Posted by: x - Fatty Boom Boom | 2013/08/20

My Boobies have shrunk......

Morning Doc I have lost weight but now my husband keeps on mentioning that my boobs have gone....Saturday he said "why are you putting on a bra"???? "you have nothing to put in them"....and whenever he touched them he say's "there is nothing left" on and on and on and on....i've gotten to a stage now where i duck and dive and don't let him touch me there...i dont dress in front of him anymore - or turn my back on him when i dress or undressl.... and i dont even want to have sex anymore because sure as hell he'll say something about my fedup!

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Our expert says:
Expert ImageCyberShrink
- 2013/08/20

Useful comments from Anonymous.  Some aspects here are not quite clear.  If you have lost a lot of weight without trying to do so, this could indicate a serious medical problem, and would beed to be checked out. If however, you were working on a sensible and healthy weight-reduction plan, having checked with your doctor, and have been losing weight according to plan, and not plunging below a healthy and usual weight for your height, then your husband may be disspointingly unsupportive.
You also don't mention why you decided to lose weight.  If it was for health reasons, and your doctor has kept an eye on the project, and you;ve lost only to the degree with would enhance your health, that's fine, and you need to chat with your husband to help him realize your motivations and medical approaval,  even if maybe he's lost some of his favourite curves ! If it was to become more attractive, maybe he's telling you you've gone too far and reduced your attractiveness,  to him at any rate. again, discussion is needed,  and a reconsideration of your motives and results. Presumably, you didn't intend to make yourself less desirable to him ?

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Our users say:
Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/08/22

Boobs can never be too small as long as theu are not hanging.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/08/21

He's probably jus jealous... ask him to find someone else if he feels you not god enough..

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Posted by: Antoinette | 2013/08/21

loosing weight is healthy or rather important for well-being, But who said SKINNY is SEXY?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/08/22

"Skinny", as you put it, is sexy. It's just fat people who are jealous that say it's not. And FYI, us "skinny" people prefer to be labled "slender" if you fatties can't deal with our svelte figures.

Posted by: Majozi | 2013/08/21

X Fatty Boom Boom. Jus know that it is not every man who loves skinny women. We differ in taste and I would also call you name or worse off divorce you cause you would have turned into 'something' I didnt marry. So be the woman your man married and stop with this 'sexy' this of yours. Talk to your husban and ask him what he really loves about you and what turns him on. Sooner or later,he wouldnt want to sllep with you.

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Posted by: Cyclist | 2013/08/21

My wife is in the same boat,when she picks up weight her boobs increase in size and vice versa.Obviously I can "put up" with a few kg's with those enlarged boobs lol. I certainly do not make a scene when she loses weight. I think your hubby is being very insensitive and you should talk to him and tell him so.

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Posted by: Phil | 2013/08/21

Nikki; thanks for the laugh. Very funny; but very good! Fatty Boom Boom - not a ncie nice hey??? Anyhow; small boobs are just gorgeous ok. Your hubby should be so happy that you lost weight, and propably look sexier then ever.... I think; take Nikki's advice first and teach him a lesson. After everybody coolled down; and he got over his bruised ego. (PS - He might be off s*x for a while trying to get over this Then explain to him; things people say hurt. And he should think before he just says things..

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Posted by: Purple | 2013/08/20

Sounds like he is being really nasty. Have you told him that you find his comments hurtful and want him to stop?

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Posted by: Nikki | 2013/08/20

Ask him why he wears underpants - he has nothing to put in them and see if he likes it! Some men can be so insensitive! What is it with them and big boobs anyway??? Good on you for losing weight - don't go gaining all your lost weight because he has a problem with the size of your breasts! Some of the most beautiful women (celebrities) are small-breasted! When I lose weight, it's the first place I lose too, I think it's the same with most women! I would rather have small boobs than these big, heavy things I have to walk around with! Be happy with yourself and stuff him! Is he perhaps jealous and worried that other men may be glancing your way now that you have lost weight? Don't take too much notice of what he or anybody else says! No wonder there are so many women out there with eating disorders, we do not have to be perfect! If he insists on big boobs, he can wait until you are at your goal weight and then spoil you with some expensive plastic surgery and a new wardrobe! Take care of yourself and don't allow him to get you down!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/08/20

Thanks. I have lost a lot yes my BMI was 52 and its 38 now i still have a long way to go to "Normal"

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2013/08/20

Oh how I wish I was in your shoes right now. I would love to both lose the weight and have my boobs shrink. I really am sorry that hubby is reacting to your weight loss like this. It is something that you should be proud of and he should be proud that you have gotten so far. Losing weight is such a big deal, and you have accomplished something that so many of us are struggling with. Kudos to you. On the other hand, I hope that you have lost a reasonable amount of weight and not to the extent that you have altogether lost those womanly curves. Maybe he thinks you have lost too much weight. Sit down with him and have a chat. Tell him how you feel about these insensitive remarks, when you have worked so hard at losing the weight and rather than feeling great about the weight loss and your new look, his comments are putting you down. You should feel proud of your accomplishment.

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