Posted by: Bella | 2013/01/15

10year Marriage vs new Love

Out of love with his wife of 10years and they have 2 kids(girls) love with a coulleague and he says he has never been inlove the way he is now,

Whats your take Ladies n Gents? yhoo sad

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Posted by: Wife | 2013/01/16

Eish u guys, one would swear you talking about my situation hey,

My hasband has been busy with his 20 for the past 7 / 8 months now and they seem to still be going strong!! we have sex in like one/twice a week, he is 90% not home etc and to make matters worse, I just fund out I am pregnant with our 4th baby!! we''ve always wantd 4 children but when we decided I stoped contraceptives this time I did not catch now that I have decided to go back on contraceptives, my doc wanted to check if I am not preg before he can put me back and whala!! I am preg!! I have not even told him yet!

Istina tjh haai basishayile

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Posted by: Bella | 2013/01/15

Eish Ntate and i wont be even suprised if the woman can be mentally disturbed

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Posted by: Ntate | 2013/01/15

The grass is only painted green and the paint will wear off. New p***y has that effect on men, unable to tell the difference.

If he failed to work on his 10yr old marriage, he will not work on his newly found love.

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Posted by: Zion | 2013/01/15

Eish ya marriage neh, you give it youre all and sacrifice everything and then BOOM! the other partner just dumps you like that SAD!!

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Posted by: Bella | 2013/01/15

He will T i am telling you he will

you have made scrifieses, build a life with this person, bore him children, gave up some of your dreams for him and 1 day he wakes up and tell you i dont love you anymore,

yaz guys i was listening on first avenue this morning there was an anon caller about her aunt and her uncle they were also married for years and the husband was cheating and she finded out about it and guess what she became an alcoholic then she started disappearing and she was gang raped from there she became mentally ill and now she is in the mentally ill institution and the uncle does not even care and they have a 15 year old child

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Posted by: T | 2013/01/15

Lol so it''s 80/20 not 90/10 -my bad. I also suspect he''ll be crawling back to wife no.1 in no time.

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Posted by: Bella | 2013/01/15

Zee say that agin sana, i feel sorry for him and for us woman yaz...i hate this rule 80/20

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Posted by: Zee | 2013/01/15

the 80/20 rule! He is excited for now, but later, even the new relationship will get stale, if both parties don''t work on it.

Actually, I give him less than a year and he''ll look back and miss home.

NB: I don''t want to be in the wife''s shoes! Damn#

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Posted by: Amasi | 2013/01/15

That guy missed a class in cheatology.
" In case you decide to cheat, dont leave your family" . Of course it is different if you cheat in order to leave your family.

My crazy brain says he can negotiate possibility of polygamy. Most like the first wife will not agree but it wont hurt to try.


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Posted by: T | 2013/01/15

Tjo, mid-life crisis maybe? I''d say it''s a case of abandoning the 90% to go look for the missing 10% - not a wise move.

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