Posted by: Cindy | 2013/01/23

Am Involved with married man and happy


First time on the forum but I need advice.
I just got involved with a guy who is married and now I just found out the wife just gave birth to a child. At frist i suspected that the wife might be heavily pregnant but I didnt ask him anything about the wife and he does not talk about her at all when he is with me.
Now I really dont know what to do because he truly makes me happy and i havent slept with him yet.(Thank God for that)

I dont have a boyfriend at the moment and i really dont know if i should settle for this. He is the one who came to me and told me he loved me. Anyway these things happen, am not the first woman to be involve with a married man.
Please help how do i get rid of him

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Posted by: Cindy | 2013/01/24

Okay, thank you for your good matured advice.
I really dont understand why men cheat on their wives and try by all means to make the other woman happy.
I will be so patient to wait for my Mr Right.
And the fact that once you tell people that you are involved with a married man, they look at you as if you are the bad person.

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Posted by: T | 2013/01/23

I fully second, Temba. You''re contradicting yourself: your head seems to tell you that it''s wrong, but you''re in, hook line and sinker. He won''t still make you " happy"  when you''re officially the mistress, do not sign up for misery - you deserve better and you know it. Cut your losses, thankfully they''re not that many since it seems this is a brand new thing, and walk away. There are plenty of UNMARRIED men out there that you can try your luck with. Don''t get into a battle that you can see you''ve lost already. Not worth it. The only winner I can see in this situation if YOU (choice is entirely yours, not his) decide to go ahead with it is him, do you want someone to be super-happy, having his bread buttered on both sides at your expense, while you''re miserable? I should hope not.

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Posted by: Temba | 2013/01/23

Did you notice that you contradict yourself? look at your subject line and the last sentence of your posting. Why do you wanna help us get rid of him when you are happy? It doesn''t make any sense to me.

What starts off in deceit usually ends in deceit.And the fact that you don''t have a boyfriend at the moment doesn''t mean that you have to steal somebody''s else man. If i were you i''d stay away from that man, ask him to stop calling u and do away with his numbers. You might be happy now but the chances of you being happy in the long haul are pretty slim.

in the end, after all is said and done, you are the one who''ll cry. Do yourself a favor, walk away and never look back.

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Posted by: Shozi | 2013/01/23

Endless wonder that is

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Posted by: Shozi | 2013/01/23

This hapiness was jst short-lived, she now found out about important information which was not disclosed to her. Naturally this hapiness turns into missery, toment and unless wonder. obviuosly Cindy is nt important enough to have shared this with. Unless if its a free ride she is looking for

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Posted by: whatever | 2013/01/23

Cindy Cindy Cindy

the man is married for heaens sake wophula umuzi womuntu sisi whether you like it or not uyawophula because should that woman catch the two of you together in her eyes you''re the one who is messing with her marriage not knowingukuthi yindoda yakhe eze kuwena Cindy,

Why settle for second best...where is your PRIDE woman, he comes to you when he has a chance if he does not then sorry babes mosadi waka o teng -|- long we can not meet today,

Hay maan sisi think about it uyawophula lo muzi, lomuntu lo uzohlukana nengane zakhe, ofcoz you''ll be happy bcoz the guy knows what he wants, a guy can do everything for what he wants anything, new broom sweeps better than the old one

Question:if another woman was doing it to you how wud you feel about it?

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Posted by: tjontjo | 2013/01/23


If you are happy then why dump him. Just enjoy the moment and dont open your legs to him. If he persist on sex then run away.
By the way You can only run away from him when you are ready because at the moment you are happy you might not.

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Posted by: Shozi | 2013/01/23

If getting rid of him is what you want , it shouldnt be a problem. Ignore his calls, dont open any door for him, just shut him out eventually he will get your message and hit the highway! Having fallen for him is no crime, am glad you want to break it off. He is only going to use you.

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