Updated 27 January 2016

Sign up with Health24, Sleekgeek UltimateYou 8-week challenge

Health24 and Sleekgeek have joined forces to help South Africans meet their health goals and transform their bodies in just 8 weeks. Enter today and save!

You can transform your body in 8 weeks with Health24 and Sleekgeek.

Unleash the Ultimate You

The Ultimate You 8 Week Challenge is a transformation challenge that is run 3 times a year where challengers compete to see who can produce the best results in 8 weeks.

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This competition is a partnership between two of South Africa's top health and fitness communities: Health24 and Sleekgeek. Over 7,500 South Africans have passed through the system since 2012.

Enter here: 8 week Ultimate You challenge

There are categories for weight-loss and toning transformation and there is something for everyone of all ages, shapes and sizes.

We have combined our knowledge and expertise to bring you an 8-week transformation system that works and reliably produces powerful proven results.

We will help you become the Ultimate You, whether it means losing weight, packing on muscle, or just living a healthier and happier life.

How to enter

Entries open 12 January and are open until 15 February 2016. There is even a Buddy andCouples Challenge so that you can take this challenge on as a team.

You can also select a start date that suits you best, which means that you can enter today and start later.

To make the commitment, you can enter the challenge here.

When you sign up you get

1. An effective goal setting process to bring you clarity and focus.

2. A wide selection of expert exercise and nutrition plans customisable to your needs.

3. Daily support from our exercise and nutrition experts and your fellow challengers.

A variety of plans

Challengers receive eating and training plans as well as powerful resources and tools which are proven to bring sustainable results and success. The eating plans range from “Paleo Low Carb” and “Banting” all the way through to a more moderate carb plan.

There’s a weekly email series which provides you with lessons on how to live a healthier lifestyle beyond the 8 weeks.

There’s also a dedicated group on Facebook where challengers receive daily inspiration and tips from experts and fellow challengers as well as experts on hand to answer questions.

Win cash and impressive prizes from top brands

Apart from coming out the other side of the next 8 weeks with a rocking new body, there are also R155,000 worth of amazing prizes to be won as well as discounts for all challengers with leading health providers.

We get results!

We have over 1,000 written testimonials of happy customers who say they would recommend the challenge to friends. We also have 100s of impressive photos.

Here are some inspirational images to inspire you and show what our people achieve in 8 weeks.

View our previous challenge results.


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