Posted by: Nini | 2013/01/15

@ Amy


sorry for the late reply, been rather busy at home.

Things are going really well this side! LB seems to be settling into a nice routine - well nice for him, not so much for me, haha.

He''s still feeding every 3 to 4 hours and currently taking in 125ml per feed. He''s growing beautifully! At 3 weeks he had already picked up 1kg, and he''s already so sturdy when I pick him up. Think he''s gonna be a big boy :-) Still battling with the sleeping although it''s not too bad. He has a bottle at about 10 / 11pm, then again at about 3am, and everythying thereafter is a battle - his sleep is very broken. Every hour he''s wake up and fuss a little, almost like he''s now finished to sleep. And then my LG gets up at 05h00am, so you can imagine! He doesn''t sleep as much during the day as I expected him to. From the time take he wakes up he only naps for the first time again at around 10am, and for a short while! Then after his midday bottle he''ll have a nice long nap of about 2 to 3 hours, and that''s about the only time I get to breath! Then I have to cook for supper, tidy the house, and whatever else needs to be done! Once hubby and LG get home at 5pm then it''s round 2...

But other than that he''s such a good baby! Still doesnt fuss much. BUT SPOILT!!!!!!!!!!!! Only wants to be in the arms, just like your LB. Throws such a tantrum if I put him down!!! Annoys me sometime, but then I keep reminding myself that this is my last baby so I must just enjoy it while it lasts :-( So I''m just trying to take in all the little moments before he''s just as feisty as his big sister, lol!!!

I''m not breastfeeding at all. He was on Infacare but I found that it wasnt filling enough and he was feeding bigger bottles, and he didnt last too long between feeds. So I changed him to Nan and he seems a little more comfortable with it. He manages 4 hours between feeds, although I dont want to push him so we''ve kinda settled on 3 hourly for now. After 6 weeks I''ll move to 4 hourly.

Okay enough of me. How are you doing? How are the kiddies? LG still enjoying school? What formula is LB on, or are you breastfeeding?

Have you heard from Annie by any chance?

Also, have you started your period yet? I started bleeding quite heavy on Saturday and I thought something was wrong, cause apparently it''s too soon for my period to come. So I called my gynea and she thinks its my period. She prescribed some tablets for me to help reduce the bleeding because ut was VERY heavy!!! It seems to have helped a little, but I''m still bleeding. But I''m not sick or anything and that is apparently the first sign if something is wrong.

Anyway, chat soon xxx

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Posted by: Nini | 2013/01/19

Truth be told, my baby is really good but at the same time he is EXACTLY as you describe yours! TAkes a small nap in the morning, and a long one in the afternoon. Then sleeps and eats beautifully till about 3am, then it''s also downhill from there!

Are you sure his fussiness isnt perhaps Reflux? I ended up in hospital with my LG at 6 weeks from exactly what you described your son doing, and they diagnosed Silent Reflux. Went onto medication and she was changed within a few days. But if you are seeing a difference with the formula change then I guess it''s not that. I know how expensive that Similac is!!!! I also went for a check up and my son was SEVERELY constipated, and she kept pushing me to change his formula to similac. I didnt want to and decided to push through, and got some medication for him... Well he had the biggest poo ever this morning!!! Slowly but surely his tummy is getting back to normal and he seems to really enjoy the Nan, so I aint changing. He''s such a hungry little buy - now already on 150ml every 3 hours, sometimes 4 hours. Last night he went just short of 5 hours before his next feed, but thereafter it went back to 2 - 3 hours. So unpredictable! Still really struggling to get him into a routine, but we''re slowly getting there. Having a toddler in the house kinda helps with the routine cause we just fit in with what''s next on her routine. But my LG wakes up at like 5am every day, so you can imagine 2 kids awake at that hour!!!!!!!! It''s no fun... But he is such a pleasure! So peaceful, just a happy go lucky little boy. Oh and he is such a mommy''s boy!!! Going for his 6 week appointment next week, he is growing so much! He is so big already, very stocky. I think my daughter was like 3 months old already when she was this size! But he is really a beautifull little thing, his hair is growing thick - he has a mop of black hair!

Your daughter sounds like such a pleasure!!! What a helpful little thing :-) I am just soooo happy your LG is loving her school. It makes all the difference when the older one is happy hey. I''m still struggling to balance my time between the 2 kids to be honest. Most of my time is taken up by LB, so I am always left feeling guilty about her! I try my best but somehow it just never feels like its enough. She has even pulled away from me a little, only wants her daddy to do things with and for her. But I''m just praying that it will settle down, it really is a difficult time. But she is so sweet, wants to help with her brother wherever she can.

As for hubby and I, well we got a little naughty not too long ago! Bad mommy I know, but we didnt do anything for most of the pregnancy cause of my Placenta Previa from my first pregnancy! So ja, you can imagine.... hahaha!!! But I''m waiting for my 6 weeks appointment next week to get the final go ahead, hubby is like a dog waiting for a treat, lol! As for birth control, he''s getting a vasectomy done. I told him I''m not doing anything, the ball is in his court now! Luckily he agreed, NO MORE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My period is still going, now on day 8 already! But its settled down a lot, thank goodness.

As for Annie, she told me she has internet at home, so Im sure she''ll check in when he remembers, haha...

Thanks for the chat, I somehow dont feel like I''m alone and going crazy by myself!

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Posted by: Amy | 2013/01/16

About Annie - I haven''t heard a word from her, I do hope everything is alright. Does she have internet at home?

I am so glad your LB is doing so well and that he''s got a routine settled (although his hours, lol). I on the other hand feel as if I am having a newborn all from the start.

I breastfed for 4 weeks. In the hospital they take the babies at night and with your permission of course give them Nan to drink through the night so you can rest. He had such a terrible nappy rash from that that the paed gave me a script for some creams which helped. I then breastfed exclusively. He wasn''t a chirpy baby as my LG was and I thought he was hungry as he was on the breast almost every hour. okay, I know it takes time to settle a routine and milk flow. So at 4 weeks you know there''s a growth spurt and the paed suggested I give some added feeding in the form of formula. Now in my town what we have is limited so I gave Nan (as that worked wonders with LG). Oh my word, I never saw such an unhappy baby. Anyway, if another old lady asked me: is your milk enough, he''s in pain, what did you eat now, he''s got cramps, he''s got stomach ache I swear I would have killed someone. Okay, so again I phoned the paed as I was literally starting to live from rice and water as this LB got cramps no matter if I gave him telament beforehand or what. I even went and bought behoedmiddel and not even that worked. So he suggested I continue throughout the growth spurt and still give added formula but this time Nan pelargon which is lactose free. So, no milk, cheese, yoghurt for me was allowed too. I tried nan pelargon exclusively for 2 days (and thought my boobs would burst in the meantime) and that changed him completely.

So that was the last of the boob for him. Since last week again at 5 weeks. It seemed the older he got the more severe cramps he would get as he would obviously feed more. This weekend was the pits and I was in tears. He had ALL the symptoms of full blown colic!!! So Monday we had our app at t he paed for the 6week checkup. He gained so nicely weight, weighing 5.5kg and is 56cm already. What a fristy little man. The paed said no he''s doing fine, until he woke up. Boy, did that paed see what I told him all the time! A mother just knows! so he prescribed Buscopan and changed his milk to Similac Alimentum (small tin) to use until finished and then I will use Similac total comfort which will work out about R100 more expensive (2 medium tins = 1 large tin of Nan). But I must tell you I gave him the buscopan on Monday and immediately changed his formula and he had no Buscopan since Monday morning at 3:00 and he''s a totally different boy! I even had my first smile this morning!!! And we do have the 6week growth spurt now as well as he just gulps down bottles and bottlels of 125ml milk all the time. Guess you would too if your tummy doesn''t hurt anymore hey?

Sleeping though is another topic with him. He does not sleep well during the day, only settles at around 10 or 11 for a quick nap and would take a long nap in the afternoon. Bathtime is the only thing at the same time at this stage,, hahahaha. Depending on what time he had his last drink he would have a bottle at about 10 or 11 in the evening, then again maybe at 1:30 or 2, and then from there it''s downhill. Waking every hour to be totally awake at 5 when everybody else gets up as well.

LG and the school is another story. She went last week and out of the 3 days she''s attending she managed to stay 1 full day so I let go off the topic totally and just talked about it here and there. I think this whole colic thing upset her as well and how come she needs to get sent to school while mommy stays with LB? Which makes sense to me. So this morning as usual I asked her what she''s going to wear to school and you won''t believe it she went and took out her clothes, packed her own suitcase, helped me with her lunchbox and off we went. There was a few other kids in the class sobbing away but she just went in, put her suitcase away, sat at the table and started playing claydough. So I gave her a kiss and off I went. I am soooooo proud!!!

As for the period I bled for like 5 weeks after my C-sec (with LG it was 2 weeks). Now my 6 week app is on Monday at the gynae and suddenly from yesterday I have this lightish pinkish discharge which makes me think my period is near. On a lighter note: DH can''t want that I can get the copper T or Mirena fitted again so my big baby also can get some attention - I told him to stay away from me as I nearly lost my sanity in this past 6 weeks! Hahahahaha

Sorry for my long soppy story but I am so glad I could vent!

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