Posted by: Scarlet | 2011/02/17

Anyone else feel like this?

Lately I feel like I don''t fit in with the friends I used to. At church, I don''t talk to anybody, cos I just feel so awkward and out of place. I stand alone, and observe them, and think of an escape plan should someone come and start a conversation. I listen to different music, I dream about different things, I think differently about life and things in general. So much so, that people I talk to bore me, or irritate the hell out of me.

And I feel like the whole of society has just become like one huge sheep, following one sheppard. Also I have cognitive diarrhoea these days. I constantly think about everything and anything, to such an extent that I struggle to concentrate on my work, and can''t sleep at night.

Any of you people out there feel like this? or am I just....weird?

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Our expert says:
Expert ImageCyberShrink

Ww dont all grow up at the same rate. And so we outgrow some of our friends. Maybe you need to revise your social life and friendships. There are others who share your particular facets of wierdness - find them, and enjoy them !

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Our users say:
Posted by: Scarlet | 2011/02/22

I''m so sorry for my mistake, flock...not herd...gotcha!
I don''t judge anyone, I just feel awkward, it''s not something I have control over. And me appearing to be bitchy, is also not something I control, it''s just how other people percieve me.
That''s the problem, most people judge me and make a decision before getting to know that my fault? No i don''t think so.
And Elvis and the Beatles are not in the same league as today''s pop artists, they wrote intelegent lyrics and music. Today everything is just so regulated and rehearsed and thought out.
Anyway, enough said about that. I realise now that this is a battle of evermore, as long as there are idiots listening to and buying shallow pop music, there will be idiots who produce it. After all, that''s what makes money right?

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Posted by: Student of the world. | 2011/02/18

You go to church and judge your fellow congregants, you describe yourself as unapproacable and bitchy.Not good christian behaviour. You listen but are not hearing.
l do not seriuosly believe you wish to meet like narrow minded people like yourself.Would you really want to spend time with a bitchy,unapproachable,judgemental person?
l think education is the key to your problems (herd of sheep?)
Academic intellectual has hit the nail on the head. You need to educate yourself more and be less condesending to others. You certainly have not understood christianity fully - love your fellow man.speak to your minister for advice.
Google pop culture,remember not every one appreciated the beatles or Elvis.
Therapy and studying would help.Start by being friendly and open minded to all you meet.
Be the change you want to see in the world.
Yours in friendship.

Reply to Student of the world.
Posted by: Academic intellectual | 2011/02/18

And now you are entering into debate instead of just moaning which is broadening your mind.
You have just learned a great lesson.
1 lt is a flock of sheep not herd.
2 Its not really about the individual artists. Pop culture is a huge subject,why not Google to understand more?
Keep learning and expanding your horizons!

Reply to Academic intellectual
Posted by: Scarlet | 2011/02/18

Academic Intellectual who thinks Justin Bieber and LG is awesome? What has become of the world? You see now, this is exactly what I''m talking about. When I''m at church I do behave like a sheep, a sheep that follows the shepard, not the rest of the herd. And do you honestly think that there are only white sheep in this world? No, you get black sheep also, the God loves all His sheep equally, no matter how much you stand out or look different. It seems like some people have been with the herd for so long, that if a wolve comes and leads you to the abyss, you''ll just be like.."  Yay, we''re going to the abyss, and everybody''s going, so I''m also going." 

And I did listen to these pop icons, or whatever you want to call them, because I wanted to understand and know what it is that the people see in it, because I thought maybe I''m missing something. But you know what, I don''t understand, and I can''t see anything meaningful in the music or the lyrics. It''s just babbling like a baby, it''s either so obvious and shallow that a child could have written it, or it''s so completely ridiculously insane, it doesn''t do anything for me. But hey, different strokes for different folks right?

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Posted by: Academic intellectual | 2011/02/17

Justin Bieber is the best thing since sliced bread, except maybe for Lady Gagga. To think otherwise is just narrow minded.Maybe you should listen more to these people to expand your horizons.
At church one would expect people to behave as sheep, after all they are all part of Gods flock.

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Posted by: Scarlet | 2011/02/17

Thanks everyone, you really make me feel better. Me always being me, is the exact reason some people find me un-approachable or bitchy or whatever, and I am really quite the introvert and friendly as hell. Oh well, guess they''re losing out on knowing someone spectacular, that''s their problem.
Thanks for all the replies and advice.
Kuddos to all the strange people and weirdo''s out there, who does not always think that Justin Bieber is the best thing since sliced bread. LOL. Sigh!!! Now I made myself even more depressed.

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Posted by: Vaal Donkie | 2011/02/17

The internet is a big place, you are bound to find like-minded people somewhere. you can start with . They challenge everything and you are replied to in the same tone you ask questions.

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Posted by: EL | 2011/02/17

You are special just the way you are. You must be who you are in front of other people in order to attract the same kind people you want to be with. By pretending to someone you are not, you will attract the wrong company. Be positive about the way you are. Show love for things you are passionate about and you will attract what you love most in life.

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Posted by: Scarlet | 2011/02/17

Thanks Vaal Dokie, I''m not cynical...I hope not. And that''s what worries me, I don''t want to become that person. Maybe it''s good to different you know, maybe I must be proud and embrace it. It''s just difficult sometimes, cos it feels like the people around me find the pettiest things in life interesting, and talk about simple things. Well, I wish I new some people who were like me, you know to talk about the same things, and finding the same things interesting. But alas, it can''t always go according to my wishes.

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Posted by: Vaal Donkie | 2011/02/17

The bad news: yes, you are weird. The good news: you are a good kind of weird. In fact, you are the same kind of weird that I am. Not that I am the arbiter of goodness or anything. It is good practice to question things and think for yourself. Just be careful you don''t fall into the trap of being cynical.

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Posted by: cybershrink | 2011/02/17

Ww dont all grow up at the same rate. And so we outgrow some of our friends. Maybe you need to revise your social life and friendships. There are others who share your particular facets of wierdness - find them, and enjoy them !

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