Posted by: Liss | 2007/05/30

70 days to loose 20kgs

so now, i know its possible to loose this amount of weight in this amount of days. but how?? i dont want to cut out everything, and diet pills have already ruined my stomach lining, from previous years when i was younger and dying to get thin.

i know its all about diet, but theres so many out there, i'm really confused. does anyone know the diet that gives the best results, (just looking for peoples opinions) and of course doesnt cut out allll the nice tasty stuff, as this seems to be my down fall.,

thanks! :-)

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Our expert says:
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Dear Liss
I do not agree that there is any diet that will make you lose 20 kg in 70 days without either starving you or making you eat a totally unbalanced diet. Won't you rather consider using a sensible approach, which entails eating an energy-reduced, low-fat, high-fibre diet (click on 'Diet' at the top of this page, 'Weight loss', ‘Balanced diet' and then on 'Slimming Diet' for a copy of such a diet), and increasing your energy output by doing regular exercise (running, jogging, skipping, cycling, swimming, join a gym or Walk for Life). Such a regimen will result in a loss of about 1 kg per week, which would mean you would lose 10 kg in 70 days. You have already experienced how detrimental diet pills are, so don't use fad diets to lose weight because you may lose 20 kg only to regain this amount of weight and more when you stop.
Take care

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Our users say:
Posted by: Whizz fizz | 2007/06/01

Saint Bubbles is an asshole with absolutely no knowledge of nutrition and if you listen to his advice, will besome psychologically f*cked up.

Reply to Whizz fizz
Posted by: True | 2007/06/01

Saint Bubbles.why dont you buzz off and get a life. everyone's entitled to their own opinions. that includes me.

and you did not add the part where you'll "find that that you start living healthy and eating the RIGHT foods."

Reply to True
Posted by: Liss | 2007/05/31

hi., thanks everyone for your input - of course not Gordon who obviously needs help in "other" areas! :-)

Reply to Liss
Posted by: Saint Bubbles. | 2007/05/31


Feel that with the right skills you can control your weight and that it's a positive thing to do.
Think about which diets (or elements of them) were helpful in the past and which weren't. Use this information to plan helpful changes and avoid past mistakes.
Plan to make small and sustainable lifestyle changes.
Keep a food and thoughts diary to help you identify problem areas and stay conscious of what and why you eat.
Set realistic goals and aim to lose no more than one to two pounds a week.
Eat regular meals, starting with breakfast.
Base your meals on a variety of healthy choices from the main food groups.
Experiment with your low-fat cooking skills.
Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.
Adopt a flexible rather than all-or-nothing approach to eating.
Learn how to cope with feelings, not feed them.
Be more active more often in your daily life.
Make time for 30 minutes moderate activity most days.
Enlist some ongoing support.

Be lured by claims for rapid weight loss offered by quick-fix diets.
Use appearance as your only motivation to lose weight - improved health and wellbeing are also vital.
Give up if you feel you've had a bad day or eaten too much - the lapse isn't the problem, but your reaction to it could be.
Rely on a diet to solve your weight problems. It can provide pointers, but you must develop the skills and confidence to do it for yourself.
Get impatient with gradual weight loss - remember, it's more likely to end in long-term success.

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Posted by: Saint Bubbles. | 2007/05/31

True, how can you say that if you haven't tried it? That makes you a hipocrate, you know that? I lost 20 kilo's on those rules. Within 6 weeks! By eat what you feel like, your body will crave what it needs, and that's what you should have! If you REALLY LISTEN to your body, and work in harmony with it, you'll find that that you start living healthy and eating the RIGHT foods. Please, DO NOT judge anyone on anything, cause you're obviously not qualified to do so. Now buzz off and let the grown ups do their thing.

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Posted by: Y | 2007/05/31

Hi Liss,

Try the South Beach diet. It is easy to follow as you don't have to watch portion sizes and calories, and you loose weight fairly quickly. In 70 days I would estimate that you would loose between 12 and 15 kgs at least. Even more if you don't cheat like I did.

The simple rules:
Eat LOTS of non-starchy veggies (in salads, soups. stir-fried, baked in the oven etc.) e.g. green peppers, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, muchrooms.

Eat enough low fat or good fat proteins. e.g. fish (Hake, Haddock, Tuna, Salmon etc.), chicken breasts, ostrich meat, chickpeas, baked beans, butter beans, lentils etc.

Eat enough good fats e.g. avocado, olives, olive oil, canola oil.

(*By "Eat enough" I mean - until you are feeling satisfied - don't skip on lean proteins and good fats)

Eat one or two fruits per day (no fruit juices).

DON'T eat any starches - e.g. potatoes, pasta, noodles, sweet potato, bread, cake, biscuits, chips, etc.

Note that you will be eating enough good carbs (the veggies, legumes and fruit) - so this is not a low carb diet - you're only cutting out the bad carbs.

For a sweet treat now and again - eat a small piece of low GI chocolate (e.g. plain milk, plain white or plain dark chocolate; a mixture of the above (such as Top Deck), or any of the above with nuts (e.g. a whole nut slab). Important: NO high GI fillings like toffee, nougat, honeycake, turkish delight or mint crisp).

Hope this works for you as well as it did for me.

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Posted by: true | 2007/05/31

st bubbles. what rubbish.

low cal diet, balanced.
excercise - plenty of it

and dont stuff your face. cut out the junk.

good luck.

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Posted by: Saint Bubbles. | 2007/05/30

I know a way, and if you just stick to it, you WILL loose those kilo's.

Eat what you feel like
And STOP when you're full

And off course, take your time when eating, chewing till everything's mushed.

This and if you can manage say 20 minutes on a machine like the orbitrek, only thrice weekly, you CAN and WILL loose those kilo's.

Trust me, I know.

And good luck!

Reply to Saint Bubbles.
Posted by: Gordon | 2007/05/30

Warning- I'm going to be nasty.

Call me as soon as you've lost the weight and we'll hike in the Drakensberg mountains. That will be the greatest 71 days of your life.

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