Posted by: wonderboy | 2007/03/05

advise me on giving head please

guys here is the story i wnet again to see my future wife, heh it was all good and we kinda of had sex, you see i gave her head before and i have to admit i am fairly new in this business of oral sex, so this is what happended, before sex we both took a bath you know, but as i was busy going down on her, she did not smell so good down there, actually i could not tell whether it was her vagina or her anus smelling bad, look my first experience was better so i did know finish the whole thing i just kissed her clit and went straight up, now my confusion is this, is the vagina suppose to stink a little bit or not. maybe i am just being paranoid either way i want to know because she enjoys oral sex but i am about to resign.

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Posted by: Piet | 2007/03/08

Now you are at the right forum!

Reply to Piet
Posted by: wonderboy | 2007/03/06

-|- all you, shit you thought i was a freaking sissy now you ressurected the anacondda me, expect nothing but a vernom spit, mother -|- er a brother cannot be nice to all you faggots and lauzy whores, fcuk all your responses and the bitches that gave birth to you, just me , i am gonna stalt your ass mother -|- er run when you still can, you want hardcore will show you psycho i will show you psycho

Reply to wonderboy
Posted by: Wonderbra maybe? | 2007/03/06

This is not the forum for the question you asked - you are disgusting and should rather send letters like this to the dirtiest porno rag you can get your grubby paws on. This is not the place to discuss your girls private parts - have you no respect for her, yourself or any other people reading this forum. You obviously get some kind of pleasure out of being a pig. I am sure your girl would be delighted if she knew you posted her hygiene or lack thereof on a website where 1000's people read the postings!!

Reply to Wonderbra maybe?
Posted by: Wondergirl | 2007/03/06

wonderboy no offence but you sound like a girl to me!

Reply to Wondergirl
Posted by: Just me | 2007/03/06

Because this is the CS forum and there is a forum for sex questions, or are you really that stupid?

Reply to Just me
Posted by: wonderboy | 2007/03/06

obviously a bunch of you guys have never given head before and even though i find your insults very immature i did not realize earlier on how big this question is, if it please you boys go ahead write nonsense and don't act like you don know what i am talking about, see all i needed to know was is it normal or not before i tacle this issue, i needed to take a good approach and make no mistake i am in no way insulting or disrespecting my girlfriend and just so you know i can be equally rude and insensitive if i wanted but i take this site very sirious maybe if most people did most people will be helped instead of critisized

Reply to wonderboy
Posted by: Toofunny | 2007/03/06

pmsl!! this is just too funny i must say - made my day

Reply to Toofunny
Posted by: RMC | 2007/03/06


Reply to RMC
Posted by: jcat | 2007/03/06

Gee....if I had known that part of all the many years of extra training that CS did in order to become a p-doc was a course on how to give BJ's....I might have been more interested in dating the med students I knew at varsity!

Reply to jcat
Posted by: Prude | 2007/03/06

perhaps he should wash her himself....

Reply to Prude
Posted by: mother grundy | 2007/03/06

i agree, take it to the sexology forum, stinkfinger!

Reply to mother grundy
Posted by: Mikey | 2007/03/06

If so many men have a problem with it, why the hell do they want to do it then? This is not just a bunch of prudes replying to his question - this is just not the correct forum for it - what can CS do to help people who are not hygienic?? My personal opinion is that he just wants to see what response he can get to his disgusting post! Maybe he is just a dirty little boy himself - what type of person discusses his gfriends personal hygiene on a forum in any event. If they have such a great relationship he should be able to discuss it with her!!

Reply to Mikey
Posted by: Non-Prude. | 2007/03/06

Yes Prude, it should be ok. Just post questions in the correct forums. That's all. And fyi, this is NOT a psychological question. It's purely sex related. Don't you agree?

Reply to Non-Prude.
Posted by: You all SUCK!!!!! | 2007/03/06

I find you people disgusting. People come here with questions and issues that they need help with, and rather than let CS answer them and tell them to go somewhere else, you people have to diss them or insult them. I have seen the insults flying around here, and I think you people are being horrible!!!! I have been dissed and insulted on my opinions too many times. The good old saying applies well here..... "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" I would much rather spend time on another forum where the people are nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply to You all SUCK!!!!!
Posted by: Prude | 2007/03/06

okay, everyone- go and post your psychological issues at the bonk forum! it's obviously okay to ask anyone! anything!

Reply to Prude
Posted by: C-S. | 2007/03/06

Gee, what a bunch of prudes! He's asking a very general question. One many men have problems with. What's so filthy about it then? Poster, go to sexologist forum, where the folks are much more accepting. I know, I know, CS will prob go down on me for this (go boy!), but I don't care. He's just as pretentious as the rest of them. xxx

Reply to C-S.
Posted by: RMC | 2007/03/06

Find a wall, put your head down between your shoulders and run. You can decide to stop if you want when you feel the bump.


Reply to RMC
Posted by: mummy | 2007/03/06

only dirty people have smelly genitals and do you think a person with a 6 year old mentality should be engaging in oral sex? you may think you are being clever posting such fillth here but please take it to the sexologist forum.

Reply to mummy
Posted by: CAT | 2007/03/06

You are a pig - why do you post such shite on this forum?

Reply to CAT
Posted by: Anon | 2007/03/05

Is it school holidays?!

Reply to Anon

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