Posted by: Mommy | 2013/06/12

What dog can I get that is a good watch dog but still good with children?

We want to get a dog that will protect the house and the family but that will be safe for my 2 year toddler too - well, to be honest the dog will have to be sturdy and patient while my son learns to correctly handle and behave around the dog! I know that all dogs need to be properly socialized and trained but I have heard that certain breeds of dog are genetically better choices when it comes to protecting home, family and children...Any adivce?

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Posted by: Ryan | 2013/07/31

Get a bullmastiff, you won't find a better family protector with a more stable temperament.. Staffies are way too busy and if protection is really needed they can be put out of action with one solid kick trust me, the one that tried to attack me once tried it ONLY once!!

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Posted by: Megs | 2013/06/20

I'd go for a staffie... we had lots of them as children and they were the best. They never bit us, never got violent with us no matter what we did (my cousin bit one of them once, and our staffie just stood there and took it). And then of course they guarded us with their lives. But remember, ANY dog can be violent to children if they are not raised right. A poodle can attack a child if they are not raised to be patient and gentle with children. Don't discriminiate by breed.

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