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I have been exercising on the Orbitrek for almost 2 months, 5 days a week. The thing is, I only exercise for 20 minutes, but by the time I get to 15 minutes, I am so tired, I can't even talk. But I force myself to go the last 5 minutes. (I heard I should still be able to have a conversation) I have checked my breathing, when I start I inhale deeply through my nose and exhale through my mouth, but after 10 minutes it feels as if I am not getting enough air so then I just breathe very deeply through my mouth and nose. Someone told me I had to check my heartrate, because when I'm finished with my exercises it feels as if my heart is pumping everywhere in my body. Is it because I have never exercised before and my body doesn't know what is going on? And should I be so tired afterwards? Sometimes after I cool down I just want to sleep. And I sweat as if I've been running 1000 miles. Another thing, I've noticed that (this is going to sound very stupid) as soon as I start getting tired I walk faster and faster. Shouldn't I be going slower and slower? And although I 've been going at this for almost 2 months, I can't see/feel any change in my body, except for my calves. It's not even helping me to lose weight. I've been dieting toghether with the exercise and I've lost 9kgs. And I know it's all about the food, cause I've made a very big adjustment when it comes to what foods I eat and how much I eat. At the moment I weigh 84kgs and I am 1.61m.
Thank you in advance.

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interesting one, not easy for me to just solve though, I would have a lot more questions. But I have some general things to raise and you can see whether they are relevant or not.

The first thing is that you have lost 9 kg, so I'm not quite sure why you say you have not seen changes in your body - 9 kg is a heck of an amount, especially considering you began at 93 kg - that's 10% of your body, unless I am missing something.

Secondly, I suspect that you are just training too hard. The only reason why you would not be adapting to the training despite doing it so long is that you are actually overdoing it in the session. You have to slow yourself down. You must finish 20 minutes feeling comfortable. The issue of why you get faster and faster as you get tired is interesting - how do you measure this? Is it your perception or does the machine actually tell you that you are going faster, or burning more energy. In my experience, when one is tired, it certainly feels much faster and harder, but it actually isn't. Is that possible in your case?

So I think that what you need to do is just control yourself when you train - you don't have to go all out, if you go slower, then you will be able to finish 20 minutes and that is what you need to aim for. Also, consider other forms of exercise. This type of exercise is quite restrictive, it almost forces an intensity upon you, so try to walk, or jog, or swim, if you can and see how that goes. I'm pretty sure that you are fitter, but I feel that you probably not regulating your training well enough to pick that up - in otherwords, is there any guarantee that you are going at the same speed now compared to 2 months ago? I suspect you are probably going much faster and that's why you feel just as tired. Try to back off, slow down and see how it goes.

Good luck

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Posted by: CB | 2006/11/10

Thank you for your advice. The orbitrek has this computer thingy that gives you the time, miles per hour, milage and calories burned. I check every night and on average I usually do about 18.5 m.p.h. I haven't once gone over 20 m.p.h. Could the info that the computer gives be incorrect? I definitly move faster the more tired I get. Almost as if I am trying to reach 20 minutes quicker. Last night I tried to slow down a bit. I moved at about 16.5 m.p.h. I burned the same amount of calories (between 80 and 85) and my distance was the same (about 5.20) but I was still very tired. And I still had to stop once every few minutes to catch my breath. By the time I got to 18 minutes my legs felt like jelly. I actually felt a bit light headed but then I just breathed in deeper and I felt better. I am trying to understand how exercising helps? I have never done any sports or exercises before and I really want to try to stick it out. I used to drink 4 litres of water a day but since Monday I only drink 2 litres because I realised that my body is holding back a lot more water than what is neccessary. Now I feel better, I am not that bloated. But the exercise is still getting to me. At this point I am working so hard, and I get so tired that I just want to give up. The thing with the kgs lost is that I thought that I would be a size down by now, but I am still in between sizes. I am patient and I know I am doing it the right way by losing about 1 kg a week. And I know it's going to take a few months to get to my target of between 60 and 65kgs. But it would help if I could get the exercise thing right. I actually bought the orbitek because I hate exercise. I will swim once in a while, but that is it. My husband doesn't want me to go out walking because he gets home late and we leave very early and he is scared that something will happen to me when I am out all by myself. And I am too shy to go to gym. I just don't like the idea.
Thank you again for your response.

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