Posted by: Yves | 2007/03/23

Abortion - question

I know that accoridng to the statement seen here before 12 weeks is the time. Is it possible for reasons of unwanted pregnancy to still have abrtion at 15 weeks

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It cna be done at 15 weeks under certain circumstances. Go to a doctor or clinic to see if you qualify.

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Posted by: sam | 2007/03/24

hi yves. I am not christian and think religion has little to do with your sittuation and maybe your own faith and morals do. I dont know your whole situation... but all i can tell you is to do what feels right for you? Are your resons for not wanting this child financial or are you scared or think there you wont have support or more personal like you think you wont be a good mom? or cant continue with your current lifestyle? ask yourself and search within becoz no one can tell you what to do! I know its scary but every single person I know with a child NEVER regretted having that child... No matter what circumstances. i also know these things happen for a reason and the fact that u were taking precautions and still fell preg might be a sign? Please consider all the other options like adoption too as there are a lot of people who cant fall pregnant. ONE other thing though if u decide to have this child please let it feel loved and wanted bcause having an unwanted child that feels responsible for your choice and un loved is far worse.

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Posted by: Jackson | 2007/03/23

Yves, please think carefully about what you are doing. I can understand the anger shown by some of the women on the forum. I may be a guy, but I know what it feels like to go through an abortion. My wife had an abortion, which I found out about 6 months later. I am currently receiving counseling to help me cope with the loss of my child.

The fact that you're on this forum indicates that there is some doubt in your mind. If you are unsure then you'll definitely regret it afterwards. Sadly this decision - should you have the abortion - will be with you for the rest of your life. Google abortion - you'll be shocked to read some of the stats. Some women go into denial, believing that it was the right decision. This period of denial can last from 10 years to life. The average is 7.5 years. 80% of women feel that they made the wrong decision and that their lives are worse than before. If you're currently in a relationship - kiss it goodbye. The guilt of what you have done will become a barrier between you and your partner. Future relationships will be hampered. Future kids might not be possible.

Please don't let anybody force you into this decision either. If at the end of the day, you feel that it is the right thing to do, then you make that decision for yourself and by yourself. Talk to the father as well. He may not have a legal right to stop you, but he does deserve to know. Have the decency to at least tell him before you do it. Have the decency to discuss it with him.

Believe you me, men are affected by abortion as well. The best thing you can do right now for yourself is to speak to a pregnancy care centre. Read up about abortion and the effects on Google. Have a look at - there are loads of stories from women who have had abortions. You may even find something similar to your situation.

My abortion experience changed my whole life. It's been almost a year now since it happened and I'm still not able to pick up the pieces of abortion's destructive path.

I wish you the best, Yves. I'm sure your situation seems unbearable. Don't run away though. Please for your own sake - get all the facts before you make this decision. Don't walk into this thing blind folded.

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Posted by: Yves | 2007/03/23

Shew - i cannot believe this reposnse from people on this site. Echelle made me think a while, but the judging of everyone here is too much to bear, What will God say to those who judged others. What will God say at the gates to them - to those who instead of encourouging and assisting the needy, blatently condemed their thoughts. Do you think this is an easy decision. Religion aside - thank you Echelle,

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Posted by: Beth | 2007/03/23

Hi Yves,

An abortion can only be done until 12 weeks, abortions after that are due to medical reasons.

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Posted by: Echelle | 2007/03/23

Yves, women went through abortions and now they're struggling with psychological problems, don't do it to the baby and yourself! You will regret it afterwards.

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Posted by: Bella | 2007/03/23

Luckily it is YOU and NOT us that will have to explain the the Pearly gates.

You want to call Tweety and indirectly the rest of us 'a bunch of hypocrytical Christians' but are you seeing any of US standing in line to have abortions???? Maybe you should find the Christian in yourself before you go any further.

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Posted by: TWEETY | 2007/03/23

my pleasure! Maybe you should think twice in future! If you wanna do the deed face the consequences! Its ok you can call me a hypocritical Christian but you are the one that is one day going to stand at the gate and have to explain to God why you killed an innocent live! If you were on birth control how could you not have known? didn't you skip your periode? face it you wanna comit murder!! but it's your life your choice, you are the one that is going to carry it with you for the rest of your life and you are the one that is going to have to live with the quilt! You know it is so wrong to me, people wanna do the deed but if something happens and goes wrong they don't wanna face the consequences!

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Posted by: Echelle | 2007/03/23

Yves, why don't you rather wait and see how wonderful it feels to be pregnant?! Really, women are really fortunate to be able to carry a life inside her. There's lots of women that considered an abortion, but waited and thought about it twice. They all are so grateful that they didn't go through with the abortion, they all have healthy lovely children that they adore. Please reconsider this. It's a human being that will make your life worth while once it is born! Will you reconsider?

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Posted by: yves | 2007/03/23

Thanks for the encourouging message tweety
I knew this was the wrong forum for me to address
Hyrpocritical christians - it's so ironic. FYI i had no idea until today - was on birth controll and was accidental.

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Posted by: tweety | 2007/03/23


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