Updated 27 January 2016

UltimateYou challenge Day 24: Meditate for 10 minutes before bed

Welcome to Day 24 of the Free 30-Day Ultimate You Healthy Habits Challenge brought to you by Sleekgeek and Health24!


On this 30 day challenge you will receive one task daily to complete in order to help you eat, move, think, and sleep better.

Today’s task is to do 10 minutes of meditation before bed

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Meditation is a powerful tool to be used at any time of the day. There are also many different styles and schools of thought on the matter.

Many advise a few minutes in the morning and evening.Some structure is always good. Each person should explore and find the best techniques for themselves.

As a start, practicing for 10 mins before bed can complement your habits of doing a brain dump and other nightly routines that you have been challenged to do throughout this challenge.

The 30-day challenge is a way to get you motivated to change your life for the better. But if you're serious about a healthier you this year, sign up right away for the SleekGeek 8-week challenge that has all the support, diet and exercise plans and rewards to get you in top shape (and looking great) by mid March.

What happens in your brain when you meditate?

Using modern technology like fMRI scans, scientists have developed a more thorough understanding of what’s taking place in our brains when we meditate. The overall difference is that our brains stop processing information as actively as they normally would.

The effect on the brain waves is believed to have a long lasting positive effecting.

Stress relief is provided by a regular meditation practice calming the body, mind and spirit putting you in a better physical, mental and spiritual state to rest and recover.

We were not designed to be in the constant state of pressure that modern society places us under. This healthy habit will help you to reduce the physiological responses such as cortisol production which negatively influences fat loss.

How to complete today’s task:

If you have meditated before then go for it and do your own thing.

If you are a beginner here are some great tips to get started from Wiki How.

- Start by finding a quiet peaceful place you can sit without distraction or interruption.

- Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight if possible.

- Set an alarm for 10 mins.

- Close your eyes. Meditation can be performed with the eyes open or closed, however as a beginner it may be best to first try meditating with your eyes closed. This will block out any external visual stimulation and prevent you from becoming distracted as you focus on calming your mind.

- Follow your breathing. The most basic and universal of all meditation techniques, breathing meditation is a great place to start your practice. Pick a spot above your navel and focus on that spot with your mind. Become aware of the rising and falling of your abdomen as you breathe in and out. Don't make a conscious effort to change your breathing patterns, just breathe normally.

- Clear your mind.To meditate, you must focus on one thing maximum. If you're a beginner, it might help to focus on one thing, like a mantra or visual object. More advanced meditators may try to clear their minds completely.

- Repeat a mantra. Mantra meditation is another common form of meditation, which involves repeating a mantra (a sound, word or phrase) over and over, until you silence the mind and enter a deep meditative state. The mantra can be anything you choose, as long as it is easy to remember. Some good mantras to start out with include words like one, peace, calm, tranquil, and silence. If you want to use more traditional mantras, you can use the word "Om" which symbolizes omnipresent consciousness.

- Concentrate on a simple visual object. In a similar way to using a mantra, you can use a simple visual object to fill your mind and allow you to reach a level of deeper consciousness. This is a form of open-eye meditation, which many people find easier when they have something to focus their gaze on. The visual object can be anything you wish, though many people find the flame of a lit candle particularly pleasant.

- Practice visualisation. Visualisation is another popular meditation technique, which involves creating a peaceful place in your mind and exploring it, until you reach a state of complete calm. The place can be anywhere you like - however, it should not be entirely real, it should be unique and personalized for you. The place you visualize could be a warm, sandy beach, a flower-filled meadow, a quiet forest or even a comfortable sitting room with a roaring fire. Whatever place you choose, allow it to be your sanctuary.

If you are more technology driven there are many applications available for ‘Guided meditation’. Search your app store. Headspace is a popular example. You can even search for guided meditation on Youtube.

OM and sweet dreams tonight.


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See you tomorrow for your next healthy habit.


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