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So many SA has wondered what the ANC has achieved. Many spreads lies that uKhongolose has done nothing. They have their own political agenda. You just have to look at the track record in the WC. What has the DA done here except for purging black talent. They have done nothing.

Here are some achievements of the ANC

Many African states have failed to maintain peace, stability and democracy for more than 18 years of gaining independence. However, the South African government has maintained this through the right of the people to elect a government of their choice in free, regular and fair multi-party elections.

Our South African constitution is hailed the best in the world. This constitution guarantees human rights for all, the rights to access to health, education, social security, food and water and minimum standards of life.

We also have a live independent judiciary system with supporting Chapter 9 institutions that are mandated to protect us the civil society.

Socio-Economic achievements.

Since 1994, the government has built over two and a half million houses for the poor, providing shelter for over 10 million South Africans.

In 1994, only 62% of households had access to clean drinking water, today 93% do.

In 1994, only 50% of households had access to decent sanitation, today 77% do.

In 1994, only 36% of South Africans had access to electricity –  today 84% do. Today the majority of South African people are provided free basic services in water and electricity.

Since 1994, the government programmes have opened doors of learning. Over 8 million South African children at primary and secondary schools have benefited from school feeding schemes.

The government has opened and offered opportunities to the children of the poor. Student loans in tertiary intuitions are now being converted into bursaries for qualifying final-year students. And students in FET colleges who qualify for financial aid are now exempted from paying fees.

On my first year at UCT I got R 36 000 NSFAS loan and got R42 000 on my second year. I then thank you for the opportunity you have given me to study even though my parents could not afford to pay my fees. I am also happy to know that on my final year 2013 I won’ t get another loan but a bursary from the government.

There have been big increases in spending on education. No public school can refuse admission on the grounds that a parent cannot pay the fees and 40 per cent of schools do not charge fees. The number of overcrowded schools has fallen from 51 per cent to 24 per cent in the last ten years. Schools are no longer allowed to discriminate on who can attend.

The curriculum has been changed, so that the old ideas based on a view of white supremacy and denying the contribution of black people have been substituted by a more objective and just curriculum. Schools without access to safe water reduced from 8,823 to 3,152 in ten years.

To date, the government has invested over R800 billion in infrastructure programmes that will change people’ s lives and this country’ s socio-economic landscape. These programmes include building roads, dams, bridges, schools, hospitals and two universities in Northern Cape and Mpumalanga.

In the 18 years of democracy, we have experienced sustained economic growth for more than 15 years. South Africa is now Africa’ s largest, most advanced economy with abundant natural resources. Moreover, we have a well-developed financial, legal, energy and transportation sectors.

South Africa has had the longest period of economic growth in its history. It has not needed to rely on the International Monetary Fund or World Bank as many other African countries have.

As a South African citizen I believe I have all the rights to criticize and complain about the government. I also have a responsibility to say thank you, appreciate and give credit where is due.

I must also emphasis that there is a need for government respond faster to people’ s needs. The strikes are signalling a disgruntled and unhappy citizen.

N.B: I am not an Agent, and I am well aware of the challenges faces by the government. Being aware of these challenges does not mean I must be in denial and blind and choose not to recognize government achievements.

Sources : and ACTSA “ About South Africa” 

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Posted by: Sello | 2013/01/29

Termite who constitute the 25% if I may ask?

Reply to Sello
Posted by: Termite | 2013/01/29

You living in a dream world...NHI what a joke, the govt has no money for ambulances, police cars...and how will 25% of the population carry the country...print more money???

Reply to Termite
Posted by: Sello | 2013/01/29

Under the ANC a constutional court was established. In my eyes, the ANC is bigger than Jesus. It has brought many black people into the economy. It has built more schools.

1. Termite our health system is undergoing a transformation process and its called NHI. Dont tell me you do not know this because if you dont then you are double arrogant.

2. Thev social system is in order. We have millions of SA who are benefactors of varios grants. These grants are used to buy food forb the poor and send children to school. HIV/Aids is under control. Issuing of ID''s is quicker and simless. Our borders are controlled and there is an immigration s trategy in place.

3. The judicial system is in order. We have a constitution court, a high court, an appeal court, a labour court, magistrate and district court. There is a well documented process of handling appointments and how the affairs of the judiciary should be handled. We have a Judicial Services Commisiion that is functional.

You right by saying we cant run a bath. Who wants to run a bath when there is country to run? DH you claim you dont read my postings yet you state that i make ANC as if is Jesus himself, well keep on reading. The ANC is bigger than Jesus and yes the ANC is here to help us. We believe in it. Some black children have become doctors, lawyers, engineers throughb the programmes of the ANC government. The admission criteria at universities has seen many black graduates whon would have been denied these opportunities undervthe white rule. JZ is the leader of the ANC and he has his challenges. He will have his day in court. In the meantime he will lead the ANC untill the next electrive conference. He is guided by the policies of the ANC.


Reply to Sello
Posted by: termite | 2013/01/28

Yes Sello you are right..ANC have made SA a 1st world country...with a perfect health system, social system, and judicial system...well done! Face it, you okes cant even run a bath, let alone a country, unless you can show me one 1st world country in Africa...

Reply to termite
Posted by: DH | 2013/01/28

I told yu before, I don''t read the crap that you write.

You make out as if the cANCer is Je$u$ Chri$t himself returned to save you lot. Listen, you need to open your eyes and see that they are a bunch of uneducated clowns who are stealing as much as they can for themselves. You think that ol JZ is JC, you must be smoking your socks.

Leaders are supposed to lead by example. JZ leads by waving his schlong at everything that moves.

You idiots are are like frogs stewing in the water, happy like pig$ in crap because you have your own little bath and you are too doff to realize that you are getting cooked alive.

Reply to DH
Posted by: Sello | 2013/01/28

Admit it I am just too much for you. Well its natural and it comes with the territory. See the difference between you and me is that i am an optimistic successfull black businessman and you are nothing of that sort. This is our time amd we are making use of it. From a black child that is at primary, to a teenager that is at high school, to a young adult that is at teritary, to the young and coming black middle class that is working hard in the corridors of government departments, conglomerates etc - we are the winning nation. You are a stupid poor white man who is threatened by the accelerated progression of black people in general. I dont care if you read or dont read my responses it does not make any difference anyway because you lack the capacity to understand and appreciate what is taking place in our country. Ofcourse opportunities will go to those who embraces development and to those who are progressive thinkers and are contributing to SA. Did you expect the ANC government to give these opportunities to oppositional white minority? You are wrong pal. These opportunities will continue to go to those who deserve them in terms of the constitution and the legal framework that has been crafted to facilitate these programmes. There will be quotas to allow previously disadvantaged children entry into UCT and other universities. There will always be affirmative action until the workplace dempographics are levelled out. We will continue to get business from government. Big black owned companies will continue to get mineral rights etc. Eat your poor heart. You think that we are stupid? You want to play fears in the hearts and minds of people. We are watching and we will wipe out all the pigs.


Reply to Sello
Posted by: DH | 2013/01/28

waffle wafle..

you think for one minute anybody is going to read this $h1te....

The cANCer is sucking this country dry.

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