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My Husband wants me to cuckold him

Looking for some advice here. My husband of 20 years is wanting me to cuckold him with a black man. He has been asking me to do this for several years now. Before that, I was not aware of what it was and had to look it up to get more information on what it is all about. This is something that I really would rather not do, but he wants it so bad. I think it is a strange thing. I have only slept with one other man, which was a previous boyfriend, before I had met my husband. Here is the deal. He is turning 55 soon, and I am thinking of giving in as a gift to him. Should I? Anybody else have any experience with this? I have not told him that I would do it, but have told him that if I did, what are his ideas of this whole thing. I am really concerned that he will use this as his way to sleep around with other women, but he assures me that he does not want that. He said he wants it because he has a small penis. He does, but I don't care, and never did care. He does net get me off, but I love him, and we have a great marriage. He talked of finding a man off the internet, or at a bar, but I said no way. I am thinking of a guy I know from work. This guy is handsome and black. He is really cocky, and flirty at work to a lot of the women, but not really in a harassing way. He is friendly with me around the office, and has said that he wished I were single so he could take me out. When I go through doing this in my head, I get a nervous feeling. I also get a little excited too though. My husband said he wants to watch it take place, but I also said no way to that. I could never go through with it while he was watching. I am still thinking about it and wondering if I would be brave enough to go through with it. I don't think I have an attractive body. I am a little overweight, I don't shave down below, and I have flaws. I worry about what this guy from work would think of me. I also worry that if I give this to my husband, then he will just want more, and it will never end. What should I do? Is this a bad idea? I would have him use a condom of course, if we did do this.

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Posted by: Cyclist | 2018/02/25

There is absolutely no ways you should even consider this.Only bad can come of it and you are quite right,what next! He will something more and maybe even want a turn with another woman or even a male. You say you have a happy marriage,keep it that way. Does he even respect you to consider allowing this to happen ! I doubt it. I would rather look at ways to excite your own sexual relationship ie different positions/ places to do it/ even Watch porn together/ use toys etc.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2018/02/20

Anon, here is the deal. I would strongly advise you NOT TO DO IT, this will turn ugly real fast. (A) You will absolutely love it and found out what you have ben missing all these years. These words pop up(once you pop you won't stop) Then sex with you husband will become boring and he will realise it. Fights will start and he will become extremely insecure and jealous. You on the other hand will find ways to be with this other guy alone every chance you get. Who ever told you size does not matter believe me it does to an extent(bigger does not always mean better or he knows how to use it) mind you. Never the less things will be complicated. (B) You hate it and your working relationship with this guy is ruined and trust me office gossip is real and everyone will know even if both of you say nothing people pick up on stuff like this. (C) You guys end up being part of that 1% success rate where your relationship get's stronger because of this and is working for you guys. I would not advise you to spring this on your husband. This needs to be discussed in full and looked at from all sides. I would also first approach this guy and ask him straight up if he is game for such things. Then the three of you have to meet up and set boundaries and guidelines. Remember fantasies is great coz it is in your head and everything looks perfect, reality not so much. Feelings comes into play here and real emotions. Also weigh up if this is worth risking 20 years of a great marriage. Can you bounce back if things goes horribly wrong at home and work. If you have kids how will this impact them? Should everything go perfect and you guys follow through with this, then awesome. But you need to make 1000000% sure your marriage and relationship with your husband is solid beyond a shadow of a doubt. Let you husband think about what I said above very carefully. Maybe first try dildo's you get such nice sexy big black cocks in sex shops. First dip your toes into the ocean first. Let him use a strap on with such a big black cock attacked to it. Just buy lots of lube. Maybe that will be all you really need. But if you guys do decide at some stage to go for a swim then do your homework first. Safety is key and start shaving or waxing down there for hubby it feels amazing being smooth and all you know.

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