Posted by: Mr G | 2010/12/03

A squirting technique (Read if you wonder...)

I know this is not a question to the sexologist, but this is one of the techniques I found works best for getting a woman to have a squirting orgasm. I will however explain it as if you are having fun by yourself, but your partner may help with this also. Communication is then key to get all the right “ spots” . Oh, and this is a “ layman’ s guide to squirting” …  the user manual not the academic description for those interested.

Start off by getting yourself naked and go to the toilet to make sure your bladder is empty. I know this sounds weird, but this will help you relax while you are busy. Also get a nice big towel and place in under your bum and then make yourself comfortable on the bed.

Start by inserting a finger or two as deep as you can into your vagina. Slowly massage the top, or part closest to your stomach. Use the tips of your fingers and apply firm pressure. Not to much so that it hurts, but enough to feel good at least. Then as you massage slowly move your finger tips out to almost at the opening and then as deep as you can again. Do this a few times and just feel the different feelings you get as you move more shallow and then deeper. You should be able to identify a “ point”  or place where it feels extremely good or it feels as if you have a huge pee. Usually the feeling is somewhere in-between these two extremes. Once you have this “ spot”  then this is what is called your “ g-spot” .

Once you have your g-spot start to massage on it. Vary the speed, pressure and stroke length to get what feels the best for you. Take your time while doing this. The important bit is to relax while doing this…  or you just might as well not do it all. Oh, and should the “ pee-feeling”  become to strong during this stimulation or during any part of this you may stop and go to the toilet. You will most probably find that you can’ t pee or either pee only a very small amount. Get back to where you were and continue.

It is very important that you relax while doing this. Most women will try to “ fight”  and “ stop”  the pee-feeling they get, but do not do this. Your bladder is empty so you can not urinate. If unsure go to the toilet and then get back and relax.

When you have the right combination of speed, pressure and stroke length you can start to stimulate your clit also. You can either use the other hand or even a vibrator. Usually a vibrator work best for first time results if you have not ever masturbated in your life, but hand stimulation is just as good. Vary the speed, pressure and stroke inside and on top till you get what is most pleasurable for you. Continue this and remember to relax. Do dot hold back on the “ pee-feeling”  that you might experience. Should it become too much…  do the toilet thing.

As you continue with these “ dual technique”  you should orgasm in time. As I say: Do not be in a rush and take your time. When you orgasm it should be very intense if you have not experienced any thing like this. Some women may squirt during this orgasm, but very very few do. And remember to relax while you orgasm.

After you have orgasmed, say within 10 seconds, remove the fingers that were inside your vagina and only stimulate your clit. I may feel weird when you do this, but again vary the speed, pressure and stroke till you get what works best. You should orgasm in a relatively short time, but may take a few minutes also, for second but different type of orgasm. It is usually during this second one that you should be able to squirt. And it is very important again that you do not “ hold back”  or “ fight”  the pee-feeling you might have. You should feel this release and wonderful orgasm with it.

To explain the two different orgasms I usually picture a cake. The first big orgasm is like the base of the cake: Really good and really filling…  but the second is like the icing and the cherry on top: It gives you that little extra and something special. Therefore these two usually go hand in hand, but some women are lucky enough to squirt already with the first one.

And do not worry if it does not work the first time. Take a short water break and try a second time…  and you can have as many squirting orgasms as you like. Unfortunately many women do not squirt the first time doing this since it does not feel natural to just let go and not fight the pee-feeling. But that is what the toiler break before and/or during is for should it become to much…  and towel under your bum is to make you relax.

Should you have any questions feel free to ask and I want to ask one favour if you have read this and are going to try it: Please…  a BIG PLEASE: Give feedback on how it worked for you and if you had trouble the first time, how it felt and anything that might help others. I share this knowledge in helping you and therefore only ask that you share your experience with others so that they may also enjoy it as much as you do.

Have a fun Friday…  and weekend testing this. :)

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Good luck!

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Posted by: ymmy | 2010/12/08

hey mr g! thank you for explaining, i hope many ladies read this,
if done this way, you dont even care about vibrators, i did exactly this method since i was 18, and get 200% enjoyment all the time, there is no way that this dont work, it is almost better than sex with a man, i love it, i have a secret...shhh i do it everyday when i get home, to releave stress, after it, i done it, i likck my fingerss like a slut, i en joy it, and feel a bit evil, but its so much fun! boost my own confidense daily! goodluck to those who should still will be rewarded

Reply to ymmy
Posted by: Mr G | 2010/12/08

I have found that someone do experience a " shift"  in where the g-spot was when they started and especially when they return to continue. I must be honest and say there is no sure fire way of helping you, but what I would suggest is that you do the " relocation"  bit again of " finding"  the g-spot and also maybe apply a bit more pressure.

I know from experience that you start off more lightly and then increase the pressure and sometimes the stroke lenght also. I have even had it happen where I started off and then sort of in the middle she would say it does not feel like the place any more... and then we would the " search bit"  like in the beginning again before adjusting the pressure, speed and stroke lenght.

Try this and give me feedback on how it worked or not. I will in the mean time rattle my brain a bit in the hope to maybe remember something that I have forgotten that can help you.

PS: Another strategy is when you have normal sex and you have orgasmed is to ask your man to " remove himself"  and then just vibrate your clit. You can also experience the " second orgasm"  and squirt since this the way my gf have squirted before while we were having sex. After you have squirted you can continue as normal again.

Reply to Mr G
Posted by: Girl | 2010/12/07

1. Did it with my man with my help.
2. Fingers and a G-spot vibrator
3. After not achieving a squirting orgasm we had sex as normal and had my usual clitoris orgasm and it was the same as normal.
4. Found the area that gave me the feeling you described that will make me feel like urinating, so I took this spot as my G-spot as you described.
5. I was 100% relaxed and when the urinating feeling became too great I did the toilet thing.

After a while I lost the feeling that I thought was my G-Spot (the urinating feeling went away) and could not get this feeling back again or could not locate it. So we did the normal “ Hanky Panky”  and reached my orgasm that way.

Reply to Girl
Posted by: Mr G | 2010/12/07

AT: Girl:

I would like to help you achieve this if you want it, but I will need a bit of info:

- Did you do it by yourself or was your man with?
- Did you use fingers only or a vibrator also?
- Was the orgasmed you had mroe intense than normal or not really?
- Did you manage to find your g-spot as discribed... or do you think you found it?
- Did you relax completely or did you still hold back a little as you were affraid you might urinate on the bed?

These are a first few questions to help me try and get to a solution that will help you.

Reply to Mr G
Posted by: Girl | 2010/12/06

Did try it a couple of times this weekend but no luck.

Reply to Girl
Posted by: rascal dash | 2010/12/03

I should have never read this now i''m struggling to stand up my snake is on strike.

Reply to rascal dash
Posted by: Woman | 2010/12/03

Mr. G - THANK YOU for this. I hope you would not mind my putting this on my blog - I know people will be interested!

Reply to Woman
Posted by: sexologist | 2010/12/03

Good luck!

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