughly ten days before she is due to give birth. Remember to gradually introduce the puppy food into the food she is currently on. Avoid any additives like calcium powder etc, as this is an old wive's tale ~ and infact, it could lead to milk-fever or enclampsia, which is a big danger in little dogs especially! The puppy food will have all the right additives etc that she will need. I gave Vet's Choice puppy (which is also made for pregnant & lactating bitches). Speak to your Vet and ask him to go through the WHOLE process with you. Take a note-pad and don't feel embarrassed because you don't know something. It is his job to advise you, and I'm sure he/she will be MORE than happy to help!

Good luck!

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Posted by: Julie | 2006/10/24

Thanks im gonna be a first time granny so im a little nervous not knowing what to expect,
Anything else you think of please let me know.
What about supplements etc?
We have a younger pup about 10 weeks old the daxie on heat is avoiding her why? and should i give the two daxie time alone without the pup or are they fine all together?

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Posted by: E | 2006/10/24

Hi there
I"m busy mating my bassets.
The vet said we shouldn't start mating till the 8th day. So on the 8th day we took the male to her. Nothing happend until today, the 12th day. And now they are like bunnies. Our female also snapped at the male, but now it's a different story.

Good luck!!

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Posted by: j | 2006/10/24

I am glad it helped. Just for you info I mate sometimes the 9 day 11 and the 13. the 9th is only if i am not sure i missed the excate day she started bleeding. It may sound funnly but sometimes they do not bleed like bad but they have got bleed coming down which they lick away the very first/second day so i try and watch and test when is thing it is time with a tissue and i just place it over the female part and you will see it then is know more or less the date. So the loving and nibbling is all in the game to happen. If you do have a male and are using another please keep her away from him. I keep my lady safe in a mating cage for at lest 3 weeks and only go out for a walk with my self or a faithful maid or family member and we watch her like a hawk. She has he run and she is allowed to watch TV with us under supervision so that she can move and feel free. I need let them feel that it is punishment but rather a time of i am looking after you and there is a treat for you as well.
Phatom preg is very hard to tell unless you have her checked by the vet. Good thing if there is a health promblem, but i try and avoid taking them to the vet (my Opion) as i found they stress. I guide from the 1st mating between 60/63 days and you will see that she will look for a nest and scratch and go on and get round and get milk, but I like to watch the tummy deep into the 2nd month. you see the littles move and when i love my females and caress the tummy i can feel the little ones moving. then i know there is something for sure. sometimes when the are fat and round and lay on there backs at the end you will see the little kicks and movements. good luck and I deworm her when she is a month down the line after mating, but go to the vet and tell him you want something for a preg female and you will see it will help her as her food intake will pick up later in the pregancy. sometimes they do also have morning sickness if i may call it that and do not eat to much and sometime nothing for a good part of the day.

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