Posted by: Elbie Fourie | 2013/05/15

We have a boy of 18 years in the family which is a compulsive liar, destroy things, living in another world who would say things like his father was a satanis and he is getting orders from him to murder and rape his grandmother.

He did smoke dagga at some point but is apparently no longer doing it whether it is true I am not sure. His father did drugs and the boy knows it, it also seems as if the father was involved in some satanism at some stage and has died at the hand of one of his so called friends. The child will refuse to bath for 2 weeks at a time, he also broke every thing that belonged to his father. He says that his father is talking to him through the radio,he is also sexually very active which it quite annoying.

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Posted by: Dagga Movement | 2013/05/15

Dagga has nothing to do with his behaviour. Poeple make their own choices. Maybe there is a problem with how his mother raised him. We poison our bodies with 3000 man made chemicals every day and we expect to be mentally and socially fit. Maybe it is the GMO corn we are fed making people crazy blame government for banning healthy dagga and allowing poisoned food for human consumption. Blame the parents.

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