Updated 13 September 2016

“Wobbly bits must fall” and other weight loss winners

Hundreds of South Africans competed in a body transformation challenge during the past winter. The weight loss results were impressive.

The winners of the Winter 2016 ULTIMATE YOU Challenge were recently announced. The Challenge, now in its fourth year, has enabled thousands of contestants over the years to lose weight and transform themselves by following a healthy eating and training plan.

The results of the latest challenge were, once again, impressive. The cold winter weather was clearly not a deterrent as an average weight loss of 5.6 kg per contestant was achieved. The top 50 finalists lost a combined 630 kg – an average of 12.6 kg per person. Many also reported an improved sense of well-being and confidence.  

Besides individual weight loss and body fat transformation categories, many contestants sweated it out in couple and buddy teams to lose centimetres of belly fat. A dad and daughter team (pictured below) took the honours in the latter category.  

For the first time, a rather interesting new category was introduced: contestants were encouraged to form teams with people they’d not met before. This resulted in scores of people forming spontaneous and virtual teams across the country.

Of course, there was no limit to innovate names which they chose themselves with some teams calling themselves “The Leans Queens”, “Wobbly bits must fall” and “Fat must fall”. The winning team, “Thin-it-to-win-it” lost an impressive average of 9.6 kg per team member.

Next weight loss challenge

So…how about it? The next Challenge – the Summer ULTIMATE YOU 8-week Challenge, a partnership between Health24 & SleekGeek, starts in a few days. Keen to join?  

Up for grabs is an impressive range of prizes. Winners of each category get R10 000 in cash (just in time for Christmas shopping), with runners-up walking away with a bunch of NUTRIBULLET blenders, MOOV NOWTM multi-sport wearables, Adidas apparel, Totalsports vouchers, BeWellConnect scales, Wellness Warehouse vouchers, Chrome supplement vouchers, Mangwanani Spa vouchers and Metagenics vouchers. Phew!  

Click here to enter the Health24 Summer ULTIMATE YOU Challenge.

If the results shown below could be achieved during those cold wintery months, just imagine how you could fare with losing belly fat and increasing your metabolism, now that the weather is warming up! 

Men’s Body Transformation Winners

Ultimate You Body Transformation Winner 2016

Ultimate You Body Transformation 2nd Prize 2016

Ultimate You Body Transformation 3rd Prize 2016

Women’s Body Transformation Winners

Womens Body Transformation Winner

Womens Body Transformation 2nd Prize
Womens Body Transformation 3rd Prize

Men’s Weight Loss Winners

Ultimate You Weight Loss Winner

Ultimate You Weight Loss 2nd Prize

Ultimate You Weight Loss 3rd Prize

Women’s Weight Loss Winners

Ultimate You Womens Weight Loss Winner

Ultimate You Womens Weight Loss 2nd Prize

Ultimate You Womens Weight Loss 3rd Prize

Couples Challenge Winners

ultimate you weight loss couples challenge winners 2016

Buddy Challenge Winners

ultimate you weight loss buddy challenge winners 2016

Click here to enter the Health24 Summer ULTIMATE YOU Challenge.


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