Posted by: Bambi | 2005/12/13

Are you perfect?

Yesterday my husband had an epileptic fit at a nursery. It took him a long time before he could drive home, and that went very slow and very calculated as he had double vision and still very confused.

On the road people got impatient because he was driving very slow and scream all kinds of insults at him.

They accused him of being drunk!!

This world appears to be full of very perfect people just a pity they are so ignorant, rude and plain common stupid!

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Our expert says:
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This local SA world, especially, is full of selfish, irresponsible and vicious drivers. Sorry to hear of your husband's problem, and hope it comes right.
This is a rare occasion when I disagree with FIO --- no notice was needed. In a civilized society, we should all understand that there could be many different good reasons why someone is driving slowly, and not make the immediate assumption that they are wicked, and that we are each of us such incredibly important people that being delayed by a few minutes isn't just mildly annoying but outrageous. If other drivers had known the circumstances, they may have had the right to disagree with his decision to drive, but this NEVER gives them the right to be rude and abusive. People with problems have a right to expect others to be understanding, sympathetic and helpful --- if that principle has to be abandoned, then the country has no hope for the future.
But I do agree that after a fit, someone else should have driven him home.

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Posted by: Nicolai | 2005/12/13

I thought that epileptics were not allowed to drive unless they were fit-free for eight years. I wonder here I got that info...maybe I made it up in my sleep or something.

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Posted by: Zeena | 2005/12/13

I agree with say that he don't know when is he going to have a fit....what if his driving and get one...won't he be a danger to other people. I am sorry but I don't think he is allowed to drive at all...innocent people could get hurt

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Posted by: figured it out | 2005/12/13

Learner drivers have a sign indicating they are learner drivers.

I understand your hurt, frustration etc, but you cannot blame other people for getting upset. And as tough as your situation may have been, and still is, which I have great sympathy for, I am not just arguing against your attack on people who do not understand your situation, but read the situation as it was - a person driving in an odd way, which would usually be ascribed to someone under the influence. Have you never got piss.ed of with some bad driver who seems to be drunk and a danger to other road users?

Learner drivers have signs, the only sign you gave to other people was that of someone who should not have been on the road. Did you have emergency indicators on?

believe me, if anyone is sensitive to tough situations, it is me, but I do not believe you should be venting at other innocent drivers for their rightful response to what they observed, whether their observations were correct or not. They had NO way of knowing what was going on.

Ok, I have just read and understood that you were not there, so there is nothing you could have done to help.

Just understand that the other motorists had no idea what was going on, so what else are they supposed to do or think?

I think in future make a deal with your hubby that should anything happen, you be contacted immediately, or someone else that be there to help. Thats the best thing to do.

Keep strong...

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Posted by: Bambi | 2005/12/13

Hi CP Mom,

Some people seem to be living in such a rush, that they never stop and look around and realize that there are people that are different and that they have struggles of their own and all they ask is just a little bit of patients, consideration and a lot of love.

God bless...

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Posted by: CP MOM | 2005/12/13

I've felt like hanging a sign around my neck saying:


I walk in a centre and people say oh she's a naughty little girl coz she doesnt listen to me meanwhile she does not understand the instruction.
Or people walk OVER her coz she's to slow to get out the way.....

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Posted by: Bambi | 2005/12/13

Figured it out,

People do not know when they are going to have a fit. So they try to live as normal a life as possibly, or are you also one of those people that think that people with medical conditions should be locked in their houses and should not be let out incase something happens that may put you in a difficult situation.

If I was in the car or close by to render assistance I would not be making this posting for the insensative to read and comment on

If you see a car driving slowly down the road, do you also assume the person is drunk or do you look at the car to see if there is a sign up to say I MAY BE HAVING A FIT, BE GLAD YOU ARE NOT IN MY SHOES

I suppose you are just as sympathetic towards learner drivers


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Posted by: waterblom | 2005/12/13

excuse me,,,,, they have every right to be rude and abusive !!!!
Is this our new society?.

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Posted by: figured it out | 2005/12/13

I understand your hurt, but how can you be upset with people for what they dont know. Did you have a sign on the car window explaining to other motorists what was going on?

And if he was driving , was he really in any state to drive? Sounds like he was not, so for me it seems very irresponsible for you to have let him.

The other motorists picked up that there was something wrong, and you knew there was, so he should have been driving at all. Why did you not drive, or get someone else to drive you home.

Although the other motorists may not have known the circumstances, they had every right to be rude and "abusive". I'm sorry for having to say this.

I do understand your situation, and how difficult it must be for both your and your husband, but dont blame other people for what they do not know, and for you allowng him to drive still confused and with double vision. What if you guys had an accident?

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Posted by: Frusty | 2005/12/13

I sympathise with you completely, Bambi. My father has diabetes and often, when he does not get to eat when he is supposed to while out on a walk or so, he gets dizzy and has double vision. I cannot tell you how many times people have laughed at him or pointed and said "Look at that drunk man!". Terrible how quickly people are prepared to judge others when they don't know the history or circumstances.

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