Posted by: Kelly | 2013/02/22

Apologise For Length bt Need HLP

I have no clue where to go! SAPS will not assist us! They pretend as if we the ones making things difficult for ourselves or causing problems but the problem is this guy, they know him, they drive him around, he spends hours in their offices etc etc. Neighbours have said its pointless going to the police with anything about him as they will not assist. We however did not believe this until our first dealing with them. They pretended they were assisting but actually they were not, declined or made thing difficult for us to open any case against him but when he went to them and made false allegations they gladly opened a case.

He got someone that tried to assist us locked up as he opened a false case against him. We went to SAPS explained how impossible and insane his story is and they said ‘  we just doing our job’ . I got so seriously pissed off with them and told them exactly what I thought and how corrupt they are but they just looked at me as if I’ m crazy.

When we left a police officer approached us outside and told us to just drop everything as we will not get anything right over there. He said we should just do ourselves that favour as the rest of them will make thing hard for us if we continue and we shouldn’ t tell anyone he told us.
We went to another police station and explained everything hoping someone would help but they just said they can’ t do anything as its not their area. Even if we open our cases there they have to forward it to our station.

The thing is our lives are in danger and according to them it’ s all ‘ allegations’ . At this point I am so tired of running up and down to the station hoping someone helps us but when we step in they already start giving us funny looks and just ignore us. Then I raise my voice to ask someone to assist and they give attitude. Everyone knows this guy and says he has always been friends with the captain as he has had many businesses and is used to drinking with them.

He has now reported his gun missing and I know the reason for this, he wants to use it on us or get other people to use it on us(this is not even paranoia). He told us he is going to get people to sort us out and that will happen in 3months because no one messes with him. We never even messed with him, he wanted to rip us off of 100k when we wanted to purchase something from him. He then came with stories about paying and receiving later and we said its fine we have change our minds.

He then said we messed up his plans, he needed the money and we had an agreement but he changed the agreement. We told him he’ s full of BS and we know he wanted to rip us off but then he threatened to make our lives miserable as we done to his…  He even accused us of owing him 100k and took this to the station when we complained about him. The first time we went to the police and we mentioned his name the one detective said ‘  Oh are you the guys that owe …  100k’  We said yes but its not true and he just smile, at the time we just thought he knew that guy was a lying jackass. He said its like its true and not even just an allegation like everything we go to report is to them. We told them if we really owed him money why hasn’ t he opened a case against us, why dsnt he sue us, he hasn’ t done anything about our supposed debt.

He comes across as a sane person, very believable even charming in the beginning and to whoever he wants on his side, educated and once successful but still puts that front up even though he’ s lost everything.

We do not know what to do know as it seems the only way is to just try to protect ourselves but we cannot watch our backs at every turn and how are we going to protect ourselves against a gun…  He also knows where our families stay.

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In my experiences the SAPS has been utterly useless in every single occasion where we have tried to get help from them. And more and more people I know haredly even think of calling the police when a crisis occurs.
They are supposed to investigate "allegations" - that is precisely what their job is, not to wait for you to bring a proved case and a pile of evidence to their desk.
Go to the press and media ( TV news, e-tv, even international channels, Carte Blanche, and so on ). Write EVERYTHING down in detail with copies o any written or pictorial evidence you may have, and make multiple copies of this made ; have some copies placed with different people in different places, as well as having these available to give to the media. GO to the Mayor, and to SAPS national headquarters.
Also DO see a lawyer, giving him a copy of your documents for safekeeping, and getting his advice.
If your allegations are, in writing, in different hands, then it becomes far harder for him to harm you, directly or indirectly, without being the prime suspect.
Explore free legal help from the free law clinic of your nearest law school, and there are some human rights NGO's which might provide legal advice, too.

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Posted by: Steve | 2013/02/24

Yes, but I think the SAPS often do thankless work. We should support them by being on the lookout

Reply to Steve
Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/02/24

Yes, but I think the SAPS often do thankless work. We should support them by being on the lookout

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Posted by: Kelly | 2013/02/22

Thanks Lu, I will do this during the weekend as its again to the station tomorrow to find out when they releasing my friend who was arrested on ''allegations'' which were made against him, without any proof.

He was held and we were told they will hold him for 48 hours and released if they do not find any evidence. No actually they told us they cannot give us any info, we had to call around to find out what the process was with regard to detaining innocent people.

Reply to Kelly
Posted by: Kelly | 2013/02/22

Thanks for the advise.

The buying things from him started all this, we never knew him until we bought something from him and he is soon to be our neighbour aswell.

I know this whole thing might sound all over the show but its all because I really cannot give specifics.

Regarding the threats they say they cannot take any of it as he does nto specifically say
I''m going to kill you'' ''I''m going to shoot you'' but implies it, therefore its not a threat WTF!!! and thats exactly what I said WTF You guys are full of BS! They cannot take others because it was said to someone else and therefore hearsay.

The allegations thing is, when went to report thing they would say ''Well thats only an allegation'' we can say he said something or done something but it might not be true, thats right BUT when we get there after he has been there they say ''So you have done this that and the other'' which is what he had told them (all lies) but they are actually saying to us that we done so and so only because this is what he said.

Reply to Kelly
Posted by: Lu | 2013/02/22

Go onto the SAPS website and logg a complaint. My parents are both in the SAPS and the SAPS H/O are in charge of the website and take these complaints seriously. They force the stations to follow up with you and do what is necessary to assist you.

Reply to Lu
Posted by: Purple | 2013/02/22

The police have an internal complaints division. If you have laid a genuine charge because of death threats or theft etc and the police refuse to take the information or investigate, then you can lay a complaint to have them investigated.

Your story is very convoluted, its hard to make head or tail of it.

Everything is an allegation until someone is found guilty of it, so all complaints are allegations. The police aren''t being mean, they''re just using the terminology they use.

Why do you still associate with this person to the point where you try to buy things from him?

Reply to Purple
Posted by: Kelly | 2013/02/22

Anon going to the press, I would like to, to expose these rats at the station but I''m not too sure at this moment. It s an option, although one I''m not too sure would hlep.
Also I dont think it would help to ignore him or turn and and go the other way if he''s going to have a gun to my head...

In this area there is only one, and as I''ve said we have gone to 1 in another area, they do however report to the same office or something like that. They have said they cannot assist and even if they do all they will do is forward our complaints and cases back to our station and they will have to deal with it.

We already spent 15-20k on a lawyer also issues with this guy and he was badly embarrased in court, he thought he could lie and deceive the judge, in that one we never even bother with police. So now I guess he wants revenge because he was so badly bruised even though he thought his lies would stand in court. We therefore cannot afford any lawyer at this moment.

Reply to Kelly
Posted by: Anon | 2013/02/22

In the area we stay there are three different police stations, can''t you drive to next one over and see if they will help you there? Or seek legal advice from a laywer perhaps, about how to go about getting a restraining order in place if the police will not help you directly.

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Posted by: ANON | 2013/02/22

I had the same problem also with a person that is very swett until you get to know his evil ways.
He also had all the police wroapped around his finger.

Go to the press and the mayors office and put in a formal complaint about the police station.
also E- mail all the newspapaers , tv stations.
do not included personal names , but the area nd anme of the police station.

You will get a response.
in the mean time all the idiot wants is attention as he is a 2 year old with a problem. ignore him , turn around and walk away and dont ingage in anything he says.

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