30 November 2018

These are the 6 steps you need to take if you want to slim down

And the good news these steps are simple and doable.

Ready to slim down? Then you need to follow these steps. And don’t worry – they’re all pretty simple and totally doable…

1. Add weights to cardio

To drop serious kilos, you need the one-two punch of aerobic exercise plus strength training. “Regular resistance training can boost your basal metabolic rate by 15%, but it’s key to target multiple muscles,” says PT Nicola Addison. We’re talking squats, lunges, pull-ups and dead lifts.

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2. Have a veggie starter

If you’re eating out, check the menu in advance and you’re more likely to make a smart, considered choice when you order. “Opt for a vegetable-based starter,” says Miguel Toribio-Mateas, expert nutrition practitioner and clinical neuroscientist. “You’ll be feeding your healthy gut microbes and filling up with fibre, meaning you’ll absorb fewer kilojoules from starch and fat as a result.”

3. Step outdoors

Research says that placing yourself in the context of a wider ecosystem, simply by stepping outside, can improve body confidence and help you make healthier choices. It comes down to a human need to maintain your place in nature, which, over time, will lead to you feeling healthier and happier. Grab sunscreen and a hat.

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4. Stick up pics

If you have a weight-loss goal, have pictures on hand that motivate you to stay on track. When it comes to setting goals, visualisation is important. It could be a picture of you at a healthier weight, fitspo from your favourite athlete or an outfit you want to wear when you reach your goal.

5. Say yes to smart swaps

Fact: Small treats keep you from feeling deprived, so allow yourself a little bit of something you love every day (aim for it to be around 627 kilojoules). The reason? This kind of moderation is the difference between a “diet” and a lifestyle you can stick with forever. Nailed it.

6. Ditch the extras

Milk in your coffee, sauce on the side, extra alcoholic drinks, those mindless nibbles when food appears in front of you – it all adds up. “Added sugar and sweeteners affect your gut microbes in ways that make you more prone to put on weight (or less prone to lose it),” says Toribio-Mateas.

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