Updated 26 January 2016

UltimateYou challenge Day 17: Eat a healthy lunch

Welcome to Day 17 of the Free 30-Day Ultimate You Healthy Habits Challenge brought to you by Sleekgeek and Health24!


On this 30 day challenge you will receive one task daily to complete in order to help you eat, move, think, and sleep better.

Today’s task is to eat a healthy lunch

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If you can entrench today’s habit it will help you immeasurably on your health journey.

People generally lose their way when they have not prepared and planned. That is very often over lunch-time and at the workplace during the week.

Getting caught hungry at the office with access to all the wrong convenient canteen food choices and vending machines is a formula for poor health and low energy.

The 30-day challenge is a way to get you motivated to change your life for the better. But if you're serious about a healthier you this year, sign up right away for the SleekGeek 8-week challenge that has all the support, diet and exercise plans and rewards to get you in top shape (and looking great) by mid March. 

You need to have quality nutrition on hand at all times because your body needs to be fed. In today’s world you cannot often rely on others for that.

Or at least know how to get it close by. Starving yourself during a long office day is also not the correct answer. A healthy active body needs fuel and hydration to be at its best so that you can be the Ultimate You. 

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Optimal performance during your day is what we want to achieve.

If you are reading this task and it is already too late to take action and prepare then hopefully that drives the point home. Do what you can to organise a healthy lunch. Spend a few minutes now planning now how you can have a healthy lunch tomorrow.

How to complete today’s task:

Here are a few things you can do to succeed at this task today and in the future: 

- Always cook extra dinner portions to take leftovers to work the next day. Simple and effortless.

- If you do not like left-overs and need variety plan lunches in advance.

- Get a list of staples which are easy to store and transport such as tins of tuna or eggs.

- Always have snacks such as nuts, veggies, fruit, biltong at home to use if necessary.

- Invest in a decent cooler-box and tupperware to easily store and carry.

- Make sure your workplace provides decent refrigeration and facilities to warm food. If not then fight for it.

- If you like to get out the office then know what places in the area can serve a healthy lunch. Identify menu items at your local hangouts near your workplace. This also applies to client meetings and entertainment.

- Know where the closest supermarket for fresh produce is.


You can sign up for FREE here: Ultimate You 

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See you tomorrow for your next healthy habit.


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