Posted by: What is it like out here? | 2008/07/08

Alone - THE DARK word


I have a question. Why?

I always said: "Do not ask why, rather ask WHY NOT?

Today as I sit and ponder about this, I came to a conclusion. What de hell!
People does not like me that much. True.
I am gay. I am proud to be gay. But for me to be able to live my life I must sacrifice myself in order to let other life theirs.
How many straight people make jokes in front of us about "moffies"? Yes I get upset. Yes I feel offended. But I must accept them and respect them. I live in their world where homosexuality is not a common thing.
What about respect?
Respect is one of my things. I respect the hunk that claims he is straight. I respect the married pervert that flirts with nice girls. Am I living in a world of make believe? Why cant they respect me?
I am living in Stellenbocsh. Believing there is no gay life in this town. Yip I come accross a lot of closet cases. Are we scared? Are we still afraid of society?
People, fellow brothers and sisters. We breath the same air. We share the same sun. We walk the same earth.
Going through the topics of discussion, I think acceptance is what we all need. We dont rape small children. We dont abuse
our kids, well not as much as the straigh people do. We live according to our will. Why do so many straight people have so many questions? In experience I can report that they think we are aliens. My conclusion is...


Please reply to this.

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Posted by: Alone - THE DARK word | 2008/07/14

Hi Straight gal

I like your views on the psycological aspect of this discussion.

I feel the same as you do. Children cannot fight for them selves and I pity the perants who cannot fight for their children. You have a very angry approach to this topic. I hope that this is not something that happened to you.

Thank you for the feedback.

May you have a graet day .

Reply to Alone - THE DARK word
Posted by: Straight gal | 2008/07/09

Alone, it is sad that people make statements like that. Your sexual orientation has nothing to do with being a molester of children.
It has to do with your psycological make up. That guy is an a r s e-wipe!!!!
It's like saying that all mentally ill people are psycopaths. The mind boggles. Sorry for being so much fighting on the forums.........
Hope you get to have your ray of light. We all deserve it

Reply to Straight gal
Posted by: Alone - the dark word | 2008/07/09

Hi all
It is nice to see the response of this discussion. I must just set a few things right.

I did not mean that all straight people abuse their children. This is an emphasis on how bad the community is out there. Well as abusing, molesting and rapeing is about. I once had a discussion with a man and he said to me that he is afraid of gay guys molesting his son. Well I hope I speak of everybody that we have standards in life and is overall good and soft haerted.

So thank you for responding to the piece I will look forward of hearing more

Reply to Alone - the dark word
Posted by: Straight gal | 2008/07/09

I am not uninformed and don't recall, that I said anything about gay's being molesters of kids. I have gay aswell as straight friends, none of us abuse our kids. Percentage wise Deeve? At the end of the day, abuse is,straight,black,white,fat,thin...blah blah.
From both sides of the fence...' that gay guy/that straight 'guy. Jeez people we are all people, straight and gay alike discriminate.
That's my final thought.
Have a good one people

Reply to Straight gal
Posted by: Apache_boy | 2008/07/09

Firstly, Straight_gal

I think it is a general misconception by the uninformed community that ALL child molesters are gay... i am not saying this is true, it is just the misconception that i picked up... i think that is what the poster meant?

Secondly, Whats it like out there...
I sometimes feel the same, even now, that i am in a city where being gay isnt frowned upon so much... even last night a few friends went out to a show and we were all gay guys... we got some enquisitive looks, but no looks of disgust or contempt (that i could pick up) so maybe its getting better?

Reply to Apache_boy
Posted by: LONEWOLF | 2008/07/09

What Nikkits said I agree with whole heartedly. Why the “us and them”. I also understand where this discussion comes from and often have very similar feelings, but…….It is very easy to emphasize our rights, but forget the reverse side of the coin, which is of course responsibility. In our society, the New South Africa, all too often people demand rights, remind us of the Constitution, but at the same time, breach the rights of others, or view their own rights as superior as that of other groupings. Unless the bigger picture is used as the background for the demand for rights, you have lost, even before you started demanding. Also, my belief has always been that should one point out a certain problem regarding attitudes, behaviour, perceptions or ways of life, one should at the very least have explanations and workable and acceptable alternatives available.

Posted by: Deeve | 2008/07/09

Straight Gal... this is only because it seams that you require an answer.
We are by far the minority, thus how often do you read about a Gay person/couple having raped someone, or abused their kids????? This person appears not to be writing in their mother tongue, maybe they don't come across as clear as you or I would have...c'mon, chill!

Reply to Deeve
Posted by: straight gal | 2008/07/08

'we dont rape small children. we dont abuse our kids, well not as much as the straight people do'.................?

Reply to straight gal
Posted by: Nikkits | 2008/07/08

I have waited patiently for years before coming out and then took a good 5-6 years to face the music on a different tune.

Like you, I have asked the same questions.

I have looked at the fundamental reasons why what I happen to be (not became – but have always been!) is so hated, so not tolerated, so judged and so belittled.

I think I found the answer, for me anyway.

It is not about being accepted, it is not about righteous religious belief systems, nor is it about fear, or a phobia of some sort.

It is all about education. It is all about the changing of times and the availability of information and knowledge.

In the GLBTI community we keep on talking about them and us. We are all human beings and created EQUAL.

There is in fact no such thing as THEM and US, there is only ALL OF US, WE!

Through relentless education, we can and will change people’s perceptions, remove their fears and get them to realize that the truths of being human is not to be found in holy scripts or books written by conservative philosophers who claimed to know something most other people did not know. The truths of being human is right here, in our hearts and minds and the deception of variance or difference need never be feared when each person give him or herself the opportunity to learn and understand.

For each to learn and understand, we need to educate the truths of what GLBTI is all about, just like those opposing us continiously educate their new generations NOT to tolerate and accept us.

The old school is dying fast and the world is far more global then a few years ago when total isolation paved ways for dictatorships and narrow minded over-conservative thinking.

We are here to stay, and being closeted is not the doing of society but our own doing. We should open those doors and step out, encouraging all the rest to do the same. Each one of us can be like a Madiba, who single handed stood against apartheid and what looked impossible 30+ years ago looks a lot different now.


Reply to Nikkits
Posted by: Jonathan | 2008/07/08

Come join me on Man Talk! I'm quite the favorite there, and HATED as well, but I just LOVE to chat there! I need all the support a gay, pagan, daddy-of-a-little-boy can get!

Jonathan (aka Azrael).


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