Posted by: Tasha | 2013/09/19

Hello. Is it harmful to use persivate ointment on your face daily? I am a black girl, 22, and I have been using it for the past 2 months and my skin is smooth and no rash but my skin is a lot lighter. should I stop?

Ihave been using persivate ointment on my face every night before I sleep. It has made me look a lot lighter than I am. Is it dangerous?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2017/04/02

I hv been using persevate ointment for my shubsbas, only at night though, during the day i use oil of olay products, my shubabas are dissspearing and i use eucerin sunscreen, my skin hs improved a lot, ni complains for nw

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2017/03/26

Can I use persivate cream with a foundation?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2017/02/07

I started using persivate ointment two days ago jst to remove dark marks and rush so how long can i use it without affecting me

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/12/21

My doctor told me i had acne and prescribed persivate cream for me, it was a mild acne tho. I used it for a month, within a few weeks, all my pimples were gone and my skin was beautiful and i got lighter. I stopped using it tho, my skin got darker and then i started using soap. My skin got back to normal and my acne never came back I think persivate cream shouldnt be used for a long period of time. It damages your skin if u use it for a long time

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/12/21

Can i use persivate cream to remove other dark marks on my skin?

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Posted by: Mercy | 2016/11/15

I do not recommend persivate to be used as a lotion.I read this comments a year ago I chose to ignore the side effects and all.A year later after using persivate and trying to stop but my skin is becoming darker, dry, itchy and I am also having pimples.please only use if prescribed by a doctor.It will make u beautiful for a for as long as you use it, once u stop you will regret.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/10/19

Hi,I was using persivate for pimples and dark spots,it worked miracles,but I decided to stop I was developing chubabas,I got a very allergy like rash,itchy,and dry,my complexion was so bad,dark and redish,a friend told me about gainier cream,R30,I am happy with my skin now,wash my face with bennets non fragrance aquas cream and apply either ganier or ponds cream,persivate not really meant for cosmetic purpose

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Posted by: Gose | 2016/09/01

Hi. My doctor prescribed PERSIVATE cream for my pimples and i only applied it to the affected area which i don't know how long should i wait until the disappear and would they leave dark marks because am light skinned. Am scared because i dont want my skin to be damaged.

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Posted by: roxy | 2016/07/25

I have an eczema and I have dark spot son my face my friend told me to you persivate so now I want to know how long can I used or when a change I must stop to use it? please help me

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Posted by: lisa | 2016/07/21

I have been using persivate for 3 months, now my skin is smooth but brighter. i am developing white marks on my face. i stopped using it and i now use cuticura ointment

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Posted by: Mahlodi | 2016/07/04

I have been using persivate ointment for 6 years now due to dry skin condition. A week or 3 ago it happened that I ran out the ointment and had no cash to buy. My skin was so itchy I thought I was going crazy.I then bought again next my skin is relaxed now that irritation is no more . But I told myself should I have money I wld like to visit a dermatologist n get something that would not leaves me with life time regrets bcos your skin is your pride . Yes,it will give you a beautiful skin tone but I just didn't like what happened to me recently.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/06/26

Thank you all for sharing your experiences with the use of percutaneous after reading all this I am having second thoughts I will stick to my normal face cram am not changing

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/06/26

Thank you all for sharing your experiences with the use of percutaneous after reading all this I am having second thoughts I will stick to my normal face cram am not changing

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/06/26

Thank you all for sharing your experiences with the use of percutaneous after reading all this I am having second thoughts I will stick to my normal face cram am not changing

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Posted by: Mabongi | 2016/05/26

Yoooh Dr prescribed persivate ointment nd epizone aqueous for my 9 months old baby nw I'm scared after reading all these comments

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Posted by: Linah | 2016/04/13

I use persivate for a month and my sking is so bad I have rush that is itchy had to see a doctor now I don't know if I must keep on using it but once a week or stop at all, I look terrible

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Posted by: Carol | 2016/04/08

I'm 26 year and I have been using Persivate cream since I was 12 cause I have highly sensitive skin with a combination of oily and dry and I have eczema and my dermatologist tried whole lot of product for me but they all caused irritation until the day she gave me Persivate and my skin calmed down I've read a lot stories that says this product aint good for you but I disagree cause thus far this has been the only product I can use. and it doesn't make me light, I still have my complexion the only thing it does its to make me comfortable infront of people

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Posted by: Dineo | 2017/03/29

Hi. good to hear. So how do you apply it and when do you apply it?

Posted by: joy m | 2016/03/09

How much is this product and where can i get it pls help i also have problem but il use it for a week if doesnt work il discontinue to use

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Posted by: Rebone | 2016/03/05

I used persivate cream for two weeks just to get rid of the black spots on my face. I then stopped using it because my skin was smooth and all the black spots were gone. But now since i stopped using it my skin develops rash and pimples that wont go away. Guys please this cream really damages skin in a way that you will have to do damage control. I regret the day i bought persivate cream.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/02/28

I ned help i hve pimples n scars on my face i tried many thing bt its seems m gettng worse now m usng gentle magic product bt i cant c any difference,i cant face pple cz of de scars ol over my face

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/12/18

I have afrnd who is using persivate its been two- 3 years now .mixing it eith her lotion n face product , distance her self from the sun she would skip a month not using persivate & still have no complaints ... This product can make u look beautiful but the side effects sucks ... If ure still willing to use it just stay away from the sun .n don't apply it directly to the skin mix it with the lotion .don't overdose it two tubes are enough in one container

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Posted by: nonhlanhla | 2015/10/24

Can I use cuticura antiseptic ointment on my newborn baby?

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Posted by: Anno | 2015/09/18

I have dark brown patches around my mouth caused by gentle magic, how do i fix them im so stressed

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Posted by: anonymous | 2015/09/11

Hlw i have been using persivate for two years ive stop using it last year my problem is that now my chicks are becoming red more especially when its hot plz help

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Posted by: PATIENCE SEBOPELA | 2015/08/27


Posted by: Percy | 2015/08/23

Hi, I'm a Guy & black. I have a very dry skin to such that I don't use soap to wash my face. What would you recommended to use on my face?

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Posted by: patience sebopela | 2015/08/27


Posted by: fuzile | 2015/08/25

hi. Percy go buy a Cuticure Antiseptic Ointment it is help fully

Posted by: anonymous | 2015/08/21

if you want to stop you just need to get used to and buy yourself good product for your skin then your skin will recover again

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Posted by: tabi | 2015/08/12

Ihave dark marks on my legs and arms that was caused by eczema ,i went to the dermatologist and the dr prescribed 500g persivate ointment for .the q is is this going to remove my dark marks

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/07/23

Can i please find put if it is for pimples on you're face only choose i have dark mark on my chest and back so i was thinking of using it for that if it will help remove those dark marks? Please help

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Posted by: edwin | 2015/07/05


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Posted by: Constance | 2015/06/25

I hv shubabas on my face, dnt know wat to use to help my face, should I use persivate?

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Posted by: Johanna | 2015/05/29

I think you can use it when you have a face problem, and you want to attend an event like a wedding or party, u can use it for a week and stop after it, I don't think it will affects you

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Posted by: Lindzie | 2015/03/12

After reading all these comments i noticed how effective but dangerous persivate is. Using it once a week would probably do justice.?? I have a very nasty skin problem.. should i use it?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/02/25

Hi I have shubabas dark ones on my face where can I get de persivate?34

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Posted by: anonymous | 2015/02/19

I have been using persivate cream for months now and its working so well to me.i am totally scared of the comments.what must i do?

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Posted by: Liz | 2015/01/17

I have had a cold sore on my lip for almost two months now. It sometimes looks as if it is clearing up and then flares up again. Would using persivate cream get rid of it? I've used cold sore lip ointments and taken the "One Dose" of three tablets but still have the cold sore. Any suggestions?

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Posted by: Rene | 2015/12/18

Purchase L-Lysine tablets and take a high dose of 3,000mg daily for five weeks at the onset of the cold sore. Continue taking the tablets until the five week period is up. Zinc of 100 mg's should be taken daily at the same time and a high dose of Vitamin C with bioflavonoids (1 000 mg per day) should be taken too. As a preventative measure, take 1 000 mg of L-Lysine for a month any time in the year when you do not have a cold sore.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/01/13

I'm using persivate cream more than 7 years now, and my skin is beautifull. The problem is when in trying to stop using it my skin become darker and also have rush. Don't know what to do please help

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Posted by: Pali | 2014/12/11

I use persivate for few months now and I wanna stop to use it.they say gentle magic it is better than persivate is that true?

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Posted by: KG | 2015/07/16

Hell NO, gentle magic! that's the reason why I have to use persivate for damage control, I think people should use this creams the right way. do not use it to bleach your skin, if you are black stay black and clean.

Posted by: Thato | 2014/12/09

I want to be beautifull,is using this cream a better solution for me?im starting to be afraid of it becouse of those comments.

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Posted by: annonymus | 2014/11/25

but can someone tell what really removes chubaba like brown black marks on someone's face period that you apply it removes and you don't it never again, please help:(

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/11/04

Yes! I have tried To use persivate My skin looked Great after i stopped using It! ??My skin broke down , My skin is peeling as if i was Using cream, painful sores and blackheads from beautiful skin To terrible skin. Why is This oitment is like This! I want nothing more Than a tip of How To have My skin back To normal

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Posted by: Faith6 | 2014/10/30

i was using the Persivate for 4months, after reading this i decided to stop and now my skin is changing...its eachy and ive got pimpols. any idea on what i should use instead of it?

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Posted by: Faith6 | 2014/10/30

i was using the Persivate for 4months, after reading this i decided to stop and now my skin is changing...its eachy and ive got pimpols. any idea on what i should use instead of it?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/10/14

I use it and my skin is lighter now im afrad to leave it so what should i do??

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Posted by: Khosi | 2014/10/12

I do use it for eczema but my doctor did explain how strong it is so he said i must mix it with Epizone. It does give you a beautiful skin but continous use is not good and if you do use it make sure you mix it with a moisturiser at least, but even when mixed use it at least once a day

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Posted by: Boitumelo | 2014/09/28

Im an 18 year old and a relative suggested I use persivate. I have normal darl skin but blemished due to Gentle Magic creams. Should I or shouldnt I use it? After reading all these comments

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Posted by: THANDEKA | 2014/09/22

I have dark marks in my noise ,and Dr prescrebe persivate ointment to apply twice a day,after reading your comments I'm scared I'm mate applying incorrect treatment ?

Posted by: Anita Keuning | 2014/09/19

Persivate is not meant to be used cosmetically. It is a very strong cortisone cream that you should only used when prescribed by a doctor. It is prescribed for eczema but if you have persistent eczema you need to consult a dermatologist. The answer for you could be as simple as changing your soap or you may have an allergy. A better solution may be an anti-histamine. It is not a skin lightener but anyway why would anyone want to change their natural skin colour!!!? A lighter skin doesn't necessarily mean you are more beautiful.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/09/03

ive been using persivate for 3 weeks my skin looks lighter n smooth but I developed a severe headache,visual disturbance and pulsiltile noise in my ears at night since I hv strted using it I googled for its side effects some of them are increased intracranial blood pressure and increased intraocular pressure if it gets into de eyes which might explain my symptoms. so yes it is dangerous n I am stopping to use it from now I woould advice u guys to stop it or use it once in a while to maintain de great look

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Posted by: Anita | 2014/09/19

Everyone here who is using Persivate for cosmetic reasons - please stop!!! Persivate is a cortisone based ointment to treat eczema. Prolonged usage thins the skins and your skin on your face is already thinner than it is in other areas. Consult a dermatologist if you have dark marks or skin problems but please don't use this cream long term.

Posted by: Mbali | 2014/08/30

Ive been using persivate for a month now. It does help to remove dark marks n pimples bt afta appaying it to da face da face feels ichy n burning 4 a while. Should i continue using it?

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Posted by: winnie | 2014/11/25

Mbali dear did you get a satisfying answer regarding your question about Persivate, is it save, because for myself tonight will be my second night to apply, but now because I am trying to remove dark marks on my cheecks and I was told dat it works and after they are gone they wont come back even if I stop using it,but after reading all the comments I am a bit sceptical and scared, just want hear how they replied to you, because last night my first applicaton I experienced a headache.

Posted by: Mike | 2014/08/16

Is it dangerous to use persivate, we as men?

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Posted by: Cneih | 2014/08/05

its breaks down melanin, (skin protector) and makes ur skin weak, u can see blood vessels inside if u look closer. i use it only once a week so that my skin will still function the same...

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Posted by: Thandiwe | 2014/07/08

i have been using persivate for 2years,but now i have these brow batches on my checks how do i get ride of them please help. I now always have to put make up to cover them up

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/07/03

Is it right to use persivate to clear pimples n stops? My friend has beeen using it to clear away hear stops n she surly look amazing and her stop a more clear then dark , she now has a baby face typ of look?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/03/20

Tasha, Persivate is a topical corticosteroid. Its main use is for inflammation type skin problems, ie: excema Iv been using persivate for many years but for my excema, yes, it leaves your skin looking great but over time it thins your skin out and can start making it look aged. What I would suggest is that you use it in short spells (once a week at the most) and make sure you moisturise quite well 20 min or so after applying your persivate. Remember, use sparingly Hope this helps Regards

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Posted by: Adeline | 2014/09/03

Oh yes, I totally agree with you. After prolonged use, my skin now looks older, dehydrated and even more darker. I have been using it for 15 years and I used to have a very beautiful and even toned skin. Maybe my skin is now tired!

Posted by: tebogo | 2014/03/07

ive been using persivate for many years now,my problem is when i try to stop my skin developes pimples and do i stop using it

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