Posted by: lady nina | 2006/04/13

a rassist

hi cs

i saw your reply about the people mowning about cpmom;s posting on the annex, the rude language that gets used
i understand what you say is true - if you don't like her ignore her
but surely you can't condone her rassist remarks?
unless you yourself are one?
which i hope you are not, i believe you are a man who has self respect and who can respect others and as such treat them with respect

just my 2 cents


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Expert ImageCyberShrink

The ANNEx has nothing to do with me, whatever anyone says there. I have and take no responsibility whatsoever for anything said there. I deal with and try to edit THIS forum only. I don't "CONDONE" ANYONE"s remarks here. Heck, on bad days, I'm not sure whether I condone my own. I don't condone much of what is dsaid in Parliament, in the United Nations or on DSTV.
IF CP Mom has been stupid enough to stir up yet another storm by making remarks there which others find ofensve and consider racist --- and it would be very stupid to do so --- what can I do about it ? Like Tired, I'm sck of all the bickering, which is not what I spent decades studying for.
Delene is right, while people are free to have their own thoughts, speech is not totally protected. In the old example used in law, you don't have the right of "free speech" to scream "FIRE !" in a crowded cinema and start a stampede. And EVERYBODY does have the responsibility to take care with the language they use so as not to be needlessly offensive. And if we claim the right to say whatever we want, then what goes with that claim, is the requirement to accept the consequences of what we say. You can't scream "Fire!" and then complain if your toes get trampled in the stampede.
And for clarity, the person's posting the nasty first messages under th nicknames "Jemma" and "Wit Zombie" were the same person, from the identical IP address, and not the same as the geuine Jemma and Wit Zombie who responded later

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Posted by: Wit Zombie | 2006/04/13

ai ai ai. iemand het onder my naam gepost daar vir Jemma. get a life, china!

Reply to Wit Zombie
Posted by: Delene | 2006/04/13

Cp, no you are wrong. a person is allowed to feel what he wants, but not say what he wants. I think you are deleberate in these issues. Somehow you always start these topics that you very well know will get the kind of reaction that it is getting.

You cant have the attitude of " I am allowed to say what I want" If that was the truth, this forum & world would also be a complete abortion.
in any relationship, being it between friends, a man & woman, a mother & child, doesnt matter, you cant just say what you want, you must respect. And from what I have seen from your posts, WHAT you say is not always racist yes, but how you say things & disrespect other cultures and look down on people who never had any priviledges is really sad. You do not even try to put yourself in anyone's shoe's but your own.
You also do not care if your words might hurt people, You have a "take it or leave it" attitude. That is selfish.

If your domestic was able to read, and went through all your posts, I wonder if she also would have felt its not racist, and if she still would be willing to look after the person who is the most important to you!!!!?

Reply to Delene
Posted by: SP™ | 2006/04/13

and i thought this forum is for adults.

Reply to SP™
Posted by: wit zombie | 2006/04/13

Jemma - who cares what you think? i certainly dont

Reply to wit zombie
Posted by: Jemma | 2006/04/13

To the person posting under the nic Jemma. I have been on this forum for ages and want to ask you nicely to please use a different nic.

And if it's someone using my nic on my behalf then please stop it. I don't usually get involved in arguments like this one and I don't intent to start now either.

Thank you.

Reply to Jemma
Posted by: Helena of Troy | 2006/04/13

Lady Nina you have gone to far.

Reply to Helena of Troy
Posted by: Tired | 2006/04/13

Oh for Pete sake, cant you guys stop bickering. You guys are worst than my 2 year old!! Why don't all agree to disagree and end it there!! You will all end up arguing in circles again. Rather use that anger and channel it to people less fortunate or the SPCA. That way you all know it's appreciated.

Rather enjoy the Easter weekend with friends and family! Be gratefull for what you have!

Reply to Tired
Posted by: Sandy | 2006/04/13

CP Mom's comments r bad. I really dont even bother with the annex anymore. I think its kinda spiralled out of control.

Things dont look much better there today. I think the situation there is like a scene from Lord of the Flies.

Just my 2c worth:-)

Reply to Sandy
Posted by: CP MOM | 2006/04/13

Nina where did the Shrink condone it ? Hmmm?
Re-read his reply and you might see the light!
He never has and he never will condone it.....but on this forum we all have a RIGHT to feel and say what we like.

Just as you have the right to be what you are and feel what you do so have I. And if you don't like it it's up to you to just skip my posts. I got p'd off yesterday because I said something SOOOOO NON RASCIST and then once again ONE WORD gets taken out of context so I just show'd them WHAT it would be like and what real racsism is!

Reply to CP MOM
Posted by: Jemma | 2006/04/13

hi girl!

Nina, you have got to learn how to spell.

Come on, this is pathetic!

its "racist", not rassist

its "moaning", not mowning

Reading your posts I have come to the conclusion that you have the personality of a wet paper bag.

You think you are worthy of starting a fight with CS? What a joke..your arrogance really amazes me sometimes.

Take care now


Reply to Jemma
Posted by: lady nina | 2006/04/13


i never even look at the annex - unless people are checked like in this forum they become piggs and lose all dignity and self respect - it's a pitty because it shows that we're in a society were most live behind masks - in our heart of heart we are rotten and that why when we are not wached and checked we have no morals or even manners

the real person is the person you are when you are all alone and you think no one is watching


Reply to lady nina
Posted by: Agreed | 2006/04/13

Cs, it got really bad there yesterday. There is a previous posting about that too. Hard to accept that kind of talk, and it's not easy to ignore it when a thread starts off one way and then ends up another.

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