Posted by: ladylump | 2009/03/11

Att Boyscout re: hardcore efx / ripped

I see in another post you commented on muscle science hardcore efx / ripped. Have you tried both of these? Which did you prefer in terms of fat shredding and cutting muscle?
Tried all the other fat burners on the market but to no avail.
Been eyeing the muscle science out................ ripped actually.
(got about 6kg' s to lose, am gyming and weight training weekly as well by the way.)

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Hi Ladylump

I'm not sure who you're addressing here. If you read something in another post, then I'm almost certain it wasn't me. I would touch these products, to be honest. They're not tested, not known to work and not known to be safe. The risk of contamination is high, the risk of them not working even higher. So all in all, I wouldn't make use of them. Supplements are, quite frankly, not the answer and you're really messing with your metabolism by switching from one fat burner to another. I think diet is the best option for you right now, and that means seeing someone about it. Because it seems you're over-reliant on supplements that are not proven and might be harmful in the long term.

GOod luck

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Posted by: Boyscout | 2009/03/16

Will do! :-)

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Posted by: Ladylump | 2009/03/16

Let me know when you' ve tried it and how it went...  -)

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Posted by: Boyscout | 2009/03/13

Cool, I' ll give it a try then! :-)

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Posted by: Ladylump | 2009/03/13

I see! Thanx.
Oh my gosh - spinning is insane FUN and you can honestly lose about 1kg per week from spinning 5 days. I' m so in love with it. I went and bought myself a bike but the ' atmosphere'  is not the same as doing it alone....
I would SO recommend it  -)

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Posted by: Boyscout | 2009/03/13

I really dont know. I' ve never trained without supplements so I have nothing to compare my progress with.

What I' ll suggest is to have a look at what the supplements will " bring to the table"  and then see what food contains those nutrients naturally. Compare the price of those extra foods to the price of the supplements and make a decision. The supplements are easier to take in but probably not the cheaper option.

Spinning? Would you recommend it?

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Posted by: ladylump | 2009/03/13

So then would you HONESTLY suggest not buying the hardcore and rather concentrating on diet and excerise alone? It' s really a lot of money to spend...
I do get my body fat % checked at gym, last time i checked in December it was 17% - aiming for or close to 12%
Lowest i got it down about 2yrs ago was 14% - that was spinning classes 5 days a week and virtually eating nothing at all.
trying to get more lean muscle this time round..
so what you think? skip the ripped hardcore and go all natural?

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Posted by: Boyscout | 2009/03/13

I lost 12kgs in 2 months when I was using hardcore BUT this was together with a proper meal plan (high protein, moderate carbs and low fat) and an insane workout plan. Cardio and weight training 6 days a week.

Cardio consists of running and rowing on alternate days. High intensity intervals separated by short medium intensity intervals. The lowest my heart rate goes is 70% of maximum (medium intervals) and the highest about 90% (high intervals) of maximum.

I do cardio first then move over to weights. My weight routine is split into 3 groups so I do each group twice a week. Chest/shoulders/biceps then quads/hamstrings/calves then back/triceps/abs. Weight sessions last for 40min max, little rest between sets and no rest between muscle groups. That way the intensity stays high along with heart rate. I am to be in and out the gym in less than an hour!

Most important for me is the % body fat measurement to know that im achieving what I set out to do. Do you use this tool at all?

Another thing I do is take photos every 4-6 weeks to " see"  progress, this really motivates me!

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Posted by: ladylump | 2009/03/13

Yea you' re right. Eating is oh so important! But you know those days.. sundays! usually my ' day'  as well.
So how much did you lose since you started Hardcore?
How much training did you do? / how often?
I' ve got about 4 sets of weights here at home and i' ll go do a few reps every now and then (work from home  -)
and i' ll go do abs / squats / back extensions etc also throughout the day. So i really want something to just speed up the results i' m aiming for! I' ve been gyming for about 8yrs on and off, so i' m not new to the scene. i know what to do and how to do it. i guess something' s just holding me back...

thanks for all your advice by the way! much appreciated!!!

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Posted by: Boyscout | 2009/03/13

Oh yeah, another thing that helps for energy levels is a good night' s sleep! If I get less than 7 hours of uninterrupted slumber I suffer in the morning while Im training! :-)

Sleep is KING! :-)

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Posted by: Boyscout | 2009/03/13

Hi Ladylump

I didnt feel any difference in energy levels from RIPPED but I do find my strength is affacted big time when I dont eat properly. I follow a strict eating plan so when I stray (usually on a Sunday) I suffer in the gym on Monday! :-)

If you' re looking to build lean muscle I suggest doing more resistance training, like 45 min of weights 3 times a week and cardio on alternate days. Rest for one day. The weight training increases your resting metabolic rate (RMR) more than cardio does so you can fry fat for longer after your workout, obviously this will also help tone the muscle.

I' ve found that my diet is what makes or breaks me. If you want good results quickly you need to watch what you eat. Energy consumed must be less than energy burnt for your body to " feed off"  your excess fat.

I also have a protein shake (and 3 ripped casules) straight after training when I get home, this keeps me going till about 8:30 when I have breakfast.

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Posted by: ladylump | 2009/03/12

No prob!
Thanks for the info.
I also prefer the muscle science way more than USN!
I gym about 4 - 5 times per week. Consist mainly of cardio for about 20 - 40 mins then i' ll alternate with arms &  chest / legs / abs &  back and usually end off with another cardio session 10 - 20 min. Then the days between i do some cardio or running or spinning or pilates or yoga. I currently do bicep curls with 7kg weights. Leg incline machine = about 40kg' s.
I am trying to build my muscle so that they look really toned and pumped (not hectic chick-bodybuilding stuff thou!!) But also lose that layer of fat that' s insulating them !!!  -)
I' ve read some good stuff about the ripped hardcore, so i' m wondering if i shouldn' t try it first.... cos the muscles are there and they' re charged! i just wanna up my game a little.
Did hardcore give you ' energy'  when you gymed? eg. to you feel more amped when working out on it? Any buzz - like you get with ephedrine products? Tried Atomic Stack which i had no results with!
I take a protein shake after gym sessions as well.......

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Posted by: Boyscout | 2009/03/12

Hi Ladylump...sorry, only saw this post now!

I started off with Ripped HARDCORE.....which is more suited for muscle building as opposed to nuking fat. I then got Ripped EFX which is what Im on now. I cant say which is better though because now Im basically just burning the last remaining fat on my lower abs and when I started using muscle science I had to loose about 18kgs. So if I' d started off then on EFX I dont know if I would have lost faster or not.

What I can say though is that the muscle science stuff has worked better for me than usn, but each person is different I suppose. The only usn product I still use is the whey protein. The rest is muscle science.

How often do you train and what do you do while training?

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