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Hi. I contacntly feel guilty when I leave my dogs at home. And I think I then overcompensate for being away with treats and attention. I think they are getting too much attention, but they are so lovable and caring. It's 2 Jack Russels. Girls. When I got them at first they always wanted to do their own thing. After I left them with my Sister for 3 months whille settling in PTA they have become clingy. In the beginnning I would give them Beeno's when I left for work. Now they get the Woolies doft food over their pellets when I leave because I'm feeling so guilty about leaving them. What should I do. They will never survuve without me. And I think I won't without them It's amazing how therapeutic a dog can be for a person. I could have ahd such a bad day, but when they cuddle in front of the television with me I feel so much better.

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Posted by: scotty | 2013/06/04

Hi, I do understand your feelings of guilt but unfortunately it will not make your dogs feel secure, actually they will feel more insecure as you are not acting in the way they expect a leader to act. Have a look at an article on our free website under the Dog Stuff section on Sep anxiety and see if this is applicable. If it is please get in touch with me or start with the modifications in the article. thanks Scotty

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Posted by: Puddles | 2013/05/15

Hi, It's fine to give them a treat before you leave for work, I think. I give my poodle a couple of Beeno's before I leave for work, or when I am going to be gone for a long period of time, and I have noticed that if I give her a Beeno then she is fine, if I don't she will cry and try get out the windows- I think the dogs associate the Beeno's with you coming back home later. So that is fine, I think. What you do need to realize is that they WILL survive without you, and you need to stop spoiling them because YOU feel guilty about leaving them. They have each other, they are fine. They aren't babies that need constant attention- they will survive on their own. By YOU giving them so much attention because you of your guilt, YOU are going to be more likely to give them anxiety when you leave, because they will pick up on your feelings. And you have now upgraded from Beeno's to soft food (nothing wrong with soft food, my poodle gets a tablespoon in the morning and the even) but they are going to start getting picky and wanting more because they know you will "buy" them with food. Next you are going to be giving them chicken before you leave. Then you may start giving them something else, next you have overweight Jack Russels. My poodle has tried these tricks with me, but at the end of the day you need to learn that yes you love them, but don't let them suffer for your guilt and stuff. They want attention, but if you give them a bit and leave them to their own devices, they will be fine. You sound like you need the affection and attention more than them. Treat them like you love them, but bare in mind that they are dogs and there needs to be a line somewhere. They are currently controlling you, you shold be controlling them.

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